Works... mostly11/20/2013 5:54:54 PM

Pros: I bought this to serve as a repeater of our house's main wifi signal to my office in a nearby outbuilding. It does work for this purpose most of the time.

Cons: Apparently I've been spoiled by our primary router (a Netgear) which is so reliable and I have to think about so infrequently that I actually forgot how to login to its admin interface. In contrast, this Amped router will work great for a few days, then it craps out in some way or another. Like it will start occasionally dropping the connection to my laptop which is a mere three feet away, wreaking havoc on my SSH sessions. Its DNS relay service (which it forcibly injects via DHCP) will stop resolving, and all hostname lookups will timeout. Or something else. Rebooting fixes it, but that's not a solution I'm pleased with. I will not be buying this company's stuff again.

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Manufacturer Response:
Anonymous, We are sorry if the SR300 is not performing to your expectations. That unit is rated for covering an area of 5,000 SQFT which is a radius of about 30 FT. The problem with the connections you are describing may be related to this as the unit may not be the correct one for what you are doing going from one building to another. Please call our tech support center at 888-573-8820 so that a technician can assist you in troubleshooting the device and determining if this is suited for your needs. Amped Wireless Tech Support 888-573-8820