Not a good product.2/2/2015 7:06:11 PM

Pros: None yet.

Cons: I have used WD drives forever it seems like. Been monkeying with PC's since the days of the 8086. So when I decided to get me a NAS for home use (QNAP TS-451) I opted for these WD Red 1tb drives. I bought 4 of them to run RAID 5. Received the NAS and drives a few weeks ago. Installed them, started setting up the NAS and immediately getting warnings that drive 4 failed SMART testing. In less than 15 minutes it just completely lays down. Pull it and try it in my desktop to check, won't even pick up in BIOS. Filed an RMA with NewEgg and sent it back. Got the replacement a couple of days ago. Loaded it into slot 4 of the NAS last night and let the unit re-sync overnight (was running the 3 other drives on RAID 5). So I get home from work tonight and the status light on my NAS is blinking red. Log into it and now drive 1 is failing SMART Retired_Block_Count. Still running, but this is ridiculous.

Overall Review: So I waited to log a review until I got the first drive that failed replaced. After using dozens of their drives over the years, I gave WD a pass on letting one slip out past QA. Then no sooner than I get it replaced and installed, another one is heading south. That combined with what I read in these reviews says WD is slipping up. They are shipping shoddy product. I am going to contact NewEgg and see what they say about this second unit acting up. The first RMA was painless, but at this point, I'm not feeling real confident in the long term viability of these drives.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi there James D, it is unfortunate that you experienced multiple drive issues. Western Digital takes great care in ensuring that all of our drives are in good working condition before they are shipped to our resellers. Please note that there are many factors that can affect the drive integrity before reaching their destination. We stand behind our warranty for the duration of the products provided warranty period, and as such, we are here to support our products regardless of the circumstances. Our goal is to provide world class customer service, and part of that goal in this situation would be to replace your drive, and investigate the cause relating to the products defect. “How to get an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) or replace a defective product under warranty”: We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you directly in order to address any further concerns you may have with the device and/or your experience. You may contact us below and reference your Newegg review with our staff. Need Help? Please visit the link below for further assistance or contact us at 1(800) 275-4932.
Good for what they are.12/22/2011 12:26:31 PM

Pros: Very clean sound. Plays loud without distortion when suitably powered. Solid construction and they look very nice wall mounted beside a flat screen.

Cons: As the first reviewer mentioned, they have no real bass capability. I understood this when buying them based on the driver specs and cabinet size. Definitive takes great liberties with their published specs. BUT, a proper subwoofer takes care of the issue.

Overall Review: I used these to replace my tried and true Snell E IV's which on their stands were just taking up too much space in the family area (low wife acceptance factor). In terms of pure musical playback, these cannot match the Snell's. For home theater, they do the job nicely when paired with a proper subwoofer and fed clean power. I am using these as my front L/R pair with the Yamaha Aventage A3000 AV Rx and a Carver Sunfire HRS-12 Subwoofer. Configured and set up I am very happy with what I bought them for, AV usage. In a medium-large room, with this setup they will generate no shortage of decibels, very cleanly. In terms of soundstage, they are not anything I would look at for a 2-channel audio listening system. With the newegg pricing and a promo code, I feel like they are a good bargin for an AV L/R set provided you have a sub. They would seem pale and thin indeed without one.

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Clear as it gets.2/5/2010 8:39:16 PM

Pros: I just put this card in my new setup, and if you are looking for a card that puts sound quality in front of frills and gimmicks, look no more. My old setup had an MAudio card that sounded pretty good, but the drivers were buggy. However the CLARO Plus+ is in a different league. I am taking the output through a B&K PT 5 Preamp and with the Sennheiser 485's on the detail and depth is just stunning. If you are looking for a card that is all about sound quality, here it is.

Cons: None for my purposes.

Overall Review: Simple straight driver install under Win 7 64 bit.

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