Cheaper than the new tech.11/16/2018 10:47:23 AM

Pros: It's smaller and much faster than my old RX 480. On sale with Rebate, it's an OK-ish deal.

Cons: Nvidia color management with my monitors is not as good as AMDs. Nvidia and EVGA's overclocking controls seem antiquated when compared to AMD's Adrenalin control software. It doesn't seem to handle multiple monitors as well as the RX 480. Only one HDMI port. The fans are as loud as my 3 fan RX 480 at load.

Overall Review: I haven't owned an Nvidia card since 8800 GT. It's smaller, faster and consumes less power than my RX 480. I haven't been able to find a stable overclock mainly because the software from Nvidia and EVGA is not as simple as AMD's generic Adrenalin. I can't be bothered powering on and off my multiple monitors or system when it doesn't work. For Nvidia with its relatively large year on year profits it would be nice to see their hardware priced just a bit more consumer friendly.

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Utilitarian 4K monitor for a sale price.11/16/2018 10:18:11 AM

Pros: Sharp 4K at 32 inches. Fair response time. No noticeable ghosting. Good colors when viewing from far enough away that the viewing angle is reduced.

Cons: I don't know the exact viewing angles, but there is noticeable color distortion at the side edges if your head is positioned dead center about 30 inches or 76cm away. I was disappointed that even my TN panel seemed to have better color fidelity over the viewing angles. I don't use it for work so for the price it's fine for me. I would advise against this panel if you need color accuracy from normal or even close viewing angles.

Overall Review: On sale for $320ish I think is a fair deal. Would have been perfect if the viewing angle wasn't so poor.

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No Windows 10 updated driver8/9/2015 9:09:58 AM

Pros: The surround sound is passable as is the bass. The microphone sound quality is also passable. It's obviously not studio quality but it's better than telephone quality and good for Skyping, MMOing, or doing Twitch or Youtube videos. The drivers in Windows 7 & 8.1 work with Stereo Mix option in Recording Devices. For $40 or less it's a fair purchase.

Cons: The material around the ear cups have started deteriorating after one year of light usage. Not suitable for wearing over long periods 2+hours. The pressure on the top of the cups becomes uncomfortable and there is very little pressure at the bottom of the cups. The C-Media drivers have not been updated for Windows 10.

Overall Review: I'll be looking to purchase a new headphone, but I won't consider getting these again. It was a decent purchase at the time although I can't recommend them. Save your pennies and get a better headset even if you have to spend an additional $20 more.

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Solid for basic usage.12/28/2014 12:03:40 PM

Pros: Decent video quality and adequate mic.

Cons: Very short cable. Poor driver/software package. Won't be detected if the mic is not set to default or is disabled.

Overall Review: I see people reviewing who complain about disappearing camera and lockups. I haven't experienced any freezes because I'm using the short cable and I have decent internet performance, but the driver/software package is poor. With the LifeCam 3.6 software loaded even in Skype (a Microsoft application) the controls are woefully inadequate. You get better control when the LifeCam software is uninstalled. If you find that Skype or LifeCam is suddenly not seeing the camera but it shows up in Windows devices simply double check that the Windows Sound settings have the camera's mic set as default. Even "default communication" won't work.

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7/11/2013 12:52:59 PM

Pros: Solid performance, runs relatively cool and quiet. Low power consumption for a gaming card. 3 year warranty from MSI. Excellent bang for the buck. Most games play solidly with max or close to max settings. The RMA process is simple and for me, hassle free.

Cons: Had to RMA mine with MSI. From first installation it caused locked (grey, white, black, striped) screens which required reboots. MSI RMA process does not advance ship for initial RMAs. Hence why I didn't RMA the board until I absolutely got fed up. They do if follow-ups are necessary.

Overall Review: I prefer to keep power consumption on my gaming system to the lowest possible that will still give me fair performance.

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Excellent price7/11/2013 12:29:29 PM

Pros: Good color. Videos and BluRay movies look fine. It has even backlight with only minor backlight bleed. Excellent price on sale.

Cons: Box is not designed for shipping and Newegg doesn't put it in a shipping box so it may arrive damaged. One bad pixel. Noticeable pixels. Noticeable tearing in games despite its 2ms claim.

Overall Review: For the sale price of $200 it's an excellent deal. Of course I would have preferred for not to have any bad pixels. Even with all its flaws I feel good about the purchase. At 27" a 1920x1200+ resolution would make for a bigger desktop and crisper text. It seems to me that intermediate resolution (and price point) is sorely missing from LCD monitors.

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