Speedy, sometimes6/23/2013 12:37:36 PM

Pros: When these work, they're very fast and work at the typical 100 Mbps speeds, and sustain those speeds for a long time. Connection couldn't be easier. Plug one in at one end of the house, plug the other in at the other end of the house, they sync together automatically, nothing is needed. No software to control the device. They're totally self-contained. These things are small in size, and low power, they only draw 12-15 watts each.

Cons: I live in a single-story 1600 SQFT duplex that was built in `82, so modern electrical. There's an unknown distance these things work at, I estimate it about 200-250 ft from each other. Less than this, they work great, 100 Mbps connection, sustained connection.. everything's fine. But then you go a little further away and try to use the "far unit" on a different outlet and it will run for a while then disconnect after 5 minutes and have to be unplugged and re-plugged. Further away than that (the very far side of the house) and it won't even connect at all. In my house, it either works, works with disconnects, or doesn't work at all. As with all PowerLine Adapters that claim 200 Mbps, that's not possible at all, and is assumed "full duplex operation" which doesn't work either. The most you're ever going to get out of these is 100 Mbps both ways. These also have to be connected directly to an outlet to function. You can not use these on: Power strips, UPS's, Extension cords, anything with a surge protector in-line. This is the same for all Power Line adapters though.

Overall Review: If you're going to use these over a short distance (1-2 bedrooms away) they work great, awesome, run at full speed and everything is hunky dory. If you're hoping to go from one end of your house all the way to the far end, these won't work for that and you should know this before you buy this product.

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A good all-Around motherboard6/12/2013 3:14:32 PM

Pros: The Installation is a breeze, everything was straight-forward with no hitches or problems what so ever. With everything installed, I benchmarked it with Intel Burn Test for 4 days 24-7 and no crashes, no problems at all. The onboard audio sounds good. The option for built in packet shaping for gaming priorities with the onboard NIC is a nice plus. The bios had a well laid out menu and it ran flawlessly. XMP mode for 2400 Mhz DDR3 actually worked and ran at 2400 Mhz without a hitch.

Cons: This isn't very common for me, but there are actually no cons that I experienced with this motherboard. Every single little detail just.. worked, exactly as expected and it should.

Overall Review: Some of the hardware used in my testing of this board: Intel Core i5-3330 Ivy Bridge 3.0GHz (2) XFX Super Overclock AMD Radeon HD 7770 (4) 4GB Mushkin Enhanced Blackline Ridgeback DDR4-2400 (16 GB Total) Samsung 256 GB SATA-III SSD Seasonic Platinum 1000 Power Supply. While this system may be very good for overclocking, I actually did not overclock, as the only processor I could get my paws on to test this was a locked multiplier CPU. So I can not comment on overclocking. However, for a straight up basic no-frills motherboard, this one actually worked awesome out of the box, which is not something I can say very often about motherboards these days.

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An update to my original review.3/8/2013 2:28:35 PM

Pros: Pro's remain the same as my original review.

Cons: I've been contacted by Corsair support after writing my original review. Corsair will be shipping me two replacement fans at no cost to me, and do not want me to remove or send in any components from my water cooling kit now. Tech Support has even apologized for the original request to dismantle the water kit from my system. They're just going to send me the fans without questions.

Overall Review: Thumbs-up on Corsair support for correcting this situation!

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Case modding will be likely!3/6/2013 12:09:49 AM

