Some of the very best binned b die12/6/2020 9:01:57 AM

Pros: Is the highest bun of b die that can currently be found in 32gb. The 32gb kits seem far better binned than 16gb kits.

Cons: New eggs shipping from the California warehouses that they let the package sit in for a week, calling customer service to complain and magically getting the package that hadn't yet shipped 2 days latter. With a label over the original saying customer service.......

Overall Review: The ram is top notch.

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Will update once tested.(update)1/18/2020 10:01:55 AM

Pros: its b-die

Cons: Wont run stable at 3866 2T xmp 1.45v

Overall Review: It wont run stable at 3866 2T 1.45v XMP fails memtest immediately , Is by far my worst b-die kit to date out of 6, is in the process of getting returned. I have a 4133 teamgroup kit that runs 4133 cl15 1t at 1.5v not the best but at least it runs 1t, I think the binning is lower on some of this high freq ram with looser timings vs 4000 cl 17 1.35 kits. or 4133 cl18 or even the 4400 cl 19 kits, Current best kit is a Viper Steel kit that run 4400 cl 16 at 1.5v., Have had the board and cpu over 4600 with the viper ram at 5ghz on the IMC no issues, this kit wont pass sseverything stock xmp set. Binned 9900kf EVGA Z390 Dark 750wat Seasonic plat Custom water

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Some of the best binned 3600 b-die1/3/2020 7:43:42 PM

Pros: Great looking ram B-die

Cons: Nothing overall, price could be lower compared to other "better" cheaper options for b-die, But you wont get the 15-15-15 xmp profile, or most times even a 16-18-18 with cheaper b-die. Most of the time more like 18-18-18 at 3600, or 18-20-20. Xmp means more to most people that dont tweak ram.

Overall Review: Is a great kit of ram for a 3600 b-die kit with about the tightest 3600 xmp timings around, my kit would do 4000 15-15-15-28 with tweaked subs at 1.45v memtest stable, It wont do 4000 cl 14 to save its life or 3866 cl 14. With 1.52v could easily bench at 4133 15-15-15-28, wont boot 4200 plus no matter timings. Replaced this kit with a 4133 b-die kit from team group that does 4200 15-15-15-28 with tighter subs and less voltage for daily use.

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4133 beasts1/1/2020 6:48:29 PM

Pros: Better then my 3600mhz Tridents

Cons: The heat spreader installation could be better. As said in another review the first and last ram chips have rather poor coverage with the thermal pads, so far has not been an issue tho.

Overall Review: Best ram I have had in years! z390 dark, 9900k at 5.2 ghz 5 ghz IMC, 15-15-15-28 CR1 at 4133 fully tuned timings. Just shy of 65k write and read in aida64, 34.6 ms latency. Considering getting a 4500 kit and pushing timings lower.

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