40% failure7/18/2013 7:37:46 AM

Pros: Seagate has been good in the past, so I'm hopeful that these will last ...

Cons: ... but 1 of 3 were bad, you see, according to the Tools of Sea; so off to RMA it goes, and lo! the replacement is also hosed; so once again we RMA, with the third try we save the day; but consider now that 2 of 5, have been shipped dead and not alive, Alas! What lacking in QC! It makes me grieve for the Gates of Sea. Be warned that if you're in a hurry, and don't have a month to fuss and fury, by this disk you might get burned, so shop not east, but to Western.

Overall Review: Don't let thyself be construed a fool, fresh out of the box, best run SeaTools.

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does not multiply ports1/18/2013 4:43:00 PM

Pros: None

Cons: I bought this to add 1 more sata port to an old machine. Switches set to "no action" (on/on/off) for port multiplier, but I go from 1 sata port to ... 1 sata port. I switched cables, and now the other drive works. I also tried other switch settings for switches 1 and 2, to no avail. Conclusion: Only 1 port works, so no multiplication. I'll be returning this.

Overall Review: The package isn't clear that "no action" is the required setting to simply multiply ports, but another newegg review and the manufacturer's reply answered the question.

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