Pump/res DOA.7/29/2021 5:44:18 AM

Pros: Everything needed to run a single, simple loop.

Cons: Cheap pump/res. Hard tubes are a little tricky to bend if you've never done it before.

Overall Review: So, this kit comes with everything one word need to run a fairly simple loop. As a novice to working to hard tubes, it was fairly easy to get the hang of (in my opinion). My advice is to sacrifice your first tube to get the hang of bending them. Directions are vague at best. Having said that, it seems like the pump/res came to me DOA. I've seen many reviews on this stating the same, which may explain the cheaper price point for the whole kit. I've tried plugging into 5v and 12v ports, going into bios to manually set up my pump settings. I've exhausted all my ideas, so, unless there's something I haven't thought of, I would conclude it's just dead. Customer support might have been helpful if I got any response too. Will give 5 stars when the problem is rectified and I can get this work.

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