Beautiful display - Quality control issues5/23/2018 3:45:28 AM

Pros: - Excellent aesthetic. Slim bezels are wonderful. - Classic sturdy and functional stand. - Perfect size for 4k resolution (many say 32" is ideal but as a designer I believe the extra PPI is better). - The panel itself is gorgeous and the color seems to be very accurate (I haven't invested in a Spyder yet so I cannot attest to just how accurate it really is). Brightness is pretty good and the anti-glare coating is quite minimal and not distracting at all. No dead pixels and great contrast. - Response time is fine for most gaming scenarios, probably everything except eSports and elite FPS players (who would need a higher refresh rate anyway). The 60 hertz is plenty for me also (and even 1080ti isn't pushing 120hz good enough yet anyway).

Cons: - BACK LIGHT BLEED-RELATED QUALITY CONTROL ISSUES! The first monitor I received was wonderful in every category except for BLB. It had a wave-like effect of 1 inch light bleeds around at least 50% of the monitor ( 1 inch of bleed, 1 inch of none, 1 inch of bleed, 1 inch of none, etc. etc.). In some spots it was very bright, and could even be seen over light colors at moderate brightness settings. As a designer who works on plenty of dark videos and screens this was just unacceptably distracting. This is a monitor being marketed as a professional product, and for the price I was very bummed that it left the factory like this. The second monitor had far less BLB, but it is still present, including one spot that is particularly bright. After much internal debate, I decided to keep it because it is such a wonderful display otherwise, and I didn't want to play the 'panel lottery' and risk getting a worse one. - The brightness is nowhere near enough for actual HDR content. I tried on FC5 and ACO, and it just makes everything washed out and far too warm. True HDR takes another 300 - 400 nits of brightness minimum, and another 350 light zones. I think claiming this a HDR is slightly deceptive. - This is not a true 10-bit panel. It is 8+2 FRC. This is on me for not researching it more, but Dell or Newegg should make this clear to people. Without a Quadro card, 10bit (on Windows at least) is severely limited and will not work in Photoshop or most applications, so this will not really make a difference for me.

Overall Review: - I would give this monitorat least 4 stars if not for the BLB issues. In Dell's defense, I think that the bleed issues are very much attributable to the skinny bezels. This is still new technology and I believe that not having enough surface area to hold onto the screen properly plays a huge part. That being said, they need to inspect these products far better, especially at this price point. - Newegg was absolutely awesome about getting this product to me quickly, about fielding my numerous calls and treating me like a valued customer, and getting a replacement to me just as fast. I really love and appreciate this level of service!

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