Mixed results9/16/2021 12:51:08 PM

Pros: Price is good compared to other PCIE 4.0 offerings. Very fast in some areas.

Cons: Slower in more than half of areas CrystalDiskMark tests vs my PCIE 3.0 Sabrent NVMe 2TB drive. I was very surprised. Overall the system "feels" slower and more sluggish with this drive in it with a fresh Windows installs vs the previous PCIE 3.0 drive that was being used. Hard to explain, but it just doesn't feel as snappy in most respects.

Overall Review: AsRock B550M HDV board was used with an AMD Ryzen 5600x not overclocked running DDR4 3200. Overall the system "feels" slower and more sluggish with this drive in it with a fresh Windows installs vs the previous PCIE 3.0 drive that was being used. Hard to explain, but it just doesn't feel as snappy in most respects. These are the CrystalDiskMark Results for the P5 Plus: [Read] SEQ 1MiB (Q= 8, T= 1): 6846.255 MB/s [ 6529.1 IOPS] < 1224.57 us> SEQ 1MiB (Q= 1, T= 1): 1173.961 MB/s [ 1119.6 IOPS] < 892.88 us> RND 4KiB (Q= 32, T= 1): 497.880 MB/s [ 121552.7 IOPS] < 263.02 us> RND 4KiB (Q= 1, T= 1): 70.941 MB/s [ 17319.6 IOPS] < 57.65 us> [Write] SEQ 1MiB (Q= 8, T= 1): 4973.404 MB/s [ 4743.0 IOPS] < 1680.82 us> SEQ 1MiB (Q= 1, T= 1): 792.789 MB/s [ 756.1 IOPS] < 1322.10 us> RND 4KiB (Q= 32, T= 1): 500.514 MB/s [ 122195.8 IOPS] < 255.78 us> RND 4KiB (Q= 1, T= 1): 208.960 MB/s [ 51015.6 IOPS] < 19.50 us> These are the results from my Sabrent PCIE 3.0 drive: [Read] SEQ 1MiB (Q= 8, T= 1): 3421.200 MB/s [ 3262.7 IOPS] < 2450.23 us> SEQ 128KiB (Q= 32, T= 1): 3461.104 MB/s [ 26406.1 IOPS] < 1211.25 us> RND 4KiB (Q= 32, T=16): 2565.770 MB/s [ 626408.7 IOPS] < 815.66 us> RND 4KiB (Q= 1, T= 1): 58.754 MB/s [ 14344.2 IOPS] < 69.59 us> [Write] SEQ 1MiB (Q= 8, T= 1): 1113.809 MB/s [ 1062.2 IOPS] < 7514.08 us> SEQ 128KiB (Q= 32, T= 1): 1110.195 MB/s [ 8470.1 IOPS] < 3773.80 us> RND 4KiB (Q= 32, T=16): 2122.635 MB/s [ 518221.4 IOPS] < 973.08 us> RND 4KiB (Q= 1, T= 1): 221.920 MB/s [ 54179.7 IOPS] < 18.35 us> As you can see the P5 only wins in a few tests and loses in more than it wins. Very disappointing.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your review. We certainly understand your frustration and we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to you regarding the speed of the new drive. Generally there are various factors that affect the speed and performance of new drive. Some times the speed of the drive also depends upon the size of the transferring of files as well as slot generation also matters. In this case we would like to inform you that our technical team can help you with the possible resolution. Hence, please do contact us back directly using the information that we have provided below so that we can assist you further with additional details. Toll-free for US & Canada: 800-336-8915 Phone: 1-208-363-5790 Email: crucial.support@micron.com Hours (MST): Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm
Not bad for the price if on sale3/11/2021 10:09:10 AM

Pros: The activation and install process was very painless and easy. No recurring subscription fees. If you're familiar with other Adobe products you will feel at home with this as well. The menus and functions are very similar to the "big brother" of the product. Performed quite well on my wife's relatively old Dell XPS with a i7 4770 and 16GB of memory for working with our own family media. She is quite pleased and was able to use the software without having to do much "training" first.

Cons: There are free products out there that do much the same as this, but they are sometimes not quite as user friendly, due to that fact I think you should only consider purchasing this on sale.

Overall Review: I would recommend this for anyone who doesn't have the time or desire to learn to use the full Adobe products or to research how to use the free alternatives.

