Hot little card2/1/2008 9:11:10 AM

Pros: Nice card, it's built sturdy and should last a long time, no installation problems or pixilation as others have posted. New heat sink, covers the Memory on the top side, not as pictured, with this change I have not had the loud fan noise problem as others encountered. WOW went from 30fps with an ATI9600AIW to 60FPS on a good day averages around 45fps at 1400 x 900 but the clarity and intensity is so much better.

Cons: It gets hot as other have stated, but not too hot. Emits a strange smell after being on for a while, almost like the card never finished curing in the manufacturing process, it's not an electrical smell, maybe it's a new feature - Odorview - whatever, it stinks, must be what an Ogre smells like.

Overall Review: For AGP this is a great affordable card, should let my system continue working for another year or two. I do not recommend tweaking this card, there's not much benefit in it, only about 10% as DDR2 has it's limits and this card is already using 90% of those limits.

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