Biggest fear: DOA Pleasantly surprised: ROG Strix Ring6/9/2021 8:56:33 AM

Pros: -Easy to install -All Drivers and forums available for any troubles regarding OC -a noticeable difference in smoothness and fps from my old gtx 1080. - came with a 10cm ruler made out of the same silcone that's used on the GC. - Big ol' ROG Strix ring!

Cons: -Can't seem you get the aura light app to work to control the RBG on the 3070. - $360 above msrp price but can't complain much looking at scalper prices.

Overall Review: If you're wondering where the extra $360 went I have some ideas: -low supply + high demand = mo' money -better cooling performance (allegedly) -"white edition" + "ROG Strix" name brand = mo' money -It's over clocking ability is more stable than other brand (allegedly) Do I recommend this product? Yes, hand down yes! Why? Cuz it's a 3070 that is almost impossible to get through traditional means!

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4/19/2015 6:20:59 PM

Pros: -Thin bezel -Great price for a 27" IPS (I paid about $200 on sale + promo code) -Lovely colors -Easy Installation -A huge upgrade from my old LCD monitor in size, energy consumption, heat output, and quality of high definition.

Cons: -Touch buttons are tricky to mess with but once the settings are to your liking you don't have to play with them for hopefully awhile. -Not enough plastic film to pull off the monitor! Man, that's such a good feeling!

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