Performance per dollar is a win.4/26/2019 11:39:39 AM

Pros: Quiet and powerful. i can never hear it over my normal case fans, and i am benchmarking the same as my friends RTX 2060 and spent much much less than her did. overwatch 4k ultra , Pubg 4k lower settings or 2k high, and apex legends 4k mid settings ( turn your textures up. 8g ram in the card is plenty just turn shaders down like we have been in games for 20 years.) and i never dip lower that 60 frames in any of these games (i only use a 60hz setup cause im a scrub)

Cons: power, all of the power running 2-8 pins to power the thing is a lot.

Overall Review: Love it already reccomemded it to a few people for budget build stuff, I have been an nvidia guy since i bought my first card and im sold on amd for midrange. i mean its not a 2080 but its still a great card. every one complaing about blackscreening is just underpowering the card dont listen to them,

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