A wonderful case to build in, with one slight shipping error6/15/2021 3:29:43 PM

Pros: -Plenty of room for component installation and cable management -Included 3pin 5v RGB controller (multiple ports available for future expansion) -Great case design for airflow and cooling capacity (just as Gamers Nexus said in their review) -Plenty of great spots to mount RGB strips -

Cons: -Mine arrived with one of the 2.5in SSD mounting plates missing (only arrived with one instead of two) -3.5in hard drive mounting cage is great, unless you want to mount two drives to it, then it's a bit tedious -Would have liked to be able to mount a 140mm fan as the rear exhaust, instead of just a 120mm fan -Thicker 240mm AIO liquid coolers (like the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 I have installed) will BARELY fit in this case when mounted at the top (which is the proper placement for them), but they can be made to fit with some creative cable management of the fan cables and CPU power cables that get plugged in at the top of the motherboard -Glass side panel slides open instead of swinging open on a hinge like other cases -Airflow from the two 200mm front fans is blocked slightly by the interior front fan mounting brackets -no included cover for the open section of the power supply shroud at the front of the case (in case you decide NOT to mount a radiator at the front of the case)

Overall Review: -Great budget case design with good airflow

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