Very Solid performance, manual was confusing12/20/2020 5:49:52 PM

Pros: - RGB's looked great overall - ALMOST as quiet as my noctua p12 1700 redux's - cables are argb led strip friendly too! so that's a big plus

Cons: - Manual imo isn't as forgiving for newbies like me getting into budget argb case fans - the fear of previous reviews on this fan as sparking on boot (didn't occur for me but js)

Overall Review: - Overall good for the first day of setting it up - will update in the future - Very nice for a budget case fan, just remember that it is NOT like the UNI's in that they are daisy chained because they are not - RGB's are beautiful and bright if they worked for you - For newbies who don't understand the manual: 1) if you are using the pwm hub which isn't something i prefer cuz its kind of exposed, check the bottom of the board in case of bad soldering 2) after installation make sure each fan has its pwm port plugged in to either the pwm hub given to you OR you can buy a pwm 3 way splitter and use that instead 3) the argb female cable is a little funky looking and has grooves so you might accidentally not plug it in correctly so pay attention to if it is really in.

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