WASTE OF PRODUCT9/13/2014 8:38:43 PM

Pros: Great while it worked.

Cons: 5GHZ band never worked but it did broadcast and was able to connect to router. No internet access. Router's ethernet ports ALL, yes ALL stopped working today 9/13/14. Bought it 3/30/2014. Updating firmware wouldn't fix it. I flashed all the firmware versions up to the latest and still dead ports. Resetting to factory didn't fix it. What kills me most is that I threw out original box just a few days before this happened. I'm still under warranty and waiting to hear back from netgear. Please please please do not buy. I beg you. I saw the bad reviews and still bought it. Don't be fooled by the design and specs. They are all great but DO NOT LAST. If you end up buying one, please keep your receipts and original packaging so you can then return it. I don't think I'll buy from netgear again.

Overall Review: Waste of product. Do not buy. Specs and design are ALL awesome until they fail. Took me a couple of months of normal use for all the ethernet ports to die out completely. Buy other models and please look at the reviews. I'm currently using my old linksys router while I save up for a new router such as bad4ss as this one was SUPPOSE to be. ASUS here I come.

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Huh??6/6/2014 6:24:57 AM

Pros: Nice LED lighting on all speakers 2.1 setup with good audio quality treble and bass knobs bluetooth conectivity wired aux feature

Cons: Bluetooth signal keeps getting interrupted but that varies from phone to phone or other audio devices. Thought it did that because it was close to my WiFi Router but I moved it and still the same. Basically sounds like when your tv looses signal and you hear choppy parts of the song. Plays best with your device sitting on the unit itself. Decided to open it and was not surprised. Basically, the silver subwoofer speaker is mostly there for design and is not that actual speaker. There is no magnet, coil, or wiring so it's like a 40% complete speaker that just has the frame and the cone! Behind that fake speaker is another tiny mini speaker where the bass is actually coming from! It's probably 3.5 - 4 inches! What a let down.... Don't know what they call these type of systems but the is the 2nd time I've seen this. If the silver speaker which you see right up front was the one working, you would have so much better and stronger bass but its not connected at all because it cant. The speaker still vibrates and moves because they little one behind it is causing that. It is a sealed system. Bluetooth signal isnt the best and many times gets choppy from a ridiculously close range so I decided to open up the bluetooth module and take a look at the onboard antenna. It is small. Planing to solder a long wire to it and place it all around the inside of the enclosure hoping to lose the choppiness. It's a signal problem because when I place my device right on top of it, no more choppiness.

Overall Review: Great for pc speakers. Bass sounds good and deep for what is really is. I will modify this system for better bluetooth performance and swop out woofer with a better one because that's just me.

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Amazing Projector!4/3/2014 7:34:19 AM

Pros: Full HD 1080P Native resolution, 3D, 2D to 3D instant conversion, bright 3000 lumens, 2 HDMI ports, and whatever the rest of the specs are, all PROS. Affordable and light. Can project around 120-130 inches from a distance of 11FT! Built-in speaker quality is better than expected. Cool feature where you can pick your wall color in the settings and the projector will adjust accordingly! Works great on most bright colored walls! Will definitely bring your family together.

Cons: Does not come with 3D glasses :( and waiting for it to arrive was the hardest part. Did not like how it was shipped in its retail box showing basically what's inside but still got a better deal on it than on NewEgg.

Overall Review: Bought mine on eebei d0t c0m for $715 w free shipping. First movies I watched on this projector were Pacific Rim and The Hobbit which were mind blowing on a 120" screen sitting only about 9FT away. Used the ROKU 2 playing 1080p .mkv and .mp4 movies right off the flash drive and works well with this projector through HDMI. Did not use the internal speaker since I have my Logitech Z2300 speakers plugged right into the projector. Yes there are rainbows and that is normal with this projector but not noticeable if you're not looking for it. This is normal with projectors that use color wheels but still an amazing piece of technology that amazes me every single time. Planning to do mostly movies and gaming on it. Love how it is portable and light. Comes with a nice carrying case to bring it over your buddies houses and host movie nights. Say goodbye to real movie theaters because now you can have one in your home and save the bucks for something better!

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Forget Beats by dr dre3/30/2014 12:34:41 PM

Pros: - imax 3d sound on the go -bluetooth -change songs and vol right from the headset! -answer calls directly.

Cons: -Uncomfortable laying on your back as they come right out of your ears as your head touches the pillows or whatever you're sitting on.

Overall Review: -Did not last me a month :( I loved these. They were the best I've ever heard in head phones that I was blown away every time! Unfortunately, I must have gotten a defective pair or my fault for falling asleep with them at night that one day I could only hear from one side but not the other. I opened them up easily and looked at them but there seemed to be no problem there so I thought maybe one of the wires from the speaker itself disconnected but as I was trying to get into fixing that, I ended up breaking them permanently. I used them a lot walking and riding my bike. Loved how you can switch between songs and change the vol right from them! Would get a similar pair again but not this very model. Same brand for sure.

