Good deal.4/24/2020 12:29:05 PM

Overall Review: I bought an Acer K242HQL about 18 months ago, and now that I purchased another PC it was time to look for another monitor. I was surprised to find them on sale again, so now I have a matched pair. Although almost completely identical, the first one I bought boasts a speed of 1ms, and the new one says 5. They both have the same DVI, VGA, and HDMI inputs. These are good inexpensive monitors, even though the first one I bought was way too bright until adjusted it down considerably. The new one seems a little bright also, so I dialed it down a tad through Nvidia settings. I have no complaints considering my investment of less than two hundred bucks for a pair of matching monitors. The last pair I bought in 2008 (LCD, but not LED) were almost six hundred dollars, so I consider these a serious bargain. They work perfectly well for my photo and video editing, document writing, and even some gaming with older strategy and first person shooters. The 3-year warranty gives me some degree of faith in longevity.

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Great for the price3/24/2012 5:19:55 PM

Pros: I bought these recently from another popular website for a couple of dollars more than they are here. They look great with all my stainless appliances, and have more capacity than I expected. The clear plastic tops and silicone gaskets are somewhat thick and sturdy. They are almost 5 inches in diameter with the tallest one measuring 7 inches high (lid not included in measurement), and the shortest at about 3 inches.

Cons: The stainless is not real thick, I think dropping them to the floor would cause considerable dents. Then the hinges and clamps could possibly get bent through impatience or clumsy handling. Using a magnet I discovered all the hardware appears to be chrome-plated steel, then the stainless itself also has a high steel content. What that means is I wouldn't recommend keeping these in wet or damp environments.

Overall Review: So unless you have a household full of kids or extremely clumsy people, I would highly recommend this canister set. As inexpensive as they are, you can even buy a few sets for replacements.

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Disappointing longevity10/20/2011 7:55:39 PM

Pros: Average to good range, fit, comfort, and even sound at full volume. I really liked it for the first few months while it held together. I'm comparing it to a few other bluetooth earpieces I've owned before and after the Voyager 520.

Cons: The silicone ear hook came unglued from the hard plastic arm. I glued it back a few times with different types of adhesives, and it just worked its way off again shortly afterward. Then finally it cracked and broke with no way to re-attach it again. That problem, coupled with the switch breaking, sent this device to the scrap pile in less than a year. I had never dropped or abused it, but even the switch somehow broke. It rattled around and was difficult to press for turning it on or answering calls.

Overall Review: There's a possibility Plantronics might have improved this product since mine was made, I have no idea. But mine appears to be somewhat older because it didn't come with a charging stand.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Still working great!11/30/2009 7:10:29 AM

Pros: Fantastic HD picture, good menus, swivel base, more inputs than I need, QAM tuner works well.

Cons: My only small gripe is the little "nag box" that pops up every time I boot the connected PC. It asks if I want to switch inputs when it senses the signal, then covers part of the screen for what seems like a minute. I use the volume button to get rid of it.

Overall Review: I bought it probably over a year ago, a month or two before CC closed their doors. Paid almost double what it's going for now. I first temporarily used it as a huge monitor (PCI to HDMI) with straight cable for QAM channels. Once settled into my new place I connected a digital box for HD through Time Warner. I'm only using 2 HDMI's for cable and PC, then a Toslink optical cable out to my 5.1 receiver. To this day I'm still amazed with the picture. Even the plasma fanatics agree the blacks are as dark as the surrounding frame. Something about my non-expert settings makes everyone comment on how vivid and striking HDTV looks. Backlight is running at 75%, brightness at 60. Xvid and MKV files through my PC couldn't look better. Windows desktop on that big screen wows people every time. The only real problem I have is PC gaming. I have to drop down the in-game resolution from 1680x1050 to 1360x768 when I switch to the TV. It's worth it because this TV rocks!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Best I've seen so far.6/28/2008 11:39:23 AM

Pros: Installed easily (XP Home) with driver and software from the CD. Analog cable never looked this good with all the tuners I've owned before. And that's on a 22 inch LCD. Twelve QAM channels discovered on TWCable. Remote works extremely well so far. TotalMedia isn't as bloated and buggy as most of the others I've run.

Cons: No "Always on Top" is frustrating when I'm surfing the web while watching TV, every mouse click buries the picture behind whatever I'm doing. Even though the picture is great, it would still be nice if the front end (TotalMedia) had brightness and contrast controls. That would be much easier than navigating through the confusing maze called "nVidia Properties" for video settings. Another problem is my fault, not the card. It's HDTV on an outdated socket 478 P4. Over-the-air and QAM channels hesitate, and even lock up now and then at 100% CPU. 2 gigs of RAM, and a Geforce 7600 256mb AGP aren't quite enough to keep up. Recording HD is out of the question until I build a new PC. And my distance to local TV stations is too far, that's why QAM is important. All my ATSC tuners pull in HD from an antenna, but I'm lucky to see a signal strength of 7%.

