poor quality6/1/2021 8:49:04 AM

Pros: colorful good airflow potential

Cons: low grade fans low quality materials poor fit to panels

Overall Review: Silverstone used to be a high quality manufacturer. in the past i bought Raven and some HTPC boxes, all with excellent build quality and cooling, high quality fans. BUT that seems to no longer be the case. either VirVentures is picking the bottom of the barrel or Silverstone has lost their way because this case was not built to the same level of workmanship i had come to expect from Silverstone. i tried to get fan replacements because one of the front three wobbled so bad it was unusable. a second one also wobbled but remained usable, but they wanted the whole thing back in the original packaging just because of one or 2 fans. that wasn't going to happen because it had already been delivered to a family member (grandson) who was waiting for his gaming pc. after many messages back and forth, i gave up on them. i wasn't going to tear it apart for a couple of fans, which i had since replaced with smooth-running Cougars (green in color, NO WOBBLE). no more Silverstone cases for me. i will NEVER RECOMMEND one to anyone.

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