Flagship motherboard1/18/2021 2:56:20 PM

Pros: Great build quality lots of expandability and connectivity. wifi included

Cons: A couple of design issues prevent things from fitting 100%....specifically.... 1. The m2 slot sits under the second PCIe slot. This probably would not have been a problem, but my m2 drive had an installed HS, so if I had tried to put the GPU into this slot the GPU HSF would not have cleared the m2 drive heatsink. Also the m2 coverplate will not fit back on if you get an m2 drive with a HS, I just left it off, don't think this is terrible. Not really a big deal...except it exposed issue #2 2. Had to mount GPU in slot 1, fine no problem....except that I had a Noctua DH-15 ...that HS was too wide based upon the location of the cpu. If the board had been designed with the cpu 2 mm to the north it would have cleared GPU, but as it was the HS is right up against the GPU backplate, and I couldn't install the fan. I switched out to a corsair A500 and it fit (running cool and quiet, but their are some sub-optimal issues with A500 also -- I lapped the A500 though and seemed to improve the interface)

Overall Review: Every build has its its quirks. The cons above were not terribly big issues, everything worked and fit in the end, so quite happy. Note in the photos the board is great looking and has a lot of amazing features...but with the CPU HSF in place you cant even seen it!! The board is designed for a water cooled build in mind. I was initially planning to do this, but I haven't committed yet (or been able to find a GPU) so I will probably convert to a liquid cooled build when I update my GPU.

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Very good case.4/1/2017 2:09:10 PM

Pros: 1. Rediculously spacious, like I could move in there spacious. 2. Excellent aesthetic design. 3. Many cable management features. 4. Sturdy. 5. Design allows for alot of variability and options for your build, exactly what you want in a case.

Cons: 1. Very heavy 2. Uses less aluminum than expected 3. With panels off, loses some orthogonal stability (primarily due to its own weight)

Overall Review: So I am giving this 5 stars mainly because it has fully impressed me with respect to the three reasons I bought it which was: incredible amount of space to do whatever you want, the aesthetic, and good design. I am not planning on moving this computer around, so while the weight issues are minor annoyances while setting up, once it gets into position, who cares. Basically this is a great case, I was able to make my cleanest build to date with all the cable management options, and everything looks perfect. The airflow is quite impressive, due to both increased room to prevent obstructions, and superior cable management. The case has full bilateral access with bottom magnetic latching fold out panels, and the upper larger quicklock panels. With all 4 panels open the stability is weakened, but because of the good airflow through the case it is better to leave all paneling on when in use anyways (which also means quieter to boot). It was somewhat annoying in a case this expensive they used so little aluminum, it really is only a facade. The build quality is clearly inferior to my old Coolermaster ATCS 840 (unfortunately no longer available, I really think it was the greatest case ever made for those who enjoy Aluminum cases) but the quality is satisfactory and it has slightly over 4 inches of vertical dimension on that badboy. Just don't expect a fully aluminum case, have some assistance for setup, and have a need for USS Enterprise level space and you will be quite happy with this case!

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