Pros: If you own an Antec 1200 chassis, then you will want to know that this -WILL- fit into the top of an Antec 1200 chassis, but you have to be creative and willing to drill holes in the top of your chassis. See other thoughts for sizing suggestions. Actual pro's from an "Utterly insane, extreme overclocker" follow, I run my x58 i7 way above what most people would ever consider to be sane / safe for it. I'll give you a comparison before and after to give you an idea of the performance to expect from this cooling unit. System settings before water cooler: I7-950 Nehalem core, overclocked @ 4186mhz @ 1.468v cpu vcore, averaging 45c - 50c idle, and 89c - 94c under 100% load on all 8 threads. I was using a Cooler master GeminII S heatsink with a 8000 rpm 92mm delta fan (on a fan controller, only put to full speed when cores were loaded to 100%). After installing this water cooler on cpu @ same settings: averaging 30c - 34c idle and maxed out at 71c load temps (loaded to 100% on all cores/threads). So that's a idle temp drop of about -16c, but a load temp drop of about -23c verses air cooling. This is no small feat and pretty significant by most considerations. Besides all of this, (since I'm personally comfortable running my processor very hot) this water cooling unit has enabled me to push the processor up further to 4308mhz & 1.60v vcore, which now runs at a max of 89c - 91c under load. If you're in to absolutely nutty insane overclocking, this (massively large) radiator will definitely handle your extreme heat loads of the most demanding situations. Installed with the factory fans it is nearly completely silent. This was my first experience with water cooling at all and I wish I had done this sooner years ago, the noise reduction is probably the best part.

Cons: The two cooler master factory fans started making a rather noticeable "rattle" noise at day #2 of usage. I submitted an RMA with cooler master and they insist on my dismantling my computer and sending the entire unit back to them, fans, radiator, water block, and even the mounting bracket on the under-side of my motherboard. I tried asking to just send the fans back but was told the entire unit must be returned as one. This means an extra 12 hours of work just to replace the fans (which I can access with a screw driver without removing anything from my system), about 4-6 hours to disassemble enough of my system to remove the motherboard and then another 4-6 hours to re-assemble it when the replacement parts arrive. This is just too much just to replace two fans (which I can access with a screw driver without removing anything else from my system), so I'll work out something on my own instead. I don't know if my experience is typical, but after suddenly having a totally silent system with this water cooler, it's very noticeable when the fans are "rattling" like this.

Overall Review: This will not fit in most computer cases! Make sure you look at the actual physical dimensions listed on this page for the radiator. DO NOT ASSUME that just because it mounts two 140mm fans that the radiator is therefore 280mm. It in fact has portions of the radiator that extend an additional 15mm on either side (for a full 310mm length) and may make fitting in some locations difficult. Instead of pulling the entire system for RMA, I plan to just replace (upgrade!) the two fans with a pair of 140mm sleeve-bearing Yate Loon fans, likely 4 total for push-pull eventually, depending on how the first two work out, but for now just two. I have several pictures of how I figured out how to mount this in an Antec 1200 chassis and it may be useful to others wanting this cooler but also owning this chassis. They're available on my DeviantArt page, just look on DA for user name "AquaVixie", it should be an obvious gallery there, also with full detailed specs of my entire system. Other thought: After having air cooling with a loud fan for a little over 3 years in this system... I actually can hear my hard drives when they have activity for the first time. It's a little un-nerving to hear them clatter suddenly and look at my computer when I hear the noise. It's okay.. It's just something new to get used to.

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Convient kit2/12/2013 12:23:51 AM

Pros: The setup couldn't be easier really. I plugged one in the outlet in my room near my router, connected a Cat5 cable to my router's network ports, then all the way at the other end of the house (bear in mind this is a 2600 sqft house) I plugged in the other unit into a wall outlet. I didn't have to do anything, it sync'd automatically in about 10 seconds and it was online. I connected a network cable from the second device to my laptop, and pulled a DHCP IP off my network and I was online browsing youtube. Internet speed test websites were reporting 30 Mbps down, 20 Mbps up (Our internet is capable of 75 Mbps down, 30 Mbps up).

Cons: The rated speed of 200 Mbps is a complete farce and a lie. Even with 100 MBps full duplex you won't connect above 100 MBps with this device, no matter how close they are to each other. Over distance, the speed degrades the further away you space the two units. I was only able to sustain at best 30 Mbps connection across a little more than 1500ft away. I had both units on the same outlet together at one point and they still only connected at 65 Mbps at that distance. These devices do not work on extension cords, or power strips. You must plug them directly in to the outlet it's self with nothing between it and the outlet. This is explained in the quick-start paper inside the product but it's something you should know before purchasing as well.

Overall Review: I have installed a Wireless-G access point at that far end of the house for more coverage, so we could have WiFi access points at either end of the house and have good internet speed throughout. This device works for that and we now get 25-30 Mbps internet over wifi at the far end of the house instead of the usual 3-7 Mbps we were getting before with just one access point.