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Must have3/30/2014 12:26:52 PM

Pros: -Burns everything: CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray. -Plays everything (above). -3D play back! with compatible monitors/projectors/tvs -cheap! -Sata connection -software included

Cons: -No lightscribe, even thought all my other pc's have that feature, I've never used it. No biggie.

Overall Review: Recommended for any new build especially for a home theater pc.

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From cool to ice3/30/2014 12:21:35 PM


Cons: -Was not free -Did not arrive instantly after clicking the "place order" button.

Overall Review: I threw this pair on a full suspension mountain bike. These front fenders are my 2nd pair and will be my last because they will last me forever. My older ones fell off and had a different method of attaching which would not last long on any bike. For weight weenies, these don't weigh much, I couldn't care less anyway, they work beautifully, look beautiful, and will last you a life time as long as no one will launch into you with another bike or car. I will have to send some feed back to new egg about attaching photos to reviews because they allow us to attach a video but not photos, what a shame. If you want to see my bike with these babies on, search google images for exactly this "mongoose xr comp". Buy with confidence.

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Great Memory3/30/2014 12:14:02 PM

Pros: -8GB SDHC Class 6 -Compatible with all my devices -CHEAP! -Performance -Works great with digital cameras, camcorders, Card readers, nintendo DS, mp3 players, and anything that uses an SD SLOT!

Cons: -Not free -Did not arrive instantly after clicking the "place order" button. -Doesn't with sony products because sony think they are cool by making their own type of memory cards to screw people over since they know how to do business. I still like you sony.

Overall Review: Bought this 8GB SD card for my wife's digital camera since her current one at the time was running out of space and it was only a 2GB i believe or a 4GB. Anyways, this one really caught my attention because of the price so I bought it. I really couldnt care less of the brand name. I look at the specs and I buy. Buying brand name stuff is foolish when really it's the specs that count.

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Car technology in a computer3/30/2014 11:50:27 AM

Pros: Cools your CPU better than most stock or heatsink and fan coolers. Easy to install as long as it fits in your case. Used the NZXT Phantom mid tower black case for my dad's pc build. Very good temps. Idles around 35-40 C depending on what thermal paste you use and how well the area where your pc sits is ventilated. Highest I saw it go was around 50-55C but rarely. Using this on an AMD Phenom II X4 970 with no overclocking. Can probably perform even better if you add 2 fans on the radiator but will work great with just one. Fan speeds will obviously play a role in this too. You can always buy higher rpm fans and install 2 on the radiator which will give you the best results.

Cons: Not free.

Overall Review: Liquid cooling is the way to go. If you want a simple easy setup up all in one kit, this is it. I would totally buy this one again for my next build. Please read the manual it comes with if you are new at this. You can also check out youtube videos on how these can be installed.

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Better in the end3/30/2014 11:38:57 AM

Pros: -Tiny! -Built-in Wifi and Ethernet port -USB 2.0 Slot -MicroSD Slot -A/V port -HDMI PORT -Super Low power consumption that there is no ON/OFF button -Easy firmware updates -Wii-like wireless remote technology -HD 1080P output -Plays 100% full HD 1080p movies right off a flash drive with files such as .mkv and .mp4 with no lag at all. -Netflix, hulu, and many other streaming services which many are free. -Games like angry birds -Cool themes and wallpapers to choose from -A media center solution so small it fits right in the palm of your hands.

Cons: -No youtube app :( I heard they used to have it at first but was taken out. I also read that there was a way around it. (Research).

Overall Review: Will surely need to be updated from first use in order to have the latest firmware and software for best performance. I installed a 4GB MicroSD in it to perform better by caching on the memory card. All I really needed it for was for Netflix app and to play mp4 and mkv 1080p movies right off the flash drive so I don't need to keep plugging my desktop or laptop into the tv every time we want to watch a movie. Soon we will be using the Roku with a 1080p 3D projector.

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Nice10/11/2012 6:31:52 PM

Pros: Fast shipping, very cheap. Good for netbooks or any pc. USB powered, AV, Burns and plays DVDs nicely. Impressed with overall. It also comes with Nero 10 software. No complaints!

Cons: At first the tray would not open at all, it was making some clicking noises as it was trying to open tray. I tried opening it by inserting a paperclip in hole, that didn't work. Finally I held it with tray facing the ground and pressed eject button while giving it a gentle tap and they tray opens! It now opens and can close it normally with no problem. Yes, I did plug in USB while doing all this. This won't happen to all of them, its rare, but it happened because its brand new and never been used or opened before. Not really a con, just want to let people know if they have this problem how to solve it.

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