NOT REAL GREAT WITH RYZEN 2700X1/5/2020 6:50:14 PM

Pros: Post at 2133mhz

Cons: I spent hours trying various combinations of timings and voltages based on Ryzen DRAM Calculator, other reviewers suggestions, pro-reviews...absolutely nothing worked. They simply will not run at anything other than 2133mhz

Overall Review: I would definitely not recommend these Hynix CJR sticks, and definitely would not buy again. Only reason I didn't give 1 egg was because they do work, just not anywhere close to the guaranteed timings.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Ethan We are sorry to hear you had such issues. If using a memory kit listed on the G.Skill QVL, you should have no problem reaching the rated specifications with a capable CPU. Check to see if you have the latest BIOS for the motherboard as updates can significantly improve compatibility. Modules should be installed in slots 2 and 4 away from the processor. Should problem persist, test each module individually to see if one performs differently than the other. For further assistance or any questions, please feel free to contact us directly. Once you reach out to us we can make sure your system is operating at maximum performance. Thank you for choosing G.SKILL Quality and customer service are our top priorities. To check or report a technical problem, please visit the Official G.Skill Technical Forum: Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email:
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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Works Perfectly w/ all games11/1/2013 6:57:46 AM

Pros: * Plug and Play - nothing to figure out, just connect to a USB port and it works * Vibration works * Games instantly recognize it * Little to no learning curve * Super long cord, perfect for those of us who PC game in our living rooms or home theaters

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: For years I used a Logitech Playstation-style controller, and had to put up with the many games it never worked with, as well as the games it only semi-worked with or I had to install emulators to get it to work sort of. Why why why didn't i just buy one of these sooner? If you're a Logitech Gamepad owner, don't put up with that garbage any second longer, get this controller you will never look back.

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**BEST** MMO or RTS mouse out there1/10/2013 11:38:58 AM

Pros: - Absolute top-notch quality. NOTHING cheap or plasticky about this mouse. From the cord to the metal construction to the cover materials to the scroll wheels and buttons, everything about this mouse is solid, it says "i am the Cadillac of mice". - The shape is very comfortable for claw and palm-grip users. It looks short in the one pic for some reason, but IT IS A NORMAL SIZED MOUSE, feels great in my man-sized hands. - The weight of this mouse is perfect. Not too light and cheap, not too heavy to be burdensome, but just right: solid enough to indicate quality construction without being a pain to use after several hours. - The software is not hard at all, I dont know what some of these guys are talking about. It is MUCH easier to use than Razer's Synapse. It literally took me 5 minutes to understand it, and the only things I had to look up was how to do Macros and how to save profiles to the mouse. - Buttons: best placement EVER. It only took me two gaming sessions in GuildWars 2 to get used to and proficient at using the buttons. They are very easy to learn and distinguish. No accidental clicks at all! - The lighting on this mouse is SICK. It is all about quality and class, not cheesy "i'm trying too hard to look edgy". - This mouse can do anything a Naga can do, only easier and better.

Cons: - I wish it had the ability to natively control volume on the mouse, but very few mice can do that so I wasn't bummed that it can't - just wish there was a tiny nub on each thumb button like on the "J" and "F" keys. It *is* much easier to find and distinguish the buttons than any other mouse I've tried, and is definitely usable the way it is, but little nubs would make it perfect.

Overall Review: I've owned the Razer Naga and this mouse blows it out of the water in every respect. I wanted a G600 but I'm sick and tired of Logitech products failing on me, and plus I was afraid I'd run into the same problem with the button orientation that I had on the Naga. So I can't tell you how incredibly happy I am with the mouse. I do not often come across a purchase that has everything I'm looking for and is of such high quality. Even the clamshell packaging? - Corsair figured out a simple and brilliant way to make it easy to open (perforated opening on the back). Highly, highly, highly recommend this mouse.