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Nice device overall1/30/2013 9:59:52 PM

Pros: The wireless function works as intended. Place it down on a table, press the power button, and devices can connect to it wirelessly, and stream the content on it in real time. It's nearly idiot-proof in terms of usage. The built in interface has a upload feature that uses WiFi to put data in to it. If you want brainless storage for your mother or someone without much tech knowledge this would be for them. Turn it on, upload stuff, then press button to turn it off, take it with you to turn it on, and then let your friends see it. It also has a USB 3.0 interface to connect it via usb like a "normal" external hard drive if you wish to copy stuff on to it quicker than WiFi allows. 1TB in size is very nice and lots of room. No external software is required to use, upload to or otherwise utilize this device with windows 7 and mac.

Cons: However there are quite a few cons to this device that keep it from being perfect. If you have a desktop computer with a USB wifi card that also uses a wired connection at the same time for internet, you will be surprised when you connect the wireless to this hard drive. First off, connecting WiFi to this hard drive will DISABLE YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION! Even if you have a wired LAN connection at the same time, it will Hi-Jack your internet connection, blocking all internet traffic inbound (or outbound) through ALL INTERFACES on the computer. It is possible (once you connect to the device and browse it's web interface) to tell it to connect to a wireless access point, and then permit you to have internet access again while using this device. However, in doing this.. the internet connection is routed through the wireless hard drive, through your wifi card on your computer, and then in to your machine, even if you still (All this time) have a wired connection. (As long as you are connected to this device, it will not allow you to route any internet traffic through any wired connection on your machine. It does not block local LAN Traffic through wired ports though) This may work, but it adds about 10-20ms latency to all internet connections routing this way. You can although, place this wireless hard drive as a "go between" and extend the range of your wifi access point, by placing it and moving away from it, connecting your laptop to it, then telling it to connect to your access point, working as a wireless bridge. But if you wanted a wifi bridge, there's significantly cheaper products to do that. It gets hot on the bottom. I thought it would be a neat idea to put this thing in my pocket while it was on and walk around with my laptop, streaming music. It works but eventually this device gets so uncomfortably hot to the touch on the bottom that you worry something will become damaged inside of it. The provided USB cable to charge the hard drive's battery is a unique longer-than-normal plug tip. If you lose it, there's no chance of using a generic plug to charge the device, and you're out of luck for charging the drive's battery any more. It will not charge on the built in usb 3.0 interface, only the smaller plug. It also will not charge while you're connected via wifi and streaming a movie. It only charges when the wifi is disabled, and the device is turned off. You can however connect the charge cable and stream movies over wireless with a 0% capacity (Dead) battery.

Overall Review: It's impossible to know which video/audio formats work with the built in browsing software embedded in the device. (You can however browse the hard drive directly by specifying it's IP in internet explorer once connected and access everything with your PC's normal software) It's not listed anywhere in the documentation that came with it, and I even called seagate support and they were not able to provide me with a list of file extensions that work with it. In my testing: It WILL play Mp3, it WILL NOT let you play *.wav, *.wave, nor *.Ogg files IT WILL display: *.JPG, *.PNG. IT will not display: *.Bmp, *.gif, *.tif Movies.. The only movies I've been able to successfully play via the browser are *.mp4 movies, and even then some of them using non-standard codecs won't play on it either. DivX and XviD codecs work on it, and it plays uncompressed *.mp4 files. The following do not work: *.m2ts, *.mkv, *.avi, *.mpg, *.mpeg The only other thing to note, when you press the power button and the little LED lights go off on the front of the device, the hard drive inside remains spinning for a long while after, 5, 6 minutes some times. This leads to battery draw during times you think it's not drawing. Also you should not just assume it's off when the lights go off and throw it in your bag and start jostling it around until you know it's off, you could damage the hard drive and lose all data on it. You have to pretty much put your ear to the thing and listen until it completely stops spinning before tossing it in a bag and going.

