Beautiful, quiet, & cool3/8/2012 10:12:11 PM

Pros: – Attractive, minimal, matte black design that looks and feels premium (look elsewhere if you want a windowed case that glows in the dark). – Solid construction without weighing a million pounds. The door feels substantial and the side panels are easy to remove with the push of a button. – Lots of space inside to work, including plenty of space for hard drives and great cabling potential (the grommets work well and don't feel cheap). – Tool-less 5.25" bay is easy to use; it took me more time to pop out the slot cover! Thumbscrews for the removable hard drive cages and expansion slots are useful if you don't have a screwdriver handy. – Great small touches like raised soft mounts for the PSU (and a soft frame where it meets the back of the case), as well as soft mounts for the fans. – Temperatures dropped several degrees for my GPU and the system is legitimately quiet (see Other Thoughts below). – USB 3.0 to 2.0 adapter included for those who don't have any internal 3.0

Cons: – One of the side panels (motherboard side) rattles slightly when you push on it. I was worried this might transmit vibrations when the system was on, but my fear was unfounded. – The very bottom hard drive slot is packed tightly against the bottom of the case and it's difficult to fit power + SATA cables into that corner. This is only an issue if you need all six drive slots OR you remove the upper drive cage to give one of the front fans clean airflow to your GPU.

Overall Review: – I'm super picky about noise (my non-techie girlfriend described my old case as "practically silent"), so I was doubtful the 550D would improve my build's noise profile, but it successfully dampens more noise and all I hear is the soft whoosh of air. Really nice. – This is a brand new case and the first version is bound to have small issues. It sucks that some people have had panels damaged in shipping or one of their door hinges snapped (extras are included in the box), but Corsair has been incredibly responsive to feedback in the last few days and they have a reputation for great customer service. I'm extremely happy with the case I received and any revisions they make in response to early adopters is bound to improve something that's already solid.

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