Great Product, Great Price2/2/2009 7:04:36 AM

Pros: This has coax and phone line surge protection, a great plus for a home UPS. Good number of outlets.

Cons: Not all are battery backup, but that is going to be the same with any "home" UPS you buy in this price range.

Overall Review: I didn't get this on newegg, but i wish I did now. I got it for almost $18 more at a local computer center after tax was added. This is a great value if it does have free shipping like another review said it does. It's the cheapest 750 VA out there I think, at least in the APC brand, which is the only brand I'd recommend.

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RAID 5 setup, works great10/29/2008 8:16:34 AM

Pros: I bought 6 of these, 3 for each of my servers I was building. I put 3 drives in a RAID 5 array, which was about 950GB when all was said and done. They have performed great so far. I pulled one out as a test on each machine to make sure the raid5 was working. That's not really a plus for the drives, but they didn't break I guess is my point.

Cons: none

Overall Review: These seem to work great. Fast transfer speeds, and everything. They work great in both servers. Which are virtual machines, and can be disk intensive at times, when 5-6 virtual machines are all accessing their "virtual" drives off the raid 5 array. That doesn't seem to slow anything down, a testament to the SATA 3GB speed i suppose. These have been running for 2 months, with no problems.

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Great Server memory10/29/2008 8:11:05 AM

Pros: I bought 8 of these for two supermicro servers I was building. Great Price, and they worked great in the server. Each server is maxxed out at 8GB of RAM, and running Server 2008 x64. Runs great!

Cons: none

Overall Review: Make sure you realized this is ECC memory, and it is unbuffered. ECC is usually for Servers, or high end desktops. Make sure your motherboard can support ECC unbuffered before buying.

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great server barebones!10/29/2008 8:08:16 AM

Pros: I've used many supermicro cases in the past. This one is just ad great as the previous ones. The cables were routed perfectly, everything was laid out nice.the included copper heatsink worked great. Temps are low, and the fan control does great throttle control after it's started up. Better than some SUN servers I have. i ran with 8GB, KVR667D2E5/2GI ECC unbuffered. The 2GB chip wasn't listed as supported, but worked. I installed Server 2008 x64 on this machine. I know it didn't list it as a supported OS, but It works, and works great. I'm running 3 500GB Western Digital drives in a RAID 5 array. so, that makes ~950GB array. When the 2008 server setup got to the screen to select the disk, it already found the array. no driver needed. In fact, i tried to use the driver from the Cd, and that failed to detect the array. So, stick with the server 2008 driver. it has worked great for over 2 months now. Front LED lights work great for network and disk activity. Included rails are great.

Cons: The disk drive is not a DVD drive. Obviously, server 2008 is a DVD, so I had to connect an external DVD drive for the OS install. that is the only thing I regret about this one. I looked on newegg, and there are a few for about $40-$50 more that do have DVD drives. This is the only reason it's 4 eggs and not 5. I bought two of these, and on one, the cd-rom doesn't pop out after hitting the button.

Overall Review: I installed Intel Raid manager, and that didn't break anything, driver wise. Also, ALL devices and drivers were already detected/installed after first boot. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm using this as a virtual machine, using hyper-V from microsoft. It actually works pretty good. With the Quad core Xeon in it, it flies. Very Fast. It's running the Intel Xeon X3220 Kentsfield 2.4GHz, 105W. I've got 5 Virtual Machines running on one of the machines, and it seems to work great! I'm also pretty impressed with the Hyper-V from Microsoft. Not quite as good as VMWare, because there's not way to view the console remotely like with VMWare's infrastructure client, but once an OS is installed, and remote desktop enabled, that doesn't matter anyways.

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Great drive overall9/22/2008 12:35:05 PM

Pros: Large drive, Great price, no problems with it.

Cons: It takes a while to format 500GB, but i suppose that's a good problem to have.

Overall Review: I put this into a Dell XPS 400 Desktop to replace the main C drive. Works great with XP and windows 2003 Server on it. I didn't notice much noise like some said. Seemed fine for me. I work in I.T. and i'd only recommend a Seagate or a Western Digital drive. Both are the same price right now, so it's a toss up.

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