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Good mouse except ONE major flaw1/7/2013 10:58:02 AM

Pros: -Comfortable -Good weight, doesn't feel cheap -Can do claw or palm grip depending on hand size -Only takes one battery, so saving 50% on replacements -No problems with missing clicks or intermittent tracking - BUT see cons!

Cons: -As soon as I take the mouse any farther than a foot from the tiny receiver, I start experiencing the missing mouse clicks and intermittent tracking that others have stated. So I put my receiver on a USB extension cable so that it sits within inches of my mouse, and it works perfect. Needing a cable for a **wireless** mouse to work right is a major major design flaw. Only two eggs because at least it works great when using it as a "wired" mouse.

Overall Review: FOR THE PEOPLE MISSING CLICKS OR LOSING TRACKING: it seems to me the probable cause is the wireless receiver is too far from the mouse. Move it to within 12" and see if your problems disappear.

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PERFECT KIT8/1/2012 1:04:53 PM

Pros: I've owned this kit for over two years now. I use it constantly and I can say: none of the tools have broken - I've used every last tool in this kit and all of the tools work exactly like they're supposed to, and are also versatile enough to use them for tasks they weren't even designed for - the organization is great - the case is small and attractive, holds up to regular handling without falling apart - has enough space to store an additional tool or two that doesn't come with the kit. for example, i keep a small keychain LED flashlight in mine.

Cons: none that I can think of.

Overall Review: Wish it had some sleeving tools, but that would put it in a higher price range. For $17 you can't beat it.

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Excellent, stable performer6/20/2012 8:58:11 PM

Pros: Absolutely rock solid. Voltages on +12v 5v and 3.3v are all well within tolerance, barely wavering between idle and full load. Fan is very quiet, and unlike some other semi-modular PSUs, they give you ONLY what you'll actually need and everything else is modular. Love the LED switch, I like looking at my case but at night I can't sleep with lights on so I love that I can turn the LEDs off.

Cons: My only complaint is the "Lazer" sticker on the case is a little cheap looking. Which is completely misleading because this is a very very solid PSU.

Overall Review: I've owned a couple other brands (including more expensive ones) and I will definitely buy Kingwin again. Customer service is also top notch, unlike SOME other companies I've had many headaches with. Glad Kingwin is no-hassle! I'm running: OC'd Phenom II 1055T @ 4.0gHz FOUR HDDs and one SSD Optical Drive Seven high-amp case fans OC'd MSI GTX560ti Twin Frozr II EVGA 8800GTS 512 (for Physx) 16gb RAM This PSU runs it all like a champ, been doing it for three years no prob.

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2/18/2012 7:59:48 PM

Pros: I've owned this SSD for about 7 months now. Like any SSD, the V+100 makes windows load times, shutdowns, program load times, etc. all noticeably much quicker than HDDs. What I especially like about this SSD is that unlike many other SSDs that lose significant amounts of speed after some time has passed, and after getting filled up with data, this particular SSD does not suffer from that phenomenon. I've compared performance using CrystalDiskMark on Day 1 of its installation, to its performance now 7 months later and it only lost a bit of sequential read and write performance, and actually *improved* performance in some of the random read/write tests. Being able to increase performance where it counts 7 months later - AND with 2.5x more data on the drive - is impressive for an SSD.

Cons: compared to other drives in same price range, this is not going to win any speed races. but i don't think that's too big a compromise considering a lot of drives lose their performance edge over time and after getting filled up.

Overall Review: i got mine with a MIR so I think at closer to 100 dollars this is a great buy, but closer to 150 and i'm not as sure...

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XFX power supplies unreliable and customer support rude1/28/2012 2:01:12 PM

Pros: Looks good in your case.

Cons: XFX put a used/refurbished PSU in new packaging and tried to pass it off as new. (Multiple UPC code stickers placed over top the original on the box, a new serial number sticker placed over the original on the unit itself, knife cuts on *interior* packaging inside shrink-wrapped exterior packaging.) If I returned it I'd lose my MIR so I kept it. Big mistake. Started showing signs of instability within months, and then after 10 months stopped working all together. Complete piece of junk.

