Great for a scratch drive11/24/2020 1:44:09 PM

Pros: - Fast read speeds - Fast write speeds for files not excessively large

Cons: - DRAM cache-less, uses system ram as a cache - Write speed drops part way through when transferring very large files

Overall Review: Bought as a scratch drive for video editing. Putting raw recordings on this makes seeking/scrubbing way more responsive than a cheap SATA SSD (with SLC cache)

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Perfect for my use11/24/2020 1:38:54 PM

Pros: - CMR drive

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: Real world file transfer speeds of 100 - 110 MB/s with large files

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Great Upgrade From Stock1/25/2017 1:04:17 PM

Pros: - Fast timings - Max capacity for some store-bought systems - Huge upgrade from the single 4GB stick with 11-11-11-28 timings

Cons: - Difficulty of removing modules from packaging

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a store bought mid-range PC looking to upgrade without spending tons of money. Combine this with a GTX 700 series and a beefier power supply to turn that mid-range workstation into a gaming PC.

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Great cooling for the buck2/26/2015 10:04:38 AM

Pros: This cooler performed rediculously better than the stock cooler. It's easy to install, just a little time consuming.

Cons: None

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