Raspberry Pi NAS drive4/12/2021 7:56:35 PM

Pros: Small and thin fits SSD very wellComes with 2 screws for the end plate and a screwdriverAlso included is a short USB 3.0 A to A cableEasy to install SSD. Plug it into the end cap and secure with 2 screws. Connect to Pi with USB 3.0. Pi has enough power to power a SSD without a separate power adapter.

Cons: No Bells or Whistles just straight SSD enclosure

Overall Review: Got this to replace a USB 3.0 external HDD I had connected to my Raspberry Pi 4B Network Server. Installed a 250 GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD in it which is more than enough for my needs; mainly downloading Torrents and storing backups

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Replacement4/12/2021 6:56:12 AM

Pros: Straight to 90 with Latch3 in Package18 inches longSATA 6Gb/S

Cons: None

Overall Review: Got these for a replacement for my 3 disk drives in my PC. i had some long mismatched cables before. These are shorter with out the extra cable lying around. The 90 degree end is connected to the drives because of clearance issues with my case. Straight end to the motherboard which in my case was a tight fit. Blue makes it nice to now which connection they are. I have Red ones on my DVD Drives

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Fantastic Monitor4/12/2021 6:31:14 AM

Pros: Excellent for every day home use Large Screen making it easier to seeBuilt in SpeakersSupports HDMI Audio with HDMI connectionResume from standby is very fastSide Menu buttons instead of under the bottom

Cons: No VESA Mount. Sit on a desk onlyInternal Speakers are adequate. No rich soundNo DVI connection

Overall Review: Got this to replace my 10 year old 24 inch Asus Monitor which was starting to give me trouble. It was hard to start from a power failure. Resume from standby was slow.Needed a larger monitor that was easier to see. Had the old one pulled up on my desk to see it. This one sets back and gives more desk room.Had to use my existing soundbar for audio as the internal speakers are usable but quality playing music is poor.Used HDMI connection as my Graphic Card does not have a D-Sub connection and I did not have a DVI to D-Sub adapter.Menu slightly hard for me to navigate due to my age. Use Standard Mode with Blu Light on setting 2 and Volume on 0. Not a Gamer so Game mode is useless to me. Other adjustments were set on defaults.

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System Drive5/19/2020 1:13:08 PM

Pros: It works and comes with screws

Cons: Came from China Took 20 days to get

Overall Review: Replaced a very old HDD in a Media Center PC running LibreELEC. Using just as a system drive as I have a 4Tb storage drive

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Backup Drive5/12/2020 7:27:20 PM

Pros: Ideal size with USB 3.0 and External Power Supply

Cons: To may adapters for Power Supply Needs just a US adapter that would slide on to power adapter instead of having to use the Euro and adapt it to US. This makes the Power Adapter stand out really far from the outlet

Overall Review: Bought this to use as a backup drive for my Media. Works good for that.

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AMD Cooler5/12/2020 7:16:04 PM

Pros: Fits AMD F2 socket perfectly. Nice Blue fan and aluminum heat sink. Better heat decapitation than stock cooler.

Cons: No Thermal Compound Fan Leads extremely long

Overall Review: Replaced stock cooler with this one for better cooling in a old QPak2 Micro ATX Case I had. Space is very limited. Height is lower and diameter is larger but has a nice fit

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Network Drive11/15/2015 4:39:14 AM

Pros: Got this to make a Network Drive with. I needed something with a fan and connect to my computer with USB 6.0 for faster transfers. It also works on my Netgear router with USB 2.0. The fan keeps it really cool as temps run 30deg C. I have a 1Tb WD Black drive installed in it and use it as a Media Server for my TV. Been able to watch movies off of it all day with temps never exceeding 35deg C.

Cons: Little tricky to install in case. Would have preferred a one piece plug to connect the hard drive with instead of 2 cables. First one I got had to RMA would drop data connection after less than 5 minutes of use.Tried different drives, different connections and even ran it out of the case. Knew it was the enclosure as everything would work fine in my hard drive dock.

Overall Review: I have Linux installed on a separate drive. The first one I got and tried to use it in the enclosure; half way through boot it would loose data connection and hang up. I have had no problems with the second one. Newegg replaced the first one free of charge including shipping. The only problem with that was it took 2 weeks to get a return.

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Bad USB Port7/9/2014 3:23:40 AM

Pros: Not a touch screen so my wife can use it. Handles all 4 of my devices with full function on all devices. Battery life is good, about 3 months Easy to setup with download software

Cons: Program on line does not have all the functionality as the download software. USB port failed on my first one, so I could not reprogram the remote. The remote worked fine with my original settings, just could not add to it. This one works fine.

Overall Review: I bought this to replace an e 250 that finally gave up the ghost after 4 years. This is my second one of this type. The USB port failed on the first one, no way to program it. I had it all setup and tried to add some more function when I found the USB cable would not stay in and it could not communicate with the remote. All the original settings still worked.

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Upgrade10/30/2013 5:31:07 AM

Pros: Price Drop Gigabyte LAN; 300M Wireless Stands on end No external Antenna Open Source - Upgrade to Tomato I live in a 1 bedroom apartment so I don't need one with a whole lot of range.