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Very nice Wireless Router12/29/2012 12:34:24 AM

Pros: Setup was easy and straight forward, for the most part. Speed is better than most other Wifi-N routers, and the range is excellent in my testing. USB hard drive function works as intended up to 1TB, media sharing features work well.

Cons: Forwarding custom ports with this device is very confusing. First off, the actual port management section is hidden underneath the advanced menu and some sub-menus. Once you actually find it however, ports you add to "Forward Ports" do not take effect until you also add the port to "Trigger Ports", even if you reboot the device. And you can not edit or change the port in the "Forwarded Ports" section once you have defined the associated Trigger port. It will come up saying that there already exists a port forwarded matching that one. For editing it you have to delete the trigger port definition, go back and edit/change the forwarded port, then go back and re-add the trigger port. Even after you have forwarded ports all setup, they won't take effect until you do a full cold boot of the device.

Overall Review: I was unable to test the Gigabit Wifi function as I lack a gigabit WiFi adapter to connect to it. However with that in mind, my 5ghz WiFi-N-300 adapters in my laptop get more signal strength (5 bars) than other previously-tested Wireless-N-300/600 routers did at the same range (2-3 bars). So even if you don't have WiFi-Gigabit, this device seems to have very decent N-300 coverage even on the 5Ghz band, and better N-300 coverage than any other router I've tested.

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Very nice Wireless Router12/10/2012 4:07:53 PM

Pros: Fast setup, easy to configure, Wireless-N 300 that actually connects at 300 Mbps. So much to say... I've been using this for a month with a busy household using Verizon Fios 150 MBps down / 65 Mbps up service. Several people in the house, and we have about.. 4 game consoles, 8 computers, and everyone has an iphone. This router handles all of this without slowing down, without time outs, and no one slows down (Unless someone decides to run torrents at full speed). 5ghz wireless @ 800ft (far other side of the house) drops down from 300 Mbps to 150 Mbps - 180 Mbps, but it's still enough to run at our maximum line speed on wifi. Setup is easy, port forwarding works as intended. The onboard usb ports are pretty good, for usb 2.0. Connected two external 2TB hard drives to each port and both are browsable by wired devices and wireless devices at the same time. I haven't even had to power cycle this device once since installing it.

Cons: If you do have to reboot the device, the actual reboot process takes about 5 minutes. The onboard USB ports are USB 2.0 and not USB 3.0, but not really a con.

Overall Review: I have recommended this router to two friends already and all 3 of us are very happy with our TP-Link routers.

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Good little external hard drive.11/24/2012 2:14:34 PM

Pros: Speedy hard drive if you're using usb 3.0 It actually has a Seagate ST1000DM003 hard drive inside of it, which the general specs are: SATA-III/6Gbps, 7200 rpm, 64MB Buffer. In short, the hard drive inside this can actually keep up with USB 3.0 speeds. I've tried copying large 40gb+ files to the thing with my 4.1ghz I7 and saw sustained copy speeds via windows 7 @ 125 - 140 MB/sec, never dropping below 120's even after filling the drive to 90% capacity. The maximum capacity of my raided hard drive arrangement in my i7 is only 640gb (with 420gb of data on it) so doing a full sector-by-sector backup image to this external drive only took 45 minutes total.

Cons: The included Seagate software does not support sector-by-sector backup imaging of your hard drive's partitions. The seagate software only copies your data to the drive. Pretty much the same thing as creating a large zip file of your hard drive. Yes you can restore the data, but you can not restore the operating system intact as it was before the backup. You will still be looking at re-installing windows and all programs even if you "backup" with their software. I'd suggest actual backup suites like Acronis True Image Home for that task. Being a 7200 rpm hard drive inside an enclosure with zero airflow (no fans) this thing does get a little warm after being used for heavy writing for a few hours. Mine was warm to the touch on top of the thing after 4 hours of reading and writing data to it. AIDA64 Extreme Edition reports the actual hard drive inside this thing to be around 54c - 55c after 4 hours of usage sitting on a table. I've moved the drive it's self to sit on top of the top exhaust fan on my computer's tower and it brought the temps down to mid-40's C. Other cons: The seagate software will not install on windows XP 64-bit. The installer comes up saying "You must install windows XP service pack 2 to install this software". I've checked on the website and there is no version for XP-64. I've sent in a support email to seagate asking about this, 10 days no response yet. Vista-64, and Win7 64 both work fine however, as does XP-32, Vista-32, and Win7-32, just not XP-64. The little LED "Capacity Gauge" on the enclosure it's self will not illuminate unless you have installed the software for it.

