Does the job6/4/2009 9:32:06 AM

Pros: Good keyboard, a lot of functions. I'm a gamer who uses a laptop, and it's nice to have a real full size keyboard where the control and other important keys are in the proper place lol

Cons: The keys are little stiff at first, but you get use to it fast. I personally use to like light keys, but as I get use to this one, I'm liking it more and more.

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Works great6/4/2009 9:30:05 AM

Pros: Does it's job. It's currently power my brand new Asus 24" HD Monitor to my MSI GT627 laptop. All purchased from newegg, love you guys! It matches my laptop color platform! lol

Cons: .

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Works like it should6/4/2009 9:28:18 AM

Pros: I have my laptop cooler, Headset, Keyboard and sometimes my mouse plugged in and they all work perfect. I've seen some hubs short out or bog cause too much power is circuiting threw it.. This one has yet to show any signs of doing that. It's Tiny and sleek! You'd have no idea it was there and can easily be hidden.

Cons: It's almost too small... lol I recommend getting 2 sided tape or some kind of velcrow (if that's how you spell it) and making this little guy stationary. With numerous cables running through it, it kind of just floats all over the place lol

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Outstanding6/4/2009 9:23:55 AM

Pros: Amazing monitor! I have the MSI GT627 Laptop (purchased from newegg) and the 15.4" screen just wasn't cutting it for my gaming needs. This 24" Asus HD monitor is perfect! I have this bad boy plugged in with HDMI, I've never seen soo many vibrant colors and sharp images on a display in my life. It looks better then those 22-26" monitors you see for $500+. Great job Asus! People keep saying the stand is flimsy... It is not flimsy, it definitly seems like a cheap stand, but it keeps the monitor very sturdy. People also say the config menu is odd and tough at first to get use to, in order to change settings... They must be "special". It's extremely easy, there's a menu button, 2 arrows and a select lol Not to mention, the settings were almost perfect right out of the box!

Cons: You have to buy HDMI cable seperate. It give's you a sore back and wrist cause you never leave your chair...

Overall Review: Asus is steppin it up, I can finally buy something from them other then a motherboard =)

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Awesome Gaming Laptop!3/20/2009 4:32:05 PM

Pros: Great Video card with 1gig Vram Turbo Function Great processor Full size keyboard with key pad I just got my GT627 this morning and I've been downloading and installing multiple games/applications at the same time and havn't seen any slow down. Been playing COD5, Left4Dead and Crysis all on high graphics, this laptop is a GREAT buy!

Cons: The right shift is a little small, and the left function key is where my normal keyboard feels comfortable for the control key (little getting use to for those FPS's) The keyboard is flimsy... Not really a big deal, but It worries for of having problems down the road. Only has 2 USB's, that kinda bummed me out but nothing a USB hub can't fix.

Overall Review: One of the best laptops you can get for $1100 price range! I was hoping they made a 17"... If you want the 17" version with the same specs as this laptop, go with Gateway 7805u at BB for $1149.

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Best in its Class2/5/2009 11:05:34 PM

Pros: I've been researching for 72 hours now on the best laptop around $1000 and this one wins! MSI also makes the a lower grade of this laptop with Nvidia 9600M GT and a 15.4" monitor with an odd resolution, for $799. If $1100 is too much I recommend going with that one. But if you want a beautiful 17" glossy screen and don't mind ATI for your graphics, this is the machine for you. I was boggled on weather or not to get this one, merely because I've never been an ATI fan. I have had trouble in the past running games with an ATI, and when I switched to an equivilant NVidia card the problems ceased. So far there has been no problems with any games such as Crysis, Left 4 Dead, WoW and TF2 all on max graphics (well I took crysis down a notch). Great buy, 2 thumbs up. - Powerful Processor - Strong Graphics - Plenty of Ram - Beautiful Screen - 320g is enough space for a gamer, use Vistas Partitioning tool cause the way it's set up is rediculous. - HDMI to my 37" Samsung LCD is outst

Cons: The cooling pad is a MUST, this machine does tend to overheat (It's a laptop, what do you expect?) Playing Left 4 Dead and Crysis for about 5-6 hours with the cooling pad was fine. Otherwise you get about an hour and a half before reaching 90 degrees Celsius. Function key where the Control should be kinda upset me at first, but not a deal breaker (Learn to adapt and overcome) Wish the graphics was NVIDIA 9800 instead of ATI Radeon 3850, but still a powerful card. Some of you may be an ATI fan which means this machine is better for you then it is for me, and so far it's Outstanding and I love it.

Overall Review: MSI has won my heart. ATI is getting there. Newegg, your prompt delivery and service has always been incredible, Thank you!

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