Overall Review: My specific model is the 650w XXX Edition Semi-Modular PSU, which is basically the same version of this power supply with lower wattage, but the 650w version was deactivated after only months of being on the market. Shows how worthy XFX thinks their own product is. On a scale of A to F, XFX has a rating of "F" with the Better Business Bureau. (They are listed as "Eastcom, Inc" in Ontario, California). Yes, that is the worst possible rating a business can get. Do you really wanna purchase something as critical as a power supply from a company with that kind of record? I've owned two XFX products, the PSU died and my 4870 is on its last leg after two years. And for both products XFX support has been pretty much useless. NEVER AGAIN.

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Don't buy if you actually care about your GPU12/6/2011 7:11:36 PM

Pros: Fan spins Comes with decent accessories

Cons: Does not fit any recent GPU from like 2005-present without mods! If you have a 6-series to present Nvidia or 3000-series to present ATI card and this thing actually fits - consider yourself VERY lucky. For my friend's 7300GT the mounting holes were a tad too short so I had to angle the pushpins out to go thru the holes in the card. Also does a terrible job of cooling. Kept the card cool enough to surf internet and play simple games like mahjongg, but anything beyond that would toast the card.

Overall Review: reviewer nerp you are brilliant! from his comment: "Saw some posts from people who had issues with the 3-pin connector. The video cards have a small two pin connector and the fan comes with the standard 3-pin fan connector. On the three video cards that I replaced fans on, all I had to do to make the 3-pin connector on the fan work was to pull the plastic 2-pin receptacle off of the pins on the VGA card leaving the bare pins. The receptacle is friction fit onto the pins and can be gently worked off with pair of pliers. Then all you have to do is slide the 3-pin connector onto the two pins taking care to get the polarity correct." took his advice and it worked perfect. just wiggle it a bit with pliers while you pull firmly and it'll come off.

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Manufacturer Response:
We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. If you have trouble installing the fan onto your VGA, we encourage you to contact for further assistance. Best Regards, Vantec
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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Great Little board12/2/2011 8:51:04 PM

Pros: · 6 sata ports, great for HTPCs with tons of storage · Sata ports are located perfectly so that even a large video card does NOT block them · Has the best AMD onboard video currently available (Radeon HD4250) · Unlocked 4th core on my Phenom II 720BE no problems · Tons of features in BIOS to make overclocking easy, or as precise as you want · RAM slots are very easy to pop in and out, no worries about putting too much strain on the board when pressing down · Very sturdy, solid board. Ignore the comments about the board being flimsy, it is actually quite solid.

Cons: · memory slots are a tad close to the CPU. My Xigmatek Loki, well the 92mm fan hangs over the first slot, and my RAM is normal height and it barely cleared it. I don't see RAM with even medium height heatsinks working too well with certain CPU fan/heatsinks on this board. · no optical or coax digital audio out port for 5.1 channel digital surround, this can be a problem for some budget HTPC builds · the CPU heatsink retention bracket is secured with plastic pushpins. i have no worries about its stability, but it was a bit tricky to figure out the safest way to remove it when installing the Loki. i have made a how-to video for this, search for my username "below90hz" on youtube

Overall Review: Would've been a perfect board for me, but I completely forgot it had no digital coax or optical port so it won't work with my current HTPC setup. Nice alternative to this board for another $5 is the Asus M4A88T-M LE which comes with everything this board does but with digital optical and HDMI ports.

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Slightly dissappointed9/18/2011 2:25:21 PM

Pros: -Definitely runs cool at idle, sits at 32°C -Can't hear it at all when idle and it remains completely silent when playing HD 1080p movies in DXVA -Runs Physx -Stable right out of the box (unlike my HD5770 Vapor-X's) -in Unigine Heaven it easily outperformed my crossfired HD5770 Vapor-X's in 1680x1050 resolution.