Cons: Trouble Initializing out of the box Instructions say power on Router first then Modem. After 5 minutes still no internet. Solution - Power the Modem on First then the Router. Connect to the router through the browser. A page came up with the wireless SSID and password, Hit the connect to internet button on that page. Now connected.

Overall Review: Upgrade firmware to Tomato, After router reset could not log in to tomato. Do a 30-30-30 reset. Now able to log in. Follow Tomato setup instructions. You will need to save each page as you go through it. It wont save everything at the end. After upgrading my modem it became necessary to upgrade my router. Had a Linksys WRT54g router that was 10/00. Been using it for 4 years without any problems. Hope this last as long

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Excellent Disk10/7/2013 6:34:15 PM

Pros: Verbatim - Top of the line for me 8x write speed Full Face printiable

Cons: More than I wanted to spend. However after getting them was satisfied. The best price I could find for what you get. 8x write speed and full face printable.

Overall Review: Have been using Verbatim for years with fewer coasters than other brands. Printing Full Face labels with SureThing Disk Labeler Gold 6 using Brother MFC-J825DW printer.

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Forced Upgrade10/7/2013 6:25:15 PM

Pros: DOCSIS 3.0 On Comcast approved list with highest rating Easy hook up Call Comcast and give them the MAC address.

Cons: Comcast / Xfinity Took 5 minutes to get through the automated system only to find out I got a long wait and they will call me back in 4 to 6 minutes. Turned out to be 15 minutes. My internet is down till I hear from them. Took technician another 10 minutes to get me turned on.

Overall Review: I was getting calls every day from Comcast to upgrade my modem. Finally stopped. Replaced Motorola Surfboard SB5101 that I've been using for over 3 years with no problems.

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Cooler i3770k9/8/2013 8:03:53 AM

Pros: Some what quite. A lot quitter than stock. Can barley hear it run. Lots of hardware for various mounts. On sale what a bargain. Really cools a i3770k

Cons: Lack of descent instructions. Pictures are small. Not shown are the standoffs have a rubber washer on one side that goes next to the motherboard. I discovered this after boot error, no installed memory. Had to remove the pump and turn them over. Fan direction is not clearly marked. I mounted it with the fan frame next to the radiator, open side out. This will pull air from inside through the radiator. Also where to plug the fan and pump in. I plugged the pump in to Chassis Fan 1 and set to full on. Plugged the radiator fan into CPU Fan 1. Also I have a top case fan plugged into CPU Fan 2. They work together.

Overall Review: Dropped core temps on i3770k from 80 degrees on stock cooler to 60 degrees at stock speed 3.5ghz and full load. Was able to overclock to 4.5ghz with core temps at 90 degrees at full load. This is optimal temp for i3770k. Throttle temp is 98 and shutdown temp is 105. Intel specs.

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Rhapsody Player12/28/2012 7:38:58 AM

Pros: Works with Rhapsody. Very Small and lightweight.

Cons: With Rhapsody you can not put Rhapsody tracks on the SD card. However you can put tracks you own on the SD card. Just have to change folder when you want to play them.

Overall Review: Got this to replace my wife's 3 yr old Sansa Fuze. Started having charging problems with it. If it went dead and you plugged it in you would have to reset the device to get it to charge. Guess the battery was going dead and it is not replaceable. If it wasn't for my wife using Rhapsody I would have put Rockbox on it. You can use Rockbox with Rhapsody but it is somewhat complicated to update track licensees. You have to change a file, update the tracks, then change the file back. To much for my wife.

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Nice Fan controller12/28/2012 7:17:48 AM

Pros: Very bright and easy to see. Fits in one 5.25 drive bay and controls 5 fans. Has both 4 pin molex connectors and 3 pin fan connectors. Quieten down my rig. Before my case fans running at 100% now on auto they are running on 60% idle.

Cons: Leads are extremely long and not removable.

Overall Review: After installing this found out my North Bridge was running at 70 degrees C. Ended up installing an additional case fan to take care of it. These are not high accurate temp. indicators. They will not read the same as the MoBo. This is due to placement of the sensor. The further you are away from the heat source the cooler the reading. The MoBo sensor is directly on the heat source. This sensor has to go throug a lot of material to work. I usually add 5 degrees to the reading to adjust for MoBo Readings.

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Fantastic Case12/28/2012 6:50:52 AM

Pros: Fits my requirements, Mid Tower; Black Interior; Bottom mounted PSU; and Side mounted HD Cage. The rest was extra 3 Fans; Access to the back of the MoBo behind the CPU area. This makes it easier to change the CPU cooler with out having to remove the MoBo.

Cons: Would have liked to have the front I/O panel movable. Really wanted it mounted in the middle instead of the top. Top Fan and Front fan have both 4 pin molex connectors and 3pin connectors. They are not 3 wire fans with RPM just 2 wire fans.