Overall Review: I don't know how running it hot on top of a desk with no airflow will effect longevity, but it's something to bear in mind when purchasing this unit.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Learn Efficiency Ratings2/19/2010 9:57:43 PM

Pros: Works great as long as you don't exceed maximum wattage.

Cons: People need to learn what "Efficiency Rating" means. This product is rated with an Efficiency Rating of 75%, which means sustained maximum draw should only be 75% of 380 watts, which is 285 watts. Use a "Kill-a-watt" monitor (search online for one, they're cheap) to see your total watt draw @ the outlet. Above 285 on this unit is 'peak' only, like for a few seconds during power on. Extended draw above 285 will cause this unit to fail and likely won't be covered by warranty.

Overall Review: Had this product for 6 months now, powering a 2.8ghz dual core with nvidia 250 GTS 1gb, 1 hard drive 1 optical drive. Never had a problem, need 4-pin-molex-to-pci-express connector but it works fine. Average load during gaming 225 - 250 watts.

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Waste of money2/7/2010 2:31:23 PM

Pros: Complete waste of money, go get a 32" HDTV for $450 and use a dvi-to-hdmi cable, cheaper and better specs on the display.

Cons: Anyone that spends this kind of money on a LCD monitor is completely wasting their money when you can get a 1080p HDTV that looks better for half the price.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Video Review5/6/2009 2:57:32 AM

Pros: Moves a TON of air!

Cons: VERY loud!

Overall Review: Works great, highest-flow 92mm fan so far, loud as heck

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Good product!4/11/2009 7:44:30 AM

Pros: This is the only ram i can find that works in gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6 above 800mhz. Works great @ 1146mhz 5-5-5-13. Have to use 2.5v though, but overclocking means more volts.

Cons: Gets very very very hot, burned my fingers after running @ 1014mhz @ 2.5v, had to take the factory heat spreaders off and use thermaltake heat pipe and fins memory cooler to get it to work at 1146mhz.

Overall Review: If you're overclocking, be prepared to replace these heat spreaders, they don't do a darn thing for it above 1000mhz. Solid ram, it'll take some volts and keep truckin, i've run my set @ 2.7v for short periods before and it's perfectly fine, other than it gets hot.

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Not Compatable with GA-X48-DQ67/24/2008 9:11:18 AM

Pros: When it does work in my board without crashing, it was fast.

Cons: Doesn't work in my board, even though crucial's website listed this as an upgrade for my motherboard (Gigabyte Ga-X48-DQ6). I spoke with live-chat on the website and some crucial rep told me this should work for my board. It doesn't, it crashes alot. Older memory i have by a different brand doesn't crash, it's this ram not compatible.

Overall Review: Make sure you goto the manufacturer's website for your motherboard, and check the tested-and-verified memory list before buying a memory upgrade, do not rely solely on the manufacturer of the memory to list compatibility!

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Vista! YAY!7/24/2007 6:40:20 AM

Pros: Very easy configuration menus in bios, With the option of creating new logical devices exactly like the old one, and just boot and recover data without having to re-initialize it. Fast initialize, Initializes a 4TB scsi array in < 2 minutes. Clustering ability, supports multiple controllers in one chassis to raid them all together.

Cons: Not Pci-express 16x compatable.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: less than 1 day
LOUD FANS!7/21/2007 6:21:37 AM

Pros: Very good cooling on the heatsink. Cooled my two opteron 2220's (Stock 2.8 Ghz) overclocked to 3.5 Ghz and kept everything at 48 - 50 c for all 4 total cores under heavy load (Cpu Burn-In program).

Cons: IT'S A JET ENGINE LOUD! I could hear these things all the way down my hallway with the door to my bedroom shut, VERY LOUD FANS. The fans are 77mm. NO ONE, and i mean NO ONE, not even mouser makes ANY fan in 77mm format (and mouser has listings for litterly thousands of fans and blowers). If you want to use an 80mm fan on these you have to modify em.