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Great value case4/12/2020 12:32:16 PM

Pros: Very roomy inside, easy to build in. 2 included case fans are quiet, my Ryzen stock cooler is much louder. Standoffs were preinstalled for motherboard mounting, although I did have to add 2 for my particular board size but they were included in the box. Cable management very good for this price range case. Power supply and 3.5" drives are bottom mounted and there is ample space the stash unused cords from the PSU below as well. 2 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 ports on the top/front by the power button. Button the control LED inside case (I didn't install any, but the option is there.)

Cons: There is a little cover on the PCIe slots that you have to unscrew to really get at the slots properly and on my case it was bent out of the box. I was able to bend it back to the correct shape but it is pretty flimsy and seems like a bad design idea to me anyhow, i.e. pointless.

Overall Review: Overall I'd give this case a 8/10 since it has a very good price to performance ratio in my book. I put a B450 board and a 1st gen Ryzen CPU in it with a 1050 Ti 4GB anda 250GB M.2 NVme drive and it's all humming along nicely and will be used by one of my kids for playing Minecraft, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, etc.

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Very good laptop for the price12/4/2019 3:57:39 PM

Pros: Wifi is very fast in 5GHz mode. Was able to max out my internet connection of 350Mbps. Form factor is very good. Tiny screen bezel. Keyboard is quite good, responsive keys, good feedback feel to them, good movement. Light, but very sturdy feeling construction. NVme drive is really fast and responsive. Good amount of memory installed (Needed since the GPU uses 2GB of it.) Battery life seems quite good so far. I would estimate 8 - 10 hours depending what you're doing (not gaming of course.)

Cons: Light bleed on sides of screen from backlight. Power button in a bad spot (sits where DEL or backspace usually would be.) No USB C charging, bad move. Proprietary Asus charger needed. Fan is fairly loud when playing games but not unbearable. Backlight on the keyboard is ok, not great with only one brightness and color setting (white.) Turning it on when not in a dark room makes it very difficult to read the letters on the keys since they are silver and the light is white.

Overall Review: I was pleasantly surprised how well this 15W variant of the 3700U performed overall, I was concerned that it would not be any faster than the 3500U in my other laptop (Dell Inspiron 15 5000) due to the size of the laptop and the cooling limitations but it outperformed it by a decent margin in most areas and the two cost roughly the same and the 3500U one is much heavier and bulkier (15.6" laptop.) and the 3500U had a smaller SSD (Generic Hynix 500GB) and half the memory. I would definitely recommend this laptop if you're looking for something lightweight and compact and want to occasionally play some games with the settings lowered a bit, but I'd buy it on sale if possible. I ran a few tests to compare this laptop with my Dell one with the 3500U. I was quite pleased with the results. ZenBook - Cinebench R20 - Multi Core 1503 (2nd run 1399 - I suspect throttling due to heat after the first run) Single Core 369 each run. 3DMark TimeSpy 889 (Graphics 791 CPU 3044). AS SSD Benchmark Read 845 Write 1653 2885 Total. Overewatch 1080P medium 50% render scale, solid 60FPS no dips (set FPS to match screen refresh), render scale 75% around 45FPS average. Dell Inspiron - Cinebench R20 - Multi Core 1026 (2nd run 999 - I suspect throttling due to heat after the first run) Single Core 294. 3DMark TimeSpy 813 (Graphics 728 CPU 2433). AS SSD Benchmark Read 645 Write 423 Total 1355. Overwatch 1080P medium 50% render scale, solid 60FPS no dips (set FPS to match screen refresh), render scale 75% around 40FPS average.

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Excellent performance and value9/2/2019 1:14:30 PM

Pros: Sturdy, high quality construction and components. Whisper quiet, I can't even hear the fan above the sound of my GPU fan. Price to performance ratio is very good. High efficiency, running cool and using less power.

Overall Review: I used this in a recent build with my 8 year old son using an ASRock B450 board and Ryzen 1200 along with a 1060 GTX 6GB, 2 x 4GB G.Skill DDR4 3200 and a 256GB NVme drive. Installation was easy and we only had to use the cables we needed for the build so airflow in the case was excellent allowing us to easily overclock his CPU from 3.1 to 3.8 on the first attempt. This thing is whisper quiet, I absolutely can't hear it when the PC is on. It also seems to be running much cooler than cheaper brands I've used in the past.

