This router is a joke, no wonder there are so many horrible reviews8/26/2014 7:01:04 PM

Pros: Worked for 3 months Fast when it worked

Cons: Stopped working after 3 months. The router would randomly just disconnect all connections (wireless and hard wired devices). It would take a powered reset for it to work again. Netgear support is a joke, they have 1 year warranty but only 90 day support warranty. According to the rep in order to assist me with step by step instruction on my issue I need support warranty... So there is something wrong with the router covered under 1 year warranty but there is no way to use the warranty because of their stupid policy. Last Netgear product I will buy. BUYERS BEWARE STAY AWAY!!! This router gets terrible reviews for a reason, I shouldn't have adopted early, now I am paying for it with a sub par router.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi ELBubs, We want to reassure you that we stand behind the R7000 with our one year hardware warranty and email support. Please get in touch with us right away at and we'll investigate the problems you're having. We'll either resolve the issues or get you a warranty replacement if needed. Regards, NETGEAR Team
Great card when it works3/19/2010 2:21:11 PM

Pros: Works great once installed and configured. Runs smoothly with HD shows. Able to pick up all my QAM channels.

Cons: Does not scan QAM channels properly, might be due to cable company, had to manually enter the channels in. Huge bug in my card, I gave it 3 eggs because of this: the hardware ID does not match drivers. When I first installed it, I thought I had a DOA device. But it turned out that the hardware ID written on this card does not match the drivers Hauppauge has. It is a known issue, if you do a google search you will find it. Luckily I was able to get the card working by the modifying the inf driver file. Others might have just given up and said its DOA.

Overall Review: For anyone that encounter this issue I had. If windows detect it but cannot install drivers for it, saying it can't find it. What you do is run the driver install program. It will create a folder C:\Hauppauge. Goto the drivers folder, find the hcs89.inf there is another for 64 bit OS also. Open it in notepad. In there replace all instances of 88800070 (correct Hardware ID) with 00001131 (incorrect one on board). Now run the driver installation program again and this time it will find it, since you have made the INF file match the ID with the hardware. Wish Hauppauge would get off their behinds and add this entry themselves. I mean its not hard, all they have to do is copy the two lines of code and make another entry for Hardware ID 00001131.

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Works perfectly3/19/2010 2:13:07 PM

Pros: Works great Easy to install Small

Cons: Nothing

Overall Review: Was alot smaller than I thought, which is perfect for my HTPC setup. I have it hooked up to a wireless bridge > this switch going to my Xbox 360 and HTPC. The other reviewer is wrong, this is a 100MBps switch. He probably have one of his components hooked up in the 1x port. The Uplink/1X port are shared, so if you hook it up via uplink, you have to connect your devices 2x-5x ports. When I hook up my HTPC to 1x port, it shows up as 10Mbps, but as soon as I switch to 2x it shows up 100Mbps. It is in the written literature also.

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HTPC Build3/18/2010 12:59:02 AM

Pros: Beautiful case Customizable VFD w/ built-in IR Sensor Works with Windows MCE remote Easy to install

Cons: Tons of wires, theres no wire management inside. VFD is CHEAP. Like all other reviews my LCD came apart from the backlight, I had to fix it by using clear tape and taping the two top left and right corners to the back piece. Also trying to remove the VFD was a pain and hard. Since my LCD came apart while I was trying to remove the VFD piece, I could literally hear my LCD scraping against the case...

Overall Review: I was able to hide the excess cables underneath the DVD tray. I didn't have any problems installing my components, had plenty of room inside. The case is very easy to scratch. I already put a little ding in it during installation. It would have been a perfect 5 egg rating, but the poor quality of the VFD on an Antec product just kills it. So it gets Average.

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Awesome card, easy to use and install, works great with Xbox 3607/10/2008 8:20:32 PM

Pros: Worked great for what I needed for. It worked right away in Vista 64, I didn't even need to install drivers, it didn't even pop up new hardware, it just showed up in my device manager like its been there all this time. I love having the option to have external sata ports. It is sooo convenient for what I need it for without having to open and close the case.

Cons: I guess some people noted that it does not have esata connector. Separate purchase. Only two ports can be used at a time.

Overall Review: Be sure to set the jumpers on the card if you want to use the external ports. Comes default with internal ports enabled. The regular sata port works awesome for Xbox 360. Just hook up a regular SATA cable and you are GTG. BTW if you use the external ports. Be sure to hook up the cable to the port closest to the motherboard.

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Good for gaming!6/6/2008 6:43:37 AM

Pros: - Works great with Xbox Live. - Can set QoS - Fast I replaced my old Buffalo MIMO router WHR-HP-G54 I did not think it was going to improve my XBL connection since it was hooked up via ethernet. It sure did, my connection rating for game searches increased by 1 bar on XBL, I can search and connect to games faster! I get game search results almost instanteneously, before it would take any from 5-10 seconds. I set QOS on my Xbox's MAC, so far I am loving this router.

Cons: No external antennas. Though it has internal MIMO it would be nice to have the option of installing better antennas at some point.

Overall Review: This is matched with WMP300N PCI adapter for my PC works great.

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Works good, fast, stable6/6/2008 6:36:29 AM

Pros: Easy to install, no drivers to search for and install. I put this in a Vista computer, did not have to install any drivers, it auto installed a Broadcom driver up front. Letting me configure wireless off the bat. Then connected to Windows Update and it updated drivers to Linksys WMP300N drivers. Excellent, most helpful if you forget to download drivers if you ever reformat, cause you can still get back onto the net without having to hook up via ethernet or download from another computer. Works great, keeps stable connection that my old adapter Buffalo Wireless G MIMO Ethernet Adapter was starting to drop constantly.

