Works as adverties1/8/2020 3:34:52 PM

Pros: Small and lightweight with a bright display

Cons: None

Overall Review: It just does what it is supposed to. Takes 2 AAA batteries which were not supplied.

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What a BEAST!1/4/2020 12:13:07 PM

Pros: Very fast, I can finally connect a laptop to a router at speeds faster than wired. If you are looking for a router that will give you incredible speed this is it. It can connect using a 2x2 antennae setup with a 160Mhz capable Wi-Fi card at speeds up to 1733 Mbps (1.7Gbps). With the new AX Wi-Fi it connects at 2.4 Ghz . Just waiting to upgrade my laptop Wi-Fi cards to go even faster.

Cons: only 4 Lan ports. The GT-AC5300 had 8 so I had to do a bit of rewiring to my switch to accommodate this shortfall. The ASUS ROG app does not support changing the settings for the Aura color displayed logo, not a big deal but a nice to have capability.

Overall Review: I recommend this ONLY if you have the correct Wi-Fi adapters (4x4 antenna array or 160Mhz capable) to make use of it. If you don't and aren't upgrading then it is just pretty but no better than much cheaper routers like the AC5300. I am using Intel 9260 and 9560 Wi-Fi cards. The AX200 adapter is on the way so I can go even faster!

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Great product, easy to set up my NVME drive into it. Works as stated.11/21/2019 8:34:12 PM

Pros: Easy to install. Windows 10 picks it up immediately.

Cons: The cover comes off a bit too easily. Could be improved on. As stated by others it gets hot but then all NVMe drives do whether they are internal or external. Just make sure the heat sink is facing up wherever you place it to help dissipate the heat.

Overall Review: Overall a good device. I installed a WD 128GB drive into this and plugged it into my 2019 HP Omen laptop using the USB-C cable. I am a bit disappointed that the max speed I can get is 423Mbps both read and write. Turns out my 'current' technology, high end HP Omen has only a Gen 1 USB-C not a Gen 2 so I cannot get the full 10Mbps that the device is rated for. It show up as UASP and runs good.

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Dear Valuable Customer, Thanks for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice, this is Sherry from ORICO customer care team. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Your kind feedback is the best encourage that keeps us moving forward and constantly improving our goods and services. Should you have any further problem ,please feel free to contact ME. Our E-Mail is ,we will try our best to help you. Thanks again for choosing ORICO as your preference. Best Regards ORICO Customer Care Team
Good drive. Faster than an SSD by many times. Pro version is even faster if you have PCI-e 3 support.8/16/2019 7:19:01 PM

Pros: Just worked right out of the box. Came with an XPG heatsink too! Looks real nice installed in my machine.

Cons: None at all. It just works.

Overall Review: I bought this to upgrade from SSD in an older mainboard. Installed using a PCIe adapter board. The mainboard is only PCIe-2 so the rated speed on this drive is still better than your can get with PCIe-2. It works flawlessly so far and benchmarks 4 times faster reads than my SSD and a whopping 6 times faster write speeds. This is just a fabulous upgrade for an older system if you can get a BIOS for you mainboard to boot the drive. My ASUS M5A97 does not have a supported BIOS that does but there are instructions out there on how to add the support for PCI-e drives. The machine boots up in under 10 seconds and resumes from hibernate in 5.

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Extremely fast. Great NVMe drive7/30/2019 7:09:14 PM

Pros: Very fast. great price compared to Samsung EVO drives.

Cons: None at all for the drive. The only negative is it took a week to get here as it ships from the U.S.A.

Overall Review: Got this to replace an existing 128GB WD drive in an HP Omen laptop. The WD drive was very low speed as it was an entry level drive. This Corsair drive benchmarks 3405 Sequential read and 2100 sequential writes.

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Piece of junk and no help from VIA-TV. Would give it 0 eggs but that is not available.1/23/2018 2:26:32 PM

Pros: Absolutely nothing good to say.