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Great results with Ryzen 5 26003/3/2019 7:41:21 AM

Pros: Can be installed on numerous CPU types from AMD and Intel thanks to the brackets included in the box. The high density aluminum radiator and dual 120mm fans are very good quality. The tubing seems very durable as well, so I am not worried about leaks. The pump head has white LED lighting. Instructions booklet was easy to follow and short and to the point. Excellent manufacturers warranty (5 years.) About the same price as a low profile air cooler I had tried in the same build but much quieter and cooled a lot better (10 - 15C lower temp when benchmarking. Allowed for a for better overclock.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I'd buy this cooler again if building another Ryzen 5 2600 and immediately throw the stock cooler in the trashcan. I seriously thought I was going to crack the motherboard installing the stock cooler with the insane level of force required to get the screws into the threads. In comparison installing the H100x was a breeze, and it was actually also easier than the low profile cooler I tried after the stock cooler as well.

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Great size and quality with a few minor issues7/30/2018 9:07:50 AM

Pros: Love the compact size, often there is unnecessary bulk added to keyboards for no apparent reason, there is none of that with this one. The key response is great, very similar to the cherry MX version I have in another brand keyboard I also own, I can't feel any difference. The software to configure the keyboard is pretty easy to use as well but has to be manually downloaded from the manufacturer's site. The price is great for the quality of this board.

Cons: Loud. So much louder than my other keyboard with cherry MX keys. I'm using it in an office and my coworkers complain about the volume of my typing with this board. Lacking dedicated media keys and volume wheel. You don't realize how much you use these till they're gone. They did put a keyboard shortcut for volume up and down via holding the function button and PGUP or PGDOWN (and others for skipping tracks, etc.) but this is clunky and slow and there is no mute function at all. The "manual" is not very helpful at all and many of the described functions didn't work as indicated so I wound up using the software from the website instead.

Overall Review: Now that I know how much I use the mute and volume wheel I'd probably buy a different keyboard next time.

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Excellent multi function printer for the price7/1/2018 1:26:25 PM

Pros: Compact and not too heavy. Has Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet built in. Price for the printer and for replacement toner is fantastic. The scanner works well for documents and can either push to a PC or a PC can initiate a pull job from the scanner. Both printing and scanning were very fast, the initial page printout was within a couple of seconds of my hitting print in Windows 10. Setup was easy, I just punched in an unused IP for my network, set it to static and Windows 10 was able to automatically pick it up and install all the drivers. Time to set up from opening the box till done was about 10 minutes.

Cons: The Menu system via the LCD is clunky and not super intuitive. The web interface is slightly better but also not that user friendly. I was not able to get the scanner auto document feeder to work from the scanner side, but was able to get it to work from the PC by setting the source and the initiating a pull scan job.

Overall Review: Not sure how many people will use the Fax at home, but I suppose its handy to have in case you need it and business users will like having that feature.

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Excellent price to performance ratio6/9/2018 7:12:07 AM

Pros: Low price vs competing brand and models. Good performance (see below). Easy install into Dell XPS 15. Solved the issues I was having with the Samsung drive that shipped with the XPS 15. Excellent warranty coverage as well, you can't go wrong with Western Digital.

Cons: Performance is not as good as competing models, but this model is cheaper in general.

Overall Review: I was having spontaneous reboots and stuttering performance in Windows 10 64 Pro on my Dell XPS 15 9550 and I was convinced it was the SSD at fault. Rather than deal with Dell's outsourced tech support I simply replaced it with this WD Black 250GB instead. After installing Windows 10 64 Pro on it and updating drivers and putting all my apps back on I am happy to say it has been weeks and there's been no stuttering or spontaneous reboots. I'm very pleased with the performance and price of this drive.

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Excellent for the price3/31/2018 9:16:55 PM

Pros: Very good low, mid and high performance for the price but you will need some tweaking (see below). Very comfortable.

Cons: Volume very low when used with PS4 or Xbox One even when set to the highest volume setting.

Overall Review: In Windows I had to set Winamp preamp to +10db and "party" for the volume, bass and midrange to sound good. Out of the box it was very dull and lackluster.

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Its OK. Limited use.8/26/2016 6:45:32 PM

Pros: Setup was a breeze. Pressed the WPS button on my router and the NC200 and 30 seconds later they were synced up. Scanned the QR code with my android phone and the app installed. After creating an account I was able to see the camera feed. It was bright and clear and smooth. The price is good too and there are some cool features in the app like taking a still picture or recording video.

Cons: No night/low light vision, so unless you have this in a room with at least a medium power light source it is useless. You can't use this as a baby/child monitor or to even keep tabs on your home at night unless you leave the lights on. So, kinda useless for most people I would imagine. Audio is super crackly and hard to make out what is going on.

