horrible11/5/2013 3:21:26 PM

Pros: Was cheap, arrived quickly.

Cons: never booted up. Was doa, bios didnt recognize it, and it made a weird clicking noise when I turned the power on.

Overall Review: Unfortunately, I didnt find out until newegg return policy wsd over. Bought this dive in a bundle, but waited until I could afford the os, and disk drive that had to be bought separate. Once I recieved everything I started building the pc, and everything works fine but this hard dive. Trying to get Seagate to replace this since its still in the warranty period. Havent heard back from them.

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Nicely done11/5/2013 2:47:38 PM

Pros: Small, compact, easy to manage, easyto setup.

Cons: Had some troublge figuring out the instructions but I am a newb at pc building.

Overall Review: this was in a combo deal I picked up for my first budget pc build. I dont really know much about the tech terms and all that. Vut I got everything worked out in the end. There was lots of pictures! Lol. And the bios system was easy to figure out with the new 3d version. On a side note, with the bundle I bought it came with everything, but the the hard drive they they sent was doa, had to send it back.

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Surprising Good!10/2/2013 10:38:33 PM

Pros: Arrived WAY ahead of schedule! Packaged well, no damage. Light weight Plug and Play, no set ups or adjustments required. BONUS! came with the need cords in the box. Very reasonable price, on sale $97.00 Clear, Bright,Fast, widescreen.

Cons: None so far!

Overall Review: got an excellent deal on this monitor and a shell shocker DIY combo, paying $299 for the system build, $99 for OS, and picked up this (what i thought was a little monitor) for $97. Ordered them all on Monday with the free 4-7 day shipping, they all arrived on Wednesday!!! Plugged this in out of the box and worked like a charm, very nice refresh rate, no dead pixels, bright colors. On a budget gaming build, playing WoW, EVE, LOTRO and MW3 with no light leaks or ghosting. nothing i can tell. Base is plastic of course but at this price and size that doesnt matter. The monitor is very light weight.

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