I knew this would be faster but......12/21/2020 8:09:47 PM

Pros: Blazing fast boot time Read/write performance Price

Overall Review: I added this to my build on a whim, and I am so glad I did. Boot time with a standard SSD was good but not breathtaking, with this as the boot drive I am at the logon screen within 5 seconds (Windows 10 Pro from cold start/power up) For the price this is an amazing drive and should be included in EVERY build

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Good allround CPU12/21/2020 8:05:37 PM

Pros: Good CPU/GPU combination Faster than I expected

Overall Review: Used this on my nephews first self built PC, for the cost it is an awesome CPU that does everything he needs while giving him the scope to upgrade the machine with a graphics card when he wants to. My only complaint is AMDs strange insistence on having some CPUs in a family single threaded, as in this case, but as it has the integrated Vega 8 graphics I can't complain too much

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Great little board12/21/2020 8:00:10 PM

Pros: Good layout Gigabyte quality

Cons: Could benefit from having the integrated I/O coverplate as seen in other Aorus family boards RGB on this board is minimal, unlike other Aorus boards

Overall Review: As with all motherboards in the age of RGB manufacturers need to be aware that 2 USB headers are not enough. For this build I had to choose between having the USB ports on the top of the case connected or enable RGB control for the CPU fan. Other than that, this is a great little board, I used it to teach my nephew how to build his own PC, the layout is easy to use and, apart from a couple of fan header locations being tight once the board is in the case it is easy to work on

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Eye catching with decent performance12/21/2020 7:52:10 PM

Pros: Solid build quality Very eye catching Good performance Excellent value

Overall Review: Some people have written that the size of these DIMMs can be a problem depending on the motherboard layout and the CPU cooler in use. This was not a problem using a Gigabyte B450 Aorus M board and an AMD Wraith Prism, it fitted fine with a small amount of space between the DIMM closest to the CPU socket and the fan. For the money this is really good value for money, while not being ultra high performance it is more than fast enough for my needs

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Great visuals, decent cooling and low noise12/21/2020 7:46:12 PM

Pros: Quiet Keeps a Ryzen 3 3200 with Vega 8 graphics running cool Looks great Rebranded Coolermaster product

Cons: As with most RGB components it requires a spare USB header on the mobo for RGB control Control software does not allow you to sync with the other RBG accessories, it is standalone

Overall Review: Does what it says and looks really nice The RGB control software is from Coolermaster, so you know the item is from a known and trusted manufacturer Be aware, if you want to use the RGB control software you need a spare USB header on the motherboard, if you do not have one spare it will color cycle which looks good

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Love it12/1/2020 12:23:46 PM

Pros: Superb visuals Easy setup Well though out layout Heat spreaders on M.2 slots Room for expansion Nice to look at BIOS (see cons for more) Booted first time running Ryzen 7 2700X, T-Force Zeus 3200MHz DDR4 and RX570 8GB.

Cons: Not the easiest BIOS to navigate Very poor RAID setup, made worse when, after setting up a RAID 1 I then found Windows 10 cannot see the volume so cannot install

Overall Review: Easy setup, the layout makes it easy to hide cables (if the case allows it). Wi-Fi worked right away and the visuals are spectacular when put in a GameMax Abyss case. Only issue I have with it is the RAID setup. It's easy to setup in BIOS provided you already know which drive is which (it listed my M.2 drive as disk 1 of 3, 0 and 2 were SATA SSDs). However, once set up Windows 10 does not see the RAID array, it has no disk to install on despite only 2 of the 3 being configured in the array. Got around this by just setting up a Mirror in Windows, not ideal but I don't intend to replace the board any time soon. Other than that I love this board and would recommend it

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ASUS N550JK-DS71T10/2/2014 12:13:34 PM

Pros: CPU is quad core and fast Single 8GB DIMM - easy upgrade to 16GB Large storage Excellent screen Great sound Superb build quality

Cons: 5400rpm spindle disk Crazy BIOS - need to think outside the warehouse never mind the box! Insane default disk partitions

Overall Review: Researched laptops for weeks before deciding on this after seeing one in the flesh and playing with it for a while. Like the design and quality, the screen is superb (people complaining about the screen clearly got faulty ones) and the quad speakers plus external sub live up to the B&O reputation. The cons I listed did not make me even consider giving less than 5 stars, the disk is easy to replace with SSD, the BIOS is the latest American Megatrends and does not give options to boot to anything but hard drive unless you know how to change it. ASUS tech support live chat got me in and changing it within 30 seconds. The way ASUS carve up the hard drive reduces the available space to under 800GB. As I always do with a new laptop, I have wiped it, repartitioned and rebuilt using Windows 8.1 which has now made it meet all my expectations. Excellent laptop for the price. I am a computer engineer/server admin so I know what I'm doing with computers, and this one is the same quality build as Apple devices, which is no surprise.

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