Overall Review: Needed a firmware update out of the box, but it went smoothly and only took a minute to complete.

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Quiet, Modular, Efficient, well priced.6/11/2016 4:13:02 PM

Pros: Modular cables = less mess since you only use what you need. 80 Plus Gold certified (I saw a 10% drop in draw at the wall compared to the stock Dell PSU it replaced in my XPS 8700). Whisper quiet, I can't hear it over my GPU fans. Quality build. Solid, heavy. Built like a tank. 5 year warranty.

Cons: 90 degree SATA power might be an issue for some. I was able to work around it.

Overall Review: Perfect fit in my Dell XPS 8700 that had a PSU that was dying out of warranty (reboots, etc.). Swapped it in in under 20 minutes and my kill-a-watt showed around 10% improvement in power usage and no more random reboots. Excellent product!

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Excellent gaming mouse for $403/11/2016 8:54:02 AM

Pros: Weight is close to perfect, I don't like a mouse that is too light, but it shouldn't be so heavy that it doesn't glide smoothly. They got it just right for my tastes. Comfort level is awesome too, very comparable to my Razer DeathAdder Chroma (The weight is also pretty close.) Tracking and precision is great, I actually tweaked it a bit here and there but went back to the default settings in the end apart from the color setting. I found that it tends to be less "jittery" when zoomed in playing FPS games compared to other gaming mice I've used and that is a good thing in my book. Price, what can I say other than this mouse costs $40 but easily competes with others in the $60+ price range.

Cons: Thumb buttons - I don't like the shape of them. They're too narrow and the edge between the buttons is a bit sharp and doesn't feel good on the thumb. I prefer the flatter buttons on my Razer DeathAdder. Not a deal breaker, but if I had to pick one thing to change on this mouse this would be it.

Overall Review: My wife's MX518 left button has become sticky and stiff, I will probably pass this mouse on to her, I think she'll love it.

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Amazing!11/4/2015 3:13:30 PM

Pros: Setup was a breeze. Truly idiot-proof. However, there is a lot of advanced configuration that can be done if you so choose. I had previously been using an AC1200 router which worked reasonably well but the fastest throughput I saw was 100Mpbs (On a 350Mbps internet link) standing in the same room as the router on 5Ghz. With the C3200 I immediately jumped to over 250Mbps in the same location using the same device. Tested the internet connection on my desktop with a gig connection 10 seconds later and it was around 315Mpbs, not too shabby. My old router did have decent coverage throughout my house but in the far corners I would struggle to get over 40Mbps. Now I get around 130Mpbs in those spots with the same client systems. WPS button on the front.... why did anyone ever put those on the back and make them tiny?

Cons: When 2.4GHz and 5GHz network channels are set to auto it seems to pick the busiest channel to use. This may be a common flaw because The dozen or so other networks I can see via my Android wifi scanner app are all using the same channels. Anyhow, I fixed this by forcing all radios to unused channels (On auto I was getting buffering using Plex, with the channel forced all was good.) The only other con I can think of is the price. I mean its a lot better than my old router, but that was 1/3 the price and this unit isn't 3X better, but if you can afford it you will not be disappointed.

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So so9/11/2015 8:34:09 AM

Pros: Setup was relatively painless. QR code card included made downloading the app for my Android phone and configuring the camera a breeze. Easy WPS setup for WiFi as well. Good night vision as well. Can take a snapshot from the app or the web browser interface. Can view remotely, away from home via mydlink login via the phone app or web browser.

Cons: Picture is 720P resolution but is not very clear and seems to be an upscaled image, not actual 720P. Retail price is far too high. Sale price makes it a reasonably priced item though.

Overall Review: The firmware update that it performed right after setup took a long, long time to complete. I had my scared that the update was going to fail and brick the item.

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Manufacturer Response:
D-Link appreciates the input as we greatly value the review and we are sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with the resolution of the camera. Please make sure that in the app, you have set the resolution to 720P. In addition, note that our technical support team is always available for assistance and troubleshooting. Our support centers are open 24/7 and our agents can be reached by calling 1-877-453-5465. Thank you for choosing D-Link.
Excellent for the price6/14/2015 10:03:59 AM

Pros: Easy install in open PCIe 1X slot. Immediate improvement in ping and internet speed when checking on speedtest.net vs. the USB 3.0 card I was using before that is rated for 300Mpbs. USB 3.0 card I never saw above 60Mpbs and 20ms ping in the test. With this card I get around 200Mpbs and 8ms ping in the same test. My connection to the router topped out at 150Mpbs with the old card and with this card although I bounce between 1.0 and 1.3Gbps (Router is 1.3Gbps)

Cons: Throughput is nowhere near what the connection speed is listed as, e.g. link shows 1.3Gbps but throughput is actually about 200Mpbs. Not a big deal as this is purely used in my wife's system for web browsing.