Overall Review: Was looking at the Blackhawk case which has a top mounted HD Dock. Ended up with this one due to size. Have limited space to put it and the Blackhawk did not fit. Also already have a HD Dock and Hotswap rack. Have all the front drive bays filled up with DVD Burner, Hotswap Rack, Fan Controller, Card Reader, and USB 3.0. Ended up installing 2 additional Rosewill 120mm fans in the side.

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Top Mounted PSU12/28/2012 6:29:59 AM

Pros: 80+Certified; More than enough power for my rig; semi-modular; quite and efficient. Cables are easy to bend and unit does not way a ton.

Cons: Has separate 4 pin lead and 8 pin lead for connecting to mobo. Would like to have just on 8 pin lead that could be split. This leaves a unnecessary cable rapped up inside my case. Cables are a little short for mounting the PSU on the bottom. You will need and additional 8 inch extension cable for the 4 pin P4 or 8pin connector.

Overall Review: I got this to replace a 5yr old Corsair 550watt PSU. This has 14 gauge leads as compared to the Corsair with 12 gauge leads. A lot easier to maneuver the cables around. Also weighs a lot less. I have it mounted in the bottom of a mid tower case and found the P4 connector would barley reach stretching across the MoBo. Found a Apevia extension cable that took care of that.

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Great Monitor3/10/2012 4:28:43 PM

Pros: Size, Price, Connections, Vivid color. Easy setup, plug it in.

Cons: No external Audio In except through HDMI connection. Was not able to use the speakers with DVI connection. Couldn't get the HDMI working right. Not sure what settings to use on my Graphic Card. It has a 1" boarder around it.

Overall Review: Got this for a replacement 22" Samsung I had for 5 years. It started flickering at startup. This has much more vivid color also a lot thinner. I am no gammer. Mainly do just regular stuff on the computer. If I want to watch a movie I got a BIG Screen TV for that.

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Portable Drive3/10/2012 4:15:41 PM

Pros: Easily swap hard drives. External power. USB and e-SATA connections.

Cons: I can only use the USB. My home computer is full on SATA and my netbook only has USB.

Overall Review: I only use this occasionally. Mainly to swap large amounts of data between my desktop and my netbook. I have several spare drives. One of which contains a whole lot of movies. This makes it real simple to swap drives.

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Netbook3/10/2012 3:43:36 PM

Pros: Price and Great Operating System

Cons: 32bit. Couldn't find 64bit drivers for my Netbook.

Overall Review: Got this for a Netbook. Copied to a flash drive which I had made bootable and installed it from there. No more sluggish Netbook.

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Windows 73/10/2012 3:34:04 PM

Pros: Nice price. Small Right size for what I needed it for

Cons: None

Overall Review: Got this to install Windows Home Premium on a netbook. Worked like a jewel. Just make it bootable and copy the DVD to it.

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Netbook3/10/2012 3:28:51 PM

Pros: It works on a Asus Eee PC1015PEM Netbook. Great RAM at a really affordable price.

Cons: Newegg's Memory Finder does not list the 1015 PEM Netbook. Stumbled onto Crucial website and found it.

Overall Review: Had no idea what RAM would work. Nothing in the documentation that came with the netbook saying what the speed of the ram was or anything. This was an upgrade from 1Gb to 2Gb.

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Slow Charger11/17/2011 10:47:41 AM

Pros: Charges my phone but slow.

Cons: Not as advertised. Says its 800ma actually the ratings on the charger is 5v @ 500ma

Overall Review: Got this for the cell phone at work. Thought about buying a USB charger but figured somebody would loose either the cable or the charger so settled for a wired one.

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Very Nice Chaur10/2/2011 8:04:48 AM

Pros: Reasonable Price. Adjustable Quality construction for the price Easy assembly

Cons: None

Overall Review: Shipped in 2 days from a local store. The arm rest are not padded.

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Great Drive9/21/2011 6:18:04 PM

Pros: Very reasonable priced. Very Fast

Cons: None

Overall Review: I usually use WD drives. This is my first Samsung Spinpoint' After blowing a WD 1Tb Blue drive I got this. All the reviews said this had better performance than the WD Black. It does and its cheaper. Difference being the Warranty.

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Simple and Works9/8/2011 8:00:36 PM

Pros: Takes about 15minutes to install, 4 screws and 2 cables Ejects the HD when you open the door. Pretty smooth operation. Very inexpensive and open air design. Fit nicely in my QPack 2 case. Upper drive bay Hot Swap Capable if your mobo supports it. Mine doesn,t so its turn the PC off before changing drives.

Cons: I blew a WD 1TB BLUE drive with it. Not sure if it was the drive or the power adapter. The power adapter connetcts to a 4pin molex and to the front BRIGHT lights. After blowing the HD I left it off and just plugged SATA power straight in. Not sure if this had anything to do with it or not. Tried a couple different drives after that and they worked.

Overall Review: Couldn't tell from the pics what the connections were. They are regular SATA Data and Power. If you want the front lights then you got to use the adapter. I had my drive in a big bulky external enclosure. Wanted to get rid of it and still be able to swap drives. Not exactly sure what happend to my drive. Went to bed . got up the next mourning and the drive said "Find Me". Bios wouldn't detect it.

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