Cons: Can not get it to pair with any Android device. Initial setup therefore fails and you can't do much without the remote functionality. I finally plugged in a keyboard to get past the initial setup screen and manually tried to add the Via Remote with no success. Since I had it working with a keyboard I added a Bluetooth mouse. It sort of works just not very well. I connected it to my network and discovered it was only wireless 2.4Ghz. That makes it impossible to stream anything from my server or my laptops. Tried Netflix but could not even log on to my account. The App seems really old. All in all this is a terrible device and I am returning it ASAP. Started the KODI app and it does not stream anything from my DLNA server either. Sometimes it sees the devices but never is able to stream anything from anywhere.

Overall Review: I would never recommend this device. It is too slow, too limited, very outdated.

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Seems to be a great machine so far!4/5/2016 6:39:11 AM

Pros: Nice looking and very fast. No trouble cloning drive and moving to SSD. The improvement is amazing.

Cons: For the price it should come with an SSD but changing to one is easy even if you do not use the m.2 style. I used a 2.5" 1TB and it works great. Intel display driver 'stops working' errors right after Windows 10 is set up! As others say - fingerprint magnet. Needs to be wiped down frequently. Drivers from ASUS site for the Intel video will not install using setup. If you manually install it fixes issues with Intel display driver crashing. There is also a much newer driver on Intel site but you must again install it manually as the setup says it is not certified for the machine. The Intel Bluetooth driver update from ASUS installs but the Bluetooth radio then will not start. The error says no power! Works fine after going back to previous driver. I like to keep my drivers up to date and am disappointed that the drivers on the ASUS downloads for the machine for the most part do not work. I guess they do not test them with an actual machine before they are posted. I found several that simply would not install or did not work after installing.

Overall Review: I would recommend this item but you must update the Intel display drivers.

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Caution advised8/13/2014 9:40:05 AM

Pros: Seemed to me that this was a really easy way to upgrade my laptops to get dual band and higher speeds. The specs are impressive and the physical install is easy, drivers are easily obtained from Intel download site.

Cons: Unfortunately, my laptops are all HP and HP uses a whitelist in BIOS to determine if the hardware is acceptable. Unfortunately these do not pass their checks so I get a BIOS error 104 Unsupported WiFi adapter message at power on. I tried it in 3 different HP machines without success. It takes a BIOS Hack to remove the whitelist to get them to work. Once working they are great but this is not for amateurs to attempt. you could brick your laptop if not careful.

Overall Review: I do not understand HP doing this to their BIOS. The slot is a standard PCIE mini slot so why not allow people to upgrade? I installed it in a Sony and it worked great, I have been told it will work in some Dell and ASUS laptops as well.

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Great Case8/4/2014 12:13:32 PM

Pros: Fabulous case for custom build. Loaded this one up with an 8 core water cooled AMD processor, an SSD for booting, large hard drive for storage, 16GB Ram, and massive Nvidia Video. Also added extra fans as there are plenty of spaces for them. The side window is great to allow showing off my game rig. The hot swap SSD bay at the top is a definite bonus as well as the fan controls and USB3 jacks. The box keeps my custom gaming rig cool and quiet even with the water cooled radiator running.

Cons: A bit large and quite heavy but that is what is needed for a high end gamer case.

Overall Review: I would definitely use this case again for a high end custom build. I managed to get it on sale so it was a good price for the quality of the build. Cooler Master has built a really nice looking and very solid case for high end needs.

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Great inexpensive case8/4/2014 12:07:09 PM

Pros: Price and build quality are great. The Hot swap bay for 3.5 inch drives is a definite plus for me. You can use an adapter and hot swap 2.5 inch drives as well. I used it as an inexpensive replacement case for an HP desktop that I wanted to make look nice and new. The window side panel is exactly what I wanted to show off the guts of my machine.

Cons: Cable management would have been a great feature but there is still plenty of room to tuck the extra wiring out of the way.

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