Good Idea, Just Doesn't Really Work Out12/12/2017 7:44:32 AM

Pros: With the top off it doesn't get too hot. /shrug

Cons: I wasn't able to fit my PSU inside of the case and it's cables... that wasn't the best buy I made either though as it's cables were pretty difficult to wrangle. Even with all of the fan mounting locations, it just does not allow enough air flow. If you mount 6 cards in here, there isn't enough space between them to get the airflow from the 120's over them efficiently.

Overall Review: It would have been great if this would have worked out, I really was hoping it would and then I could rack it. I should have listened to reviews on other sites though, it just doesn't move enough heat out through host. You would need to be running this in a temp controlled data center to have it be worth your while.... even then the cost of colocating is probably going to offset any profits you make. It's not the worst $200 I've spent in my life because it holds everything, except for the PSU, and with the top off I can mine cryptonight at a fairly decent temperature. If you're going to do ethash or equihash (the only other two I tested), you're going to be running too hot even with the top off. Maybe I'll try cutting some holes in the top since I'm not using it anyway and see if I can mount some more fans.

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