Nice 2gb kit for the price1/3/2008 7:24:32 AM

Pros: Works great in my girlfriend's HP Slimline computer that came with Windows Vista Home Premium and 1gb of ram.

Cons: Haven't found any yet

Overall Review: Sorry I don't have the model number of the SlimLine computer handy.

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Very fast1/3/2008 7:22:15 AM

Pros: Very fast, does everything I need it to do. Vista recognizes and uses it for Readyboost, if you want it for that.

Cons: Haven't really found any yet.

Overall Review: I don't really see any benefits from Readyboost, but my laptop has 2gb of ram, so I didn't really expect any real performance difference.

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nice for the price.1/3/2008 7:18:54 AM

Pros: Works great, using it for an ide 40gb drive, but wanted the eSATA in case my laptop drive ever messed up.

Cons: Of course it is plastic, but for the price, you probably won't find one that isn't plastic. The travel case they supply is a joke, too small, can only carry one cable, good thing that's all I need for it.

Overall Review: Using only one usb port to power the ide 40gb drive.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
NYKO Dual Power AC Model 88005 - Retail1/3/2008 7:14:44 AM

Pros: Works great, enough power to run my HP Compaq 6710b laptop without any issues.

Cons: As others have stated, fan is a little noisy, but ahh well, it works and I only have it plugged in when I use it.

Overall Review: Great price for the power it delivers.

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Works great in an HP Compaq 6710b1/3/2008 7:07:02 AM

Pros: Works great in a work laptop that has Vista Business in it and I needed an extra 1gb of ram.

Cons: Sucks that it's half the price now from when I bought it, but that's how it works.

Overall Review: Bumps up the amount of Shared System Memory on my onboard Intel X3100 video card.

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Great memory all around3/3/2006 8:30:46 AM

Pros: Great price, great look to the memory, great speed and memory timings. Runs as advertised. First time using OCZ, usually buy nothing but Kings**n and Cors**r. The little bit of overclocking I was doing was stable and the cpu at the time made me go back to stock speeds.

Cons: Does take a while to get the rebate, but I DID get it. Bought an ATI video card at the same time and am still waiting for the money from them.

Overall Review: Whenever I upgrade to a new system, and if it uses regular DDR, I'm going to buy another set of this ram and run 4gb. :D

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Great ddr11/5/2005 9:21:44 PM

Comments: I've been using this ddr for over 2.5 years, great overclocker with great timings. I finally just sold it in a system, only reason I did that is because I was upgrading to 2gb (my shuttle only has 2 ddr slots). Corsair, Kingston, and OCZ, great memory, thanks Newegg.

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WD rocks, so does Newegg11/5/2005 9:19:35 PM

Comments: Just checked, I've been using this drive since April of 2003, works flawlessly, fast, and quiet, thanks wd and newegg

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Great surface, needs better durability11/5/2005 9:14:37 PM

Comments: Great gaming surface, been using them for years now, just received my 3rd one. Only think that is needed is more durability, they wear out too quickly.

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Awesome quality and price11/5/2005 9:10:53 PM

Comments: Been using many different Sandisk Cruzer Mini's, one 256mb and two 1gb flash drives. They are tough, fast, small, and all around perfect. All of them have had at least 2 accidental runs throught he washer and dryer, and have worked flawlessly. Can't ask anymore, great product and price, thanks Newegg.

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Good price, decent quality11/5/2005 9:07:05 PM

Comments: Been using since March 2005. Pros: Works as advertised, I only need 1 usb connection for the 20gb I was using, haven't tried one usb connection for the 40gb I've been using in the past couple of weeks. Cons: Hdd is allowed to "clunk" around in the the small case. Also, the cheap plastic end (opposite of where the usb cable connects) fell off, only after a few months, very little usage during this period. newegg = win

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Been using in my Treo 650 phone11/5/2005 8:34:33 PM

Comments: Been using in my Treo 650 phone, works perfectly, great price and reliability. Thanks Newegg.

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Awesome performance for such a cheaply priced card11/5/2005 8:33:01 PM

Comments: All I can say is... F Creative, I don't think I'll ever buy another Creative/Audigy card again. I bought this card back in June of 2005 and I have been nothing but happy with it since then. Great sound without the popping that you get from onboard and Creative cards. Currently using with a 5.1 speaker system, works and sounds perfectly. Thanks Newegg.

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Gone through 300 of these11/5/2005 8:29:49 PM

Comments: I've burned over 300 of these disks, only had about 3 that were bad, which = excellent for me. Match that with just about the best price out there and great shipping/service from Newegg, there is no question, buy these now if you are in need of reliable 4.7gb dvd+r disks.

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Bought for futuer mods/power usage11/5/2005 8:27:25 PM

Comments: I was able to run some of my new mods in my shuttle sb61g2 with the existing 250w ps: ati aiw x800xt 2gb ocz pc3200 sata150 wd se hdd I didn't want to worry about power with the dvd drive and fans I was going to add (replacing the dvd reader/cdrw and 2 60mm fans for blowholes). this PC50 300w ps has been doing great, using it for over a week now, no issues. Newegg, keep up the good service.

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Love WD and Newegg11/5/2005 8:23:30 PM

Comments: I use nothing but Western Digital drives 95 percent of the time. Even though I've had drives die on me, WD always takes care of me. This drive runs quiet and fast. I've been running it at sata 150 because that's the fastest my sb61g2 will go, but it has been doing great so far, installed over 55gb of stuff so far and defragmenting all along the way, doing great so far. Newegg, great shipping, not too sure on the rush order option, been trying to figure that out, as in when to use it, when is the best time to use it. But Newegg still rocks.

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good, but not perfect11/5/2005 8:18:03 PM

Comments: I almost gave it a 3... The MX Duo was the best product, in my opinion, was the best that Logitech ever put out. Why almost a 3? No forward button. Yeah, I can configure something else for forward, but still, it's missed. Also, I'm not sure how the feet will last, I liked the mx700 feet that I could put teflon tape on, but the feet on this are too big to do that, so we will see. Good things though, great battery system, no charging the battery during map loads, lolz. I haven't had a chance to test it out, but the changing dpi on the fly should be useful when I go sniping. Newegg rules, sorry for the hard time about the ups shipping comments, I just hate ups with a passion, but I'm trying to like them again... :(

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best vid card I could get for one slot, agp... I think11/5/2005 7:58:52 PM

Comments: I have been upgrading my sb61g2 shuttle, I needed an apg card that would take up just one slot (no room for a video card that takes up two slots unfortunately). I really wanted just a regular x800xt instead of another aiw, but you can't beat the price. I've been doing hald the overclock of what hardocp had on their visiontek x800xt. 10mhz oc on the core, 20mhz on the mem, been running great. Not too bad of an upgrade from my aiw 9800 pro I guess. Of course, still love Newegg.

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runs as advertised11/5/2005 7:41:23 PM

Comments: This memory rocks so far. Running at stock speeds and timings. Was using Kingston HyperX 3500 2 x 512, I'm suprised, a lot of games use over 1gb of ram, keeps from having to utilize a paging file. :D I have yet to overclock, as I am still modding my shuttle... getting ready to dremel blowholes in my case... And of course, Newegg rocks, I can't be mad at them for adding ups shipping, I'm actually trying that shipping method for once just a few minutes ago (crosses fingers).

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