Cons: -Hits 80°C under load in Kombuster. That is well above what i was expecting based on other's reviews. My 5770 Vapor-X's idled at 42°C and barely broke 70°C in Kombuster so I am NOT happy with the load temp, especially considering my friend's GTX 470 Twin Frozr only hit 65° in my case. -It is also not anywhere near as quiet under load as I expected it to be based on pro reviews and my experience with my friend's 470 Twin Frozr. -not thrilled with it's performance with tessellation in full 1920x1200 resolution in Unigine Heaven. there was slight lag in some scenes which i was not expecting either.

Overall Review: these are NOT the OC'd twin frozr cards. The guy who posted below is wrong. It may say "OC Edition" on the box, but the stock clock speed is 822 core, not 880 core like the OC. Check the UPC code on the box, you'll see it is the code for the non-OC version. All in all I guess I'm fine with my purchase, just expected better cooling, less noise and a little stronger performance based on all the glowing pro and amateur reviews.

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Great buds but need equalized8/12/2011 7:36:56 AM

Pros: --Accessories. Comes with 4 different size buds, each size comes in two different color choices (black and clear). Also comes with over-the-ear accessories to securely hold the ear buds in place, and a clothing clip to manage the wires. --Comfortable. The buds don't hurt your ear canals after a long time at all, and the over-the-ear accessory holds the ear buds in place perfectly and are also very comfortable. --Powerful. Easily handles even the lowest of bass notes when cranked up LOUD.

Cons: --Like many ear buds, the cord is way too short for using with a desktop. So you'll need an extension cable or your phone/mp3 player to use these at work. --My biggest complaint is these buds are WAAAAY too bright. After a few minutes of listening my ears were ringing. That is unacceptable. Of course, equalizing the signal to bring down the frequencies between 3kHz and 10kHz solves the problem, but I'd prefer not to have to equalize my MP3 player since built-in EQing is typically not an exact science. Which brings me to my other big complaint: --Bass response. I want my earbuds to sound like my car's subwoofers. These earbuds CAN do that, but again, you need to EQ the bass and bump it up to get these earbuds to really give you that deep, satisfying bass in your head. Once you do that, however, they sound fantastic. Crystal clear, no distortion, just sweet heavy bass.

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PSU DIMENSIONS!!!!3/24/2011 4:07:11 PM

Pros: - VERY quiet. You simply cannot hear this thing unless you put your ear right next to it. - solid PSU. works fantastic, plenty of power. - not as big as the specs say it is. it is a normal size PSU for its power rating

Cons: - way way way too many cables that are attached to the PSU. you'd need at least two top-end ati cards or two top-end nvidia cards to use all the cables, and no one is going to buy a 650w PSU for running those kind of cards in sli or crossfire. -packaging is very nice. too nice actually. give me something I can quickly open and close and use the money invested in the fancy packaging and take it off the cost of the unit.

Overall Review: I ALMOST DIDN'T BUY THIS DUE TO THE WRONG DIMENSIONS LISTED IN THE PRODUCT SPECS. Newegg took the dimensions out of the listing as of the date of this post, but they still haven't listed the right ones yet. Here they are: 6.5"deep x 5.9"wide x 3.4"high YOU'RE WELCOME. ~_^

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Great while they worked3/17/2011 7:51:08 AM

Pros: -Very solid construction. -Despite Fins, very easy to install with all slots filled. -popped them in and worked at 1T command rate no problem

Cons: one stick died in under a month. the ONE time i don't test RAM properly, i get a defective stick. go figure.

Overall Review: knocked two eggs off because of defective stick. kept three because it happens to all companies that sell RAM, no exceptions.

