A good PC that should run coming games quite well.1/18/2021 3:50:18 PM

Pros: I just picked up the pc this morning but i am pretty happy with it after installing software and testing some games today. It has quality components from trusted brands such as asus, gigabyte and deepcool. i chose the ryzen 7 3700x abs pc with hopes of some 'future proofing' in games with the extra threads. Has all the components i was looking for that i didn't want to ship individually and assemble myself with windows 10 for a reasonable price.

Cons: -the fans are VERY loud and run at 100%. I may have to replace them with some PWM fans in the future because it is annoying to browse the internet or stream videos with what sounds like a jet engine beside me. it would be a shame tho to lose the rgb and someone did a good job cable managing that all. -the ram is reported at 2666mhz rather than 3000mhz. it may be possible that it can be overclocked to 3000, but i had a terrible experience overclocking ram on my last pc and will not be doing that again.

Overall Review: big upgrade from i5 4690k, gtx 1060 6gb, 8 gb ram.

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9/26/2018 7:41:02 PM

Pros: i think this is the best deal you can get on a terabyte ssd. there are slightly cheaper options, but the companies have not established a reputation like WD and i wouldn't trust all my data on those drives. the samsungs maybe slightly faster (<10%) and/or made for rewriting a hundred times, but for myself and most people the slight speed improvement isn't worth double the price and we won't be constantly rewriting it.

Cons: i cant say anything bad really other than no sata cable or screws included but i had spares anyway.

Overall Review: im happy we've reached a point where a tb ssd is quite affordable. i won't buy another hard drive i've had one too many fail in my lifetime. to be specific a 4tb. leave it sitting a year, plug it in and it does nothing.

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Best mouse i've had.6/14/2018 7:51:54 PM

Pros: -very comfortable shape, should be great for all but those with the smallest of hands -works good. my previous mouse from logitech was wireless & would disconnect .i would have to unplug the receiver and plug back in. i got so sick of that i got my old backup mouse and it would frequently register one click as a rapid double click. finally with this razer mouse i have a good quality mouse with no silly glitches. -it can be as sensitive as you want. at full speed via window settings moving your hand only millimeters will move the cursor across the whole screen -wired: no batteries and better response time

Cons: -there is suppose to be a newer version of the the deathadder but i didn't see it. probably no significant difference really though.

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good for casual gaming.4/2/2018 8:18:31 AM

Pros: audio quality better than expected for the price.

Cons: it's very light and flimsy. not very aesthetically pleasing. i personally don't care just wanted something cheap to play squads in fortnite.

Overall Review: using the front jack of pc the quality was really bad, but plugged directly to motherboard was much better. maybe the power was not sufficient. something worth mentioning.

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reommended.4/1/2016 12:58:29 PM

Pros: -voltages accurate as reported by motherboard software. 3v is 3.296v (99.9%). 5v is 5.016 (99.7%). 12v is 12.144 at it's greatest variance (98.8%). -quiet. my system doesn't use near 550watts so even when gaming the fan barely spins. can't hear it just a slight breeze out the back. most of the time the fan is not spinning at all. -said breeze not hot. -if it lasts as long or longer than the 7 year warranty, price is not too bad. i'll probably use it in another pc few years from now. -certified as 87% or greater wattage efficiency.

Cons: -just to put something here the cables are a bit stiff. specially the mobo cable makes cable management bit of a challenge depending on case.

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good.3/24/2016 12:25:16 AM

Pros: be all bright and white.

Cons: used a ziptie :(p

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expect to last a long time.3/15/2016 9:27:50 AM

Pros: -high quality materials. -fluid dynamic bearing -quiet even at full speed. quietest fan I've ever had.

Cons: -not pwm -sometimes I like to stick my fingers in pc fans. you can't do that with this one the blades are strong and it will hurt you.

Overall Review: got a mounting bracket to put in the DVD tray. blows air straight towards cpu and gpu. using included 3 pin to molex adapter

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Great, but warning to get rubber mounts.1/21/2016 8:10:29 AM

Pros: -moves quite a bit of air at low speeds and practically inaudible. psu is now loudest fan ha. -moves tons of air at high speeds but of course there is some noise. -set any temp to speed config with software. -look nice.

Cons: -the rock hard plastic corners have no screw threads yet they come with screws you will have hell of time getting screws in especially if there's parts in the pc already.

Overall Review: just get some rubber mounts separately, but docking an egg for not being included. surprised nobody mentioned this so thought I would.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your purchase. Not only do you get a deal you get high quality products.