Overall Review: I've since buying and testing these drilled two holes on either corner of the top of these heatsinks, and mounted standard 80mm fans for these. Much quieter and i can actually pull air away from the components now, not blow down onto the motherboard and spread heat. If you want to see pictures of my mods to these heatsinks or what i did, admin(at)outfoxed(dot)net

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Opteron Goodness7/21/2007 6:15:55 AM

Pros: Awesome board, tons of features! works great! Used it with two 2220 opterons. That's right this board works without any modifications with OPTERONS!. Just install the processor and go, no bios updates or anything. Super easy to overclock too. Most motherboards require you fiddle with voltage, memory timings, HT clock, etc. Not this board, Just pushed FSB up and left the rest of it at 'auto' and it ran the 2.8's up to 3.5 without a hitch.

Cons: Not sure if the second blue pci-e 16x slot runs at full speed, i didn't get time to test it. My raid controller got 460 MB/sec in a DFI board and 250 MB/sec in the second blue slot on this board. My board newegg sent me was defective, 2 of the memory slots didn't work. Will write another review about the rumored NUMA support after my RMA gets back, and if all 4 slots work.

Overall Review: Did not try onboard sound (i have pci audigy 4). Did not try onboard sata (i have Dell PERC 4 PCI-Express 8x scsi raid card). Onboard network adaptor works, drivers for onboard network adaptor NOT on cd-rom, must use USB drive to download on another computer then install on this one. Uses alot of power, 100% stock settings + single 8800gtx + 4 15,000 rpm scsi drives + dvd-rw drive = 550-580 watts continious usage, 640-650 watts if you engage a directx 10 game with the video card.

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Good product!7/14/2007 9:36:59 PM

Pros: Great product, works as advertised. Bought this for home today in preparation for my new dual-opteron rig in a few weeks. Powers my 8800GTX without a hitch, which btw uses both power connectors for one card. if you want to run 8800gtx in SLI you will need 2 of these, one per card.

Cons: Only 2 pci-express video power connectors, should have 4.

Overall Review: Using my Kill-a-Watt wattage meter, and powering my 8800GTX on this only, i'm finally able to determine exactly how much power my video card uses: 100 - 105 watts under full load (DirectX 10 game full screen)

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Quiet5/22/2007 2:40:34 AM

Pros: Quiet for 10k! Not any louder than my 7200 rpm sata drives in my other computer. Using 4 of these in raid-0 in my gaming computer for speed. 1.5 - 2ms access times on benchmarks with raid-0. Been using these for 3 years now, no problems at all.

Cons: Wish they were cheaper.

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Value ram that OverClocks!5/21/2007 10:36:01 PM

Pros: Bought these second hand from a friend, not through new egg, but i've been using em for about 4 months now in my opteron rig, and wanted to share my experience. Don't know what stock timings are for this ram but my two are running at 450mhz, 2.9v and 2.5-3-3-5-12 and are rock solid stable. No blue screens, no lock ups, no stalling, nothing wrong! And i game with em in warcraft up to 10 hours straight. They do get a bit hot though if you overclock em, so look into an after market heat spreader like zalman. Board: DFI LanPart Nforce4 SLI-DR Processor: AMD Opteron 185

Cons: Only 400mhz, there's 500mhz ddr out now.

Overall Review: Very good buy.

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Good Cards12/14/2006 5:25:47 PM

Pros: Running Two of these in SLI, with 2gb ddr-400 and opteron 144 (socket 939). Runs all modern games great! Anti-Aliasing too! NFS carbon (30 fps), need for speed underground (everything high) 50 fps, battlefield 2142 (high presets, 4x AA) 90 fps.

Cons: Fans are a bit noisier than i'd like, if you're building a 100% silent pc, you'll deffinetely notice these video cards running. Moved my PC to the floor for this reason.

Overall Review: Great cards, SLI-READY! Even works with the sli-bridge between the two cards! admin @ outfoxed.net if you want more info on my experiences with these cards.

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