Awesome!!11/7/2011 6:09:56 PM

Pros: Slim (like the edge of a DVD case slim) 1080p HD Bright Lots of adjustment options *Price*

Cons: No HDMI, but it says that in the discription so I knew before buying Stand: can wobble a little but not bad enough to take away a star Not a standard power connector, has an external brick (to be expected in a monitor this thin)

Overall Review: I bought this to use as a second monitor for my 17" laptop, I was using a 1280x1024 CRT, but it sucked energy and was only a 17" This is great for photoshop, I work with high res pictures and this is waay better than my laptops 1366x768 screen. Very satisfied for $140!

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Pretty Good10/21/2011 9:17:49 PM

Pros: Higher read/write speeds than my old 4GB sandisk. Benchmarks new then old: (with a 1000MB file with 16kb allocation units) New; 32GB NTFS: Read-23.571MBs/Write-5.493MBs New; 32GB FAT32: Read-23.804MBs/Write-5.489MBs Old; 4GB FAT32: Read-16.747MBs/Write-4.093MBs

Cons: Not really a con (actually a nice suprise), the color of the slider is red instead of white. Feels a tad cheaper than my old 4gb.

Overall Review: People need to get over the keychain thing. If you dont have a ring off your old drive you could put on it, just stick a paperclip through the notch and get on with life. The people with the bad reviews are not even verified owners. Just thought I'd point that out. I have never had an issue with sandisk drives. It all started with the 1gb micro cruzer...

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