Overall Review: I think this is a good card, especially for the price. I'm comparing my experience with it to: Twinhan ATSC D+A Kworld ATSC-110 Kworld ATSC-115 USB. Yes, I bought the USB version of the card I'm currently reviewing. Says it's QAM, but never found any unlocked channels. The week or two I tried to get it running was a nightmare, I unplugged it to toss it back in the box before I stomped on it. Anybody interested in a cheap USB tuner? My experience also includes some analog PCI tuners over the past 6 years. I say this to further justify my opinion that the Kworld 115 PCI tuner has been by far the easiest to set up and run.

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Huge disappointment9/22/2007 7:22:57 AM

Pros: Paid less than half price somewhere else. For a paperweight.

Cons: I threw it back in the box after over 1 month of frustration. Countless hours were spent trying different drivers and scouring the internet for any "secrets" to justify my purchase. It took days to finally scan what appeared to be QAM signals, but no dice. They're all encrypted. Uninstall and try a different setup routine over and over to no avail. That leaves me with nothing but fuzzy analog cable channels. Well, even that stinks because of the TotalMedia software. When it doesn't crash it still won't remember settings like window size. I like to surf the internet while watching the news or TV shows in a small window at the top of my screen. Not with this thing! There's no setting to keep it "on top" of a webpage. It disappears with every click. And then that annoying "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on my toolbar to top it all off. I'm using XP, I couldn't even imagine trying it with Vista.

Overall Review: I've owned 2 analog and now 3 HD PC tuners. This is by far the worse. My cheap Twinhan ATSC D+A and KWorld ATSC-110 (PCI cards) outshine it by a mile, although they aren't QAM capable. They both have their bugs but not nearly as bad as the KWorld 115 USB. I can't wait for the day someone comes out with an affordable QAM tuner that works.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Does the job6/17/2007 8:51:48 PM

Pros: Simple device for a simple purpose, at a good price. It automatically showed up as an extra drive in XP.

Cons: none

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Worth the price6/17/2007 8:47:44 PM

Pros: Inexpensive way to add substantial storage to my Samsung A930 cell phone. Combined with the Rosewill SD to USB adapter I can now transfer files back and forth to my PC.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Need more cellphone storage? Here's your answer.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Great LCD6/17/2007 8:19:18 PM

Pros: Good price for a great monitor. I don't care if it's a "C" or "S" or even "Z" panel, it's a very good 22". Not huge but big enough. Actual screen dimensions are 18 3/4" wide by 11 3/4" high. I finally upgraded from my 21" Trinitron CRT and only lost 1/4" in height while gaining 3" in width. It took some work tweaking the settings, including program and game settings for widescreen. High-def TV looks absolutely stunning through my PCI tuner.

Cons: None, I won't even complain about a blue flashing light that can be turned off by the touch of a button.

Overall Review: This is one of the better 22 inchers, with a three year warranty. I just ordered a 22" Acer for my other PC for a much cheaper price, but also includes a 3-year.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Good power for low price11/23/2006 5:55:40 AM

Pros: It's now over a month this has been running my VPR Matrix 2.8 P4, 1gb, FX5500, 2 hd. It's my secondary rig and I just needed something cheap to get it running again. Fans are more quiet that I expected. Never even bothered testing for actual output, it just works well. Very good value.

Cons: No complaints because I understood what I was buying. But anyone with a lot of peripherals might want to keep in mind this PS only has (4) 4-pin large Molex connectors. I'm not a big fan of using splitters if I can help it. I knew that 4 would just be enough to cover my optical and hard drives. And the wires aren't the longest I've seen, although they reached fine in my rather large VPR case. Anyone needing more connectors and longer wires can achieve that by adding a splitter or 2. I just don't like how cheaply splitters are made. I've had them disconnect and also seen the pins push out. Perhaps there are some quality splitters out there somewhere. And cost?

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great little buzzbox for the price.11/9/2006 11:33:23 AM

Pros: Nice little PS. Impressive looking package, paint, cable wrap. Dual rails. The 2 fans are almost silent. What I like most is the long cables including 8 large Molex connectors. This thing powers my DVD ROM, DVD burner, CD burner, 2 hard drives, one (4-pin) connector to the mainboard, one to the GF6600, and still one to spare. I also like the 2 SATA and 1 PCI-E for future upgrades. For xx dollars (total) at the time, I wish I would have bought more.

Cons: Didn't buy more when they were on sale.

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8/7/2005 7:21:49 PM

Comments: Great inexpensive replacement for a Presario 6010US. Bolted right in. Very upgradable. We already know how good Newegg is.

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7/23/2005 3:42:31 PM

Comments: Great memory for the price. Tried it with an Intel 845 series, and run it in a Soyo P4X400. Runs in both without issue.

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7/23/2005 3:34:57 PM

Comments: Just a good, stable, and affordable card to play most of today's games at high settings. We already know how good Newegg is.

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7/9/2005 6:04:14 AM

Comments: Works great in my Soyo P4X400 Ultra Platinum.

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