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Better than ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB311/3/2010 4:14:51 PM

Pros: Has EVERYTHING the ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 has. But for $60 cheaper (when I bought it was). Can overclock each core individually - very handy for an unlocked core that doesn't want to OC very much. Same quality as ASUS (do some research on who started ASRock). It DOES have 8 channel sound. I connected to my home theatre AVR and it showed 7.1 channel. SATA connections are nice and snug. 4 SATA cables (some of the cheaper boards come with 3).

Cons: The only thing this board doesn't have that the ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 does, is: a) IDE drive connection b) one less SATA port for a total of 5 instead of 6 If you don't need either of those, BUY THIS board and save yourself some dough.

Overall Review: I own both boards. I like the ASRock better.

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Awesome card but NOT plug-n-play10/23/2010 8:10:16 PM

Pros: 1) runs very cool 39°C idle 69°C max 2) very quiet, even under load isn't anywhere near as load as my 8800 GTS 512 3) impressive performance for the money 4) very small so improves air flow in case. CPU temps dropped 3-4°C from when i had my 8800GTS 512.

Cons: 1) ati drivers SUCK. took me FOREVER to finally wipe my computer clean enough to install drivers that the card would finally run smooth. 2) grey screen and blue screen of death. HOWEVER - this was solved by flashing the bios to run at 200core/300mem instead of 157core/300mem. (Use Radeon Bios Editor and ATIwinflash. Medium difficulty.) At 157mhz the card doesn't respond fast enough for Windows7, so Windows assumes there's a problem and thus the GSOD and BSOD. After flashing, all problems gone. 3) except for crossfire. Cards will not work period in crossfire. Have not tried *everything* yet, need time to troubleshoot. but after spending my first three weeks of ownership troubleshooting, i'm about sick of spending hours researching forums (Sapphire tech support completely worthless) and taking my computer apart and back together.

Overall Review: I love how small and quiet and cool these cards run. And once I had the card working right, its performed flawlessly and even a single 5770 can play Crysis: Warhead ultra settings 1920x1080 at generally playable framerates. However, the amount of time and frustration it took to get it working is not something I'd want to do again. Unless I hear some serious good things about ATI fixing their driver headaches, I'm going back to the Green Team for my next GPU.

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Class 10 - Yes it is9/6/2010 6:17:29 PM

Pros: Will Record at a minimum Class 7 speed, and I have no doubts it does in fact write at Class 10 speeds as well. Using it in A Panasonic Lumix ZS7, records in both AVCHD Lite and Motion JPEG with no lag or stutter or message from the device that it can't write fast enough.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: When I first popped it in and tried to record in AVCHD Lite (which Panasonic says you only need a class 4 card to do) a message appeared after a few seconds saying that the card couldn't write fast enough and it would stop the recording. However, a quick format by the camera solved that issue and now it records continuously with no hiccups, both in AVCHD Lite (requiring a min Class 4 card) and Motion JPEG (requiring a min Class 7 card).

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Good - but be realistic5/19/2010 7:28:12 AM

Pros: 1) FAST - (you MUST update firmware) average seek time is .01ms. Random access rates are incredibly fast. Max transfer rate hits 232mb/s consistently, even after weeks of use. (Burst rate, though, is not as fast as my Samsung 1TB F3 Spinpoint. In fact, its about 30mb/s less.) 2) QUIET - makes zero noise. 3) HEAT - there is none - well none that would raise the case temp. 4) PROGRAMS - there will be a slight but noticable speed increase for the programs that fit on this drive.

Cons: Don't believe the folks who say they get single-digit boot times. There is improvement of course, but not that much. This is NOT going to be the best "bang for the buck upgrade" as far as increasing the speed of your system. There will be an increase for sure - but only in some scenarios, not in all. And that's true for any component. The other con is that its not plug and play. Expect to spend several hours researching how to get the most out of your SSD.

Overall Review: THis is a great value. Despite not living up to some of the claims on this board, it still is a very fast drive that will give you several advantages over a normal HDD. I do not regret buying it all, and I hope SSDs become the norm in the next few years.

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