Amazing!5/27/2010 1:06:02 PM

Pros: I don't know where to begin... The battery really does last 11+ hours with wifi off, and around 7-8 hours with wifi on... Boot up time is extremely fast... 1GB of RAM is ample for running typical computer programs (MS Word, web browsers, etc) quickly... I would argue that this machine does perform comparably to a laptop--with a far greater battery life, far less bulk, and far less heat... Stays very cool and quiet, even after prolonged use... Very sturdy case... The screen is clear and easy to read even outside... Plays 720p movies... The speakers are excellent... The touchpad is the best I've used on any netbook or laptop (two-finger scrolling and zooming) If you are considering buying this thing, buy this thing! There's no need to spend any more for a netbook. MSOffice 2007 is pre-installed, which is great if you already own a DVD copy... all you have to do is enter your product key and you instantly have the fully functional versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpo

Cons: Express gate power up option seemed useful, but is really unnecessary because this machine boots up (from shut down) SO quickly... There is some annoying pre-installed software, but several of the programs are useful, and the others are easy to uninstall...

Overall Review: I am a student who does alot of fieldwork, which is why I bought this little unit (after much research)... I brought it with me on a two-week trip to a tropical rainforest, where it got wet a couple of times, as well as knocked around by my fellow students... but this machine never missed a beat. Reading some other reviews, I thought it might be somewhat delicate (the keyboard is great, btw), but it seems as tough as a netbook (or laptop) can get. I don't think I've ever been as fully satisfied with any electronic device I've purchased as I am with this one.

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Seems Great1/17/2010 2:10:10 PM

Pros: - easy to install - accompanying fan and heatsink seem fine to me (and you have to use them with this processor in order for the 3-year warranty to remain valid)... the heatsink comes with a pre-applied thermal insulation substance (and it's as big as any I've seen before)... can install this thing in about a minute (with little to no experience)... - seems fast enough, though I haven't tried to overclock it etc, as I don't really have to... temp stays well below 50 degrees C... - works perfectly with my new ASUS M4A785-M 785G Mobo, and I expect them to keep trucking for years

Cons: - none

Overall Review: - the fan has a 4-pin connector (fyi) - it says this is a "true triple-core" processor, whatever that means... I was unsure about the odd number of cores, but it seems to work great... with only 2GB of 667 MHz RAM, it seems I can run a multitude of programs simultaneously, smoothly and quickly (I'm not a gamer though)... - I bought it and my mobo as a combo (for about $150), along with other components, all of which work well... This was my first Newegg experience, and they've got themselves a loyal customer for life. - I live in Canada (and it's winter), and was worried that a long, cold day in the back of a UPS truck might wreak a bit of havoc on my processor and mobo (though this concern was totally uninformed/uncredible, it was just a vague, minor worry)... The component boxes were very cold when delivered, but everything works perfectly.

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Awesome1/17/2010 1:41:31 PM

Pros: - fits perfectly in my old ATX case - good, simple packaging - versatile processor socket - solid integrated graphics card, which suits my non-gaming needs... In the BIOS, it gives you the option of having up to 1 GB of shared video memory, twice as much as the "up to 512MB" that is advertised... I can watch 1080p, Bluray quality files without a hitch (with the right .mkv codec for Media Player) - the default BIOS settings are great, if you're not too picky, you don't have to tweak the BIOS at all (though it's very easy to do so, and the instructions walk you through it) - easy to use! Installed the mobo into a 12 year old case, and all the wiring was easy to setup (just make a note of where cables went and how they were oriented originally)... My desktop's HDD LED has never worked before, but it works now...

Cons: - properly installing the I/O panel shield was the only troublesome part of this install... There were no instructions on which tabs to bend back and which tabs to leave alone, so I ended up fiddling with it for quite awhile... A simple, 1-page illustrated guide would have saved me this minor headache... - only 1 IDE connector - doesn't come with screws - instructions are decent, but they do not explain what certain settings/features actually do

Overall Review: This was my first build... After looking at new, pre-assembled desktops, I couldn't believe how much I could save doing it myself, as I already had two old, obsolete, desktops, 2GB of old 667MHz RAM, several old HDDs and DVD drives... I figured why buy a new case, and a new DVD and HD drive, when I have old stuff that still works fine? So, I bought this mobo, along with the AMD Phenom X3 8750 Toliman 2.4GHz processor, a hec X-Power Pro 600 600W PSU, and a Rosewill RC-208 PCI IDE (ATA) (so I could utilize my old components), put it all together (with minimal experience), and everything works great! I now have a functional machine that would have cost more than $600, for about $270! Before you do a build, ask around in your social circles for people's old, unused desktops and/or components. I used parts from 4-5 different desktops in this build, some of which were over 12 years old! Desktop components are designed to be simple to install and use, and they definitely are.

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Good stuff1/17/2010 1:00:39 PM

Pros: - extremely sturdy product - easy to install (plug it in, boot system, windows asks for driver, insert disk, done (doesn't install any superfluous software)) - comes with a well-made, extra long ribbon cable - streams/reads DVDs without a hitch

Cons: - during boot-up, it does result in an extra screen briefly popping up (increasing boot time from 3-5 seconds)

Overall Review: - great for utilizing old IDE components on newer mobo - works as advertised - the accompanying CD has Vista drivers that work fine

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GOOD1/17/2010 12:48:51 PM

Pros: Works great. Cheap. Thick, meshed cable. Sturdy connectors. Buy it.

Cons: - none

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Works Fine1/17/2010 12:46:42 PM

Pros: - great output and loads of connectors - the pin that's missing in the 20+4 connector is just for one of the grounding slots - not super-quiet, but reasonably quiet for the power - meshed cables for easy organization (and I found them to be amply long for a standard ATX case) - I was worried the blue LEDs might be too bright, but they're not bad at all (the one at the back actually helps me see the connections on the I/O panel)

Cons: - the 4-pin connector heads are slightly mis-aligned (a problem cited by others), but this just means it takes about 3 seconds longer than usual to plug them in... they all seem to work fine - NO WARRANTY (apart from newegg's 30-day return policy) and no documentation (though the setup is a no-brainer)

Overall Review: When I bought this, 17% of people had given it the lowest rating possible, but over 60% gave it the highest rating. It's numbers (+12V1@30A, +12V2@22A) were so much better than comparably priced units that I decided to take the risk and give it a chance. I'm glad I did.

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