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Team products always good for my use!4/1/2021 9:14:35 AM

Pros: I'm preparing copies of a family archive and since so many computers no longer have CD/DVD drives, it was necessary to move to an economical USB "Flash" drive for each family member. The Team drive is doing this job extremely well.

Cons: I knew the drive was USB 2.0 when I ordered it. A USB 3.0 or later would have been much faster but also more costly.

Overall Review: I would recommend this to anyone. All the Team products I've acquired and used are doing well.

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Good Looking Produce12/2/2020 3:56:38 PM

Pros: Cable and connectors appear high quality

Cons: Have not yet tested the product.

Overall Review: By appearance alone I'd recommend it.

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Rescue in progress!10/25/2020 10:20:21 AM

Pros: My 2009 Acer M1202 running Win 10 and MS Office 2007 had a blue screen crash when the boot sector failed. Desperate to recover many files, I ordered the Tripp Lite device with UPS Ground ($) for quicker deliver. In just a couple of days it arrived and within hours I was recovering documents, user manuals, and file downloads. Worked so well that on first boot of the host computer, it too came up with the blue screen boot error! Simple, just powered Acer drive off, booted HP, then powered Acer drive. All well from there. Oh, the Acer HD was 5.25 inch SATA and wouldn't fit my Wavlink Commumicator D3. Tripp Lite saved what little hair I have left!

Cons: Cannot think of any negatives except equipment is necessarily spindly as required by so many possible drives with which it can be used. Use care and all is well.

Overall Review: If you need this adapter, get it. If you have a house full of computers as I do (no, this isn't a school!), have one handy for the eventual need. I would buy another if needed and strongly recommend that to you.

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Not yet delivered!9/17/2020 10:08:14 AM

Pros: I have several of these wireless trackball devices which I love and rarely use wired trackballs. Almost never use mouse at all. Doesn't need wide space and hand/arm moves less. Battery last a very long time. Range is good if receiver USB dongle isn't too well shielded by metal objects. Bought carry case to go with a trackball on a tablet where its touch pad is too awful to use.

Cons: Terrible shipping delay. Now at 15th day since order placed. But no problems with others I've used except need reasonable cleaning by removing the track ball and dusting the three support points when ball becomes sluggish . Might be too much dust/lint in my environment!

Overall Review: Yes I would absolutely recommend. Anticipated one is fifth I've bought and am using. (I have many computers.) No change except sometimes wish there was a color code on receiver to match with trackball in case they get separated and mixed. Perhaps optional colored track ball and dot on receiver?

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Placed in stock, have not tested.3/6/2020 9:34:27 AM

Overall Review: Looks in the box like it will be a nice gadget.

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Placed in stock, have not tested.2/5/2020 8:19:34 AM

Overall Review: Quick delivery in good condition but yet to open and test, put in stock may take time before use.

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Nice item.1/26/2020 10:46:43 AM

Overall Review: Haven't tested yet....

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Might not work --half mine didn't!1/15/2020 11:56:08 AM

Pros: Two of the four chips purchased seem to work OK but now testing them for reliability

Cons: I bought these memory CF cards to use in my Marantz PMD570 audio recorders. Two of them brought up an error saying I needed to format the chip in a computer which I carefully did (FAT) to specification of the recorders for 4GB chips. They again failed in the recorder. Two seemed to work though without formatting in the recorder or computer. I have no idea why this happened, no adapters used, etc. However I'll not buy this brand again for this use. BTW, the two "bad" chips seem to work for write/reads in the computer.

Overall Review: If you plan to use a CF card in the Marantz recorder I'd recommend not using this brand. TopRam and Voigon 4GB chips have done well for years in my church's identical recorder.

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Most Excellent Item!4/22/2019 3:05:55 PM

Pros: My #1 19inch screen was too low resolution to display all the windows necessary for a task, so, bought the AOC USB Monitor (refurbished) and plugged it in. Shazam! It went to working! Will now use as second screen either as #2 or extension (mouse drag to) extension of #1.

Cons: No instructions with the Refurbished Monitor but was easy anyway!

Overall Review: Part of my problem was my need to operate my computer & #1 monitor from 12 volts DC. This USB monitor pulls power from my computer and though small, the computer has carried the load wonderfully. I can't wait to buy another!

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Great device for archive!3/17/2019 6:24:48 PM

Pros: As a retired professional photographer, I have thousands of family, boy scout, and ham radio photos I'd like to archive. This device is small but not too small, advertised as tough , shock proof, and waterproof. No better design for my needs. Price was good also.

Cons: No Cons yet!

Overall Review: Will be purchasing additional of these units, perhaps even 256GB. d

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