Awesome8/29/2021 4:12:21 PM

Pros: Easy to use Cable coverings to keep the cables all together Perfect fit Perfect shade of white Price

Cons: Literally none. I love these

Overall Review: 11/10. Already recommended to all of my pc-building friends and 2 have already purchased.

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Solid Prebuilt8/4/2021 8:04:41 PM

Pros: - fairly priced - performs consistently - cool rgb (lol) - good airflow/cooling - variable fan speeds - triple A titles easily playable on medium graphics settings, could run at high setting if your willing to lose some frames - included kb+m (they could get the job done. Kb is a membrane. Mouse has an odd palm feel. I would recommend getting a mech kb and at least a deathadder - good starter pc. a solid starting point with upgrades in the future in mind.

Cons: - on 8gb of DDR4 (I immediately upgraded to 16gb of TFORCE 3200MHz DDR4 and saw an increase in overall performance) - my first order arrived with a broken GPU. Had to get a replacement. Though, Newegg was great and easy to work with to get a replacement - mobo is absolute barebones. - only 500gb of drive space. - not all that easy to install more SSD storage, but you do get one extra mounting bracket - cable management was done hastily. Difficult to get to the power supply if you need to run any nee cables.

Overall Review: Solid prebuild, especially for todays GPU/part market. This is a great starter rig that I plan to upgrade as the market evens out. Definitely will want to upgrade to 16gb of RAM and to at least 3200MHz.

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