Overall Review: Slightly disappointing that in spite of fiddling with various settings and channels the best speed I could get was 200Mpbs to my router but that may be due to being too close to the router and having signal reflection.

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Very pleased5/20/2015 6:24:25 AM

Pros: I was able to OC it relatively well to 3144 16-16-16-32. In Sandra bench I was seeing 51.9GB/s with my timings adjusted to the above mentioned settings while still at stock 3000. Sandra reported 25.1 nanoseconds latency with those settings as well. My system was stable both at 3000 and the adjusted/optimized timings and it gave me a slight bump in performance both in Sandra and a few games I benchmarked (not huge, maybe 2 or 3% at best, but hey might as well get every extra frame out of it if you can right?) The red LED tops are a nice addition if your system is already red themed. Very solid construction. Really they're built like a tank.

Cons: Price is a little high vs other well known name brands but it seems to perform well and have room for OC, but the competitors most likely perform similarly for less money.

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Amazing!4/9/2015 9:23:43 AM

Pros: Size & weight - This thing is tiny compared to my old projector. Not much different to an old Roku 2 in size. That's crazy. I was used to 15lb monsters. Brightness - I have a pretty bright, sunny living room but if I close the blinds I am able to watch this little guy as long as I crank the brightness to max. I am amazed. Remote - Works very well, I haven't had any issues where I had to hit buttons multiple times. It lets you access pretty much any setting you'd need. Projection angle and distance - You can get pretty close, like 5 or 6 feet from the scree with this little guy and get a nice, bright, clear picture. Also you can put the unit below the screen and tilt it and it adjusts the picture. You can tilt it a reasonable amount and have it still look good (45 - 60 degrees I would estimate). Can be mounted to a tripod (screw hole in unit). Multiple connection options - HDMI, VGA, RCA, Coax, headphone jack, USB 2.0 (it can play some file types directly from the USB), Miracast/WiDi for wireless streaming from devices like Android phones. Can handle 3D content.

Cons: Noise - Not a deal killer, but its fan is a little loud for my tastes, but honestly its no louder than my older, bigger projector so I may have been expecting too much. Power brick is bulky. No lens cover. No built in tilt adjustment.

Overall Review: I am amazed at how much they've crammed into this tiny unit. I'd be even happier if it was cheaper, but for the price its still a great deal.

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Amazing at this pricepoint3/13/2015 8:30:58 AM

Pros: At $79.99 this router is amazing. The range on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz surpassed my Asus RT-N66U which worked great but had a hard time reaching the far corners of my not very large (1500 sq ft.) house. The Archer C5 reaches those former dead spots with 2 or 3 bars of signal strength now (testing with a roku 3 and some android phones running speedtest.net). At the point where my old router would drop signal on 5GHz I am not seeing throughput of around 85Mbps which is more than enough for the HD streaming and PS3 and Xbox 360 gaming I do in that location. The GUI is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I had my ports forwarded and DDNS set up within minutes and performed a firmware update right after that with no issues.

Cons: Some other reviewers boasted that the were able to connect to this router far outside their homes. I doubted this would be the case for me and I was right, but it does work very well inside the house and right outside I still get 1 or 2 bars so I am happy. No other router has allowed me to connect outside the house, I think my walls must be lined with lead.

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Not bad11/29/2014 9:13:42 AM

Pros: Pretty close to advertised read/write speeds. I'm seeing around 200MB/s read and 110MB/s write on Windows 8.1 on a Z68 board. Price is not too bad vs. competitors offerings. 5 year warranty.

Cons: Bulky. No cap loss protection. The prior model CMFVYGT3A-128GB appears to have an extremely high failure rate which may carry over to this model, so I'm a little nervous about trusting it for anything important that isn't backed up elsewhere.

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Excellent product11/1/2014 8:03:04 AM

Pros: Well priced for this type of product. 90% efficiency rate Protected against: Short circuit, over-voltage, over charge, over discharge, over heating, over current. Charges relatively quickly, around 5 hours using my Nexus 7 charger (see cons below). I tested it vs. my motorola android car charger and it seems to charge my Moto G just as fast on my drive to work. Charging my Nexus 7 vs. using its charger was slightly slower even using the 2A plug, but nothing to write home about.

Cons: No charger included and only 1 cord. Not a big deal though if you already own any recent Android devices.

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Very impressed9/24/2014 8:54:16 AM

Pros: TLER, ATA streaming. Very good performance, around 5 - 10% faster than a Seagate ST3000DM001 I benched it against (in seq r/w & rand r/w). It is in fact the fastest mechanical drive I've tested. Very low noise, I think it may be quieter than my WD Greens and also stays unbelievably cool. I have not seen it go above 30C. 3 Year warranty.

Cons: A little pricey, but not that much more than a WD Green, so not really a deal breaker.

Overall Review: Although not "recommended" for use in a NAS I moved it into a 4 bay Synology after running benchmarks, etc. on my desktop to replace a 3TB unit so that I would have 4 x 4TB and it has been working just fine alongside 3 WD Greens with no problems so far.

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Good while it lasted6/29/2014 7:57:22 PM

Pros: Detachable antennas, adjustable TX power, DHCP server, AP mode. Solid feature set and east to use web GUI. The range and throughput were excellent vs. my old Cisco E4500 (about 50% gain in throughput at the same range), that is while the unit worked anyhow (see below).

Cons: After 3 days of use and running just a few speed tests the unit suddenly slowed to the crawl. Connection speeds were still showing 150Mbit or higher but I could not get data to move faster than 1.5Mbit at the fastest. I did a full reset multiple times with no improvement. Plugged my old wireless router back in and it worked fine. So it lasted roughly 72 hours before becoming unusable. This unit comes configured with a static IP, so that is a minor pain vs. other brands that are set to grab a DHCP address out of the box.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Trevor V., We appreciate your time in posting your comments and feedback. We are sorry to hear about your experience. Changing some settings on the ECB300 may improve the performance. First, make sure that your ECB300 has the latest firmware which is available at our website, www.engeniustech.com. Changing the wireless channel, setting the bandwidth to 20MHz only, and if you want to set wireless security please set it to WPA2-PSK(AES) may help improve the connection. Also make sure that there is no 802.11b/g device connected to the wireless network. If these don’t help then you may have to get the device replaced or RMA’d. Please allow us to do some troubleshooting with you. You may reach us through our number at 1-888-735-7888 or e-mail us at support@engeniustech.com. Our support team would be glad to be of service to you. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience. Sincerely, Mike Engenius Customer Support Team
Fast, quiet and cool5/28/2014 6:00:08 AM

Pros: Initially I installed the drive in my desktop PC to perform some benchmarks. I was very impressed with the performance for a 5900RPM drive. My sequential performance was a hair over 160MB/sec read and write on average. Access times were 15.4ms but that is to be expected from a 5900RPM unit. Next I installed in the drive in Synology NAS running their survailance/DVR app monitoring a DLink Camera 24/7 and the drive performed wonderfully. It stayed a few degrees cooler than the WD drive it replaced over the week that I was testing and monitoring it and performance was slightly faster (10-15%) for read and write operations to the NAS using SMB.

Cons: None that I have found.

Overall Review: Use GPT in Windows to have the full capacity in a single partition. EXT4 on th Synology NAS handled the full capacity without issue.

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Disappointed3/18/2014 4:25:00 PM

Pros: Excellent wireless throughput, but only at very short range (Under 30ft) even with older wireless adapters. The GUI is very easy to use and navigate and well laid out. Unfortunately that's about it for pros.

Cons: Even with the latest firmware (Which is a year old, this device appears to be abandoned by the manufacturer) I had many problems. Firstly the GUI would simply stop working at times. I'd be using it just fine and then it would suddenly just stop responding and if I'd try to refresh it wouldn't reappear. Sometimes I'd have to power cycle it, other times it would come back a few minutes later. Wireless would drop at around 30 ft for me. Hard drop on multiple devices and then neither the 2.4 or 5 network would be seen until I went back under 30 ft and refreshed whatever device I was using (Android phones, Ipod Touch, Lenovo Laptop). I had far longer range (no dropoffs within my house or in my garden) with my old E4500. I could not get inbound VPN working even with ports forwarded and VPN passthrough enabled. Switching back to my old E4500 with the same settings worked fine again.

Overall Review: Based on the number of similar and negative reviews for this product there is something inherently wrong with this router. I have the V2 hardware and it seems as bad or worse than the V1.

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