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Works with Palm V4/23/2010 12:08:54 PM

Pros: This works perfectly with an ancient Palm V serial cradle. The only catch is that you need to have HotSync check "Local Serial" and NOT "Local USB". I thought I was being really smart when I insisted that it check the USB, but I suppose this dongle is truly a Serial emulator, so as long as your software is set to look at COM3 on "Local Serial" you should be good to go! This worked on Win7 x64.

Cons: None! I even like the fact that it has a long-ish cable to reduce clutter.

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Perfect!3/19/2010 10:16:59 AM

Pros: The card works automatically with Windows 7, no need to use the included drivers CD. But it's there if you have an older OS. It works, speed is perfect on my gigabit lan. That's what I was looking for!

Cons: It's 34mm, and I happen to have one of those stupid laptops that take expresscards, but have the 54mm wide port. Don't know why Dell chose to do it this way, since there are VERY few 54mm expresscards out there, but they did. I saw a previous poster had a similar problem. I googled the words "expresscard stabilizer adapter" and came up with a company that sells 3-packs of these little plastic bits that hook on to 34mm cards to keep them from getting pulled around in dumb computers like mine.

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good buy11/14/2009 11:54:27 AM

Pros: I bought this as a replacement for my 320gb hard drive in my Dell E1505. The 320gb drive had a tendency to overheat in the laptop even under normal use, so I was constantly working out ways to keep the airflow on the bottom of the computer moving. This was a pain in the bum, so I moved the 320gb drive to an external enclosure and stuck this thing in. Not only did my laptop perform like someone had breathed new life into it, but all my heating problems disapeared. I can even download torrents now without being able to boil water on the laptop! This product does not have the highest read/write speeds of all the SSDs out there. So if you are looking for top-of-the-line performance, this won't give it to you. But if you are looking to squeeze a little bit of extra performance out of an older machine, or if you had heating problems like me, this will do just fine.

Cons: The read/write speeds are not clocked as high as the Intel or Samsung drives, but given that I am using this in an older laptop that probably wouldn't realize the difference anyway, I did not dock any eggs.

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great choice11/14/2009 11:47:03 AM

Pros: The large slick mousepad and the wrist-rest are not attached, so you can easily get rid of the spongy wrist rest if you want. I'm not used to have any support for my wrist, so the first day I used this my Battlefield 2 scores suffered. But I got used to it very quickly, and my hand doesn't get sore any longer. This does take up a lot of desk space - we're talking about a square foot. After using this, though, it's a no brainer. What a great product.

Cons: no cons - just praise

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it's a keyboard11/14/2009 11:43:32 AM

Pros: The blue backlight is nice - there is a button that will cycle the light from off, to medium, to high. The keys are fairly soft and quiet, they don't click and clack when you type. The volume keys work as-advertised. I'm using this with my IOGEAR MiniView USB KVM Switch, works just fine.

Cons: Wrist rest is terrible. It has a concave shape - it curves inwards in the middle, and protrudes out a little more on the sides. Your left wrist is covered, since it typically rests below the ctrl alt and windows key on the left where there is plenty of wrist rest. But the right hand, which would naturally sit in the center of the keyboard while typing, has almost no rest whatsoever. It is a very strange (and uncomfortable) design choice, and I'm not sure why they did it. For this reason alone I docked it 2 eggs.

Overall Review: If I had tested this out with the wrist-rest I would have gone with a different keyboard. I'll probably detach the rest altogether and replace it with something after market.

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So far so good11/14/2009 11:35:37 AM

Pros: Nothing really special about these drives. I bought four of them at once, three out of the four are working just fine. Operates at full speed - the older models required you to remove a jumper to un-suck the hard drive, these came without any jumpers.

Cons: One of the drives failed after 8 hours of use. Refused to spin up. Seagate RMA process is very easy, they just need the part# and serial# from the drive itself. You pay shipping. I don't like how they charge you $20 if you want the replacement sent out immediately instead of after they receive your drive, but I'm not sure if that is any different with the other companies.

Overall Review: No louder or quieter than any other 3.5" hard drive I've ever owned. I can hear audible clicking when the drives are working. I have yet to buy drives from Seagate and not have to send one back, but the price was right so I stuck with these.

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Great choice!11/14/2009 11:29:24 AM

Pros: I decided to spend a little extra than I had planned to for an NAS and spring for this. I am running 4 Seagate 1.5tb drives in Raid 5 giving me over 4tb of storage. After formatting the array in EXT4, the system begain to build the RAID database, which takes a bit over a day. During this time the system is perfectly useable, though the CPU useage was high so I made sure to watch teh temperatures carefully. I was transferring about 300gb at the same time, and all the temperatures remained well within safe levels. This was a surprise to me. After 8 hours of operation, one of the hard drives failed (surprise surprise, thanks Seagate). The extremely well-built administration tool (runs in a web browser, has real-time updating information on each page, an abundance of information and tools) tells me that the device is operating in degraded mode (no parity), but is still useable. When the replacement drive arrives I'll just pop it in, business as usual.

Cons: The price is high. But honestly, for such a feature-rich product that seems to have no heat issues and makes very little noise, it was just right.

Overall Review: It has 4 USB ports. Print server does not work 100% with my LaserJet 1020, I had to read up on the QNAP forums for a fairly complicated and arduous fix. I plugged my two external USB hard drives in and I am unable to access them (asks me for a password) - I assume this is an issue with Windows permissions and rights which are not compatible with the non-windows OS inside the QNAP. My solution was to backup the external drives, reformat them via the QNAP in EXT4 and now everything is working like a charm - they are accessible across the network via the QNAP. I hooked both ethernet ports into my gigabit switch, and the QNAP automatically load-balances each port. Also fully compatible with my CyberPower 1350 ups - I tested this by yanking the AC plug on the ups and exactly 5 minutes later (you can configure the timer) the NAS shut itself down. CPU useage when just transferring large amounts of files never spikes higher than 25%, and only 200mb of the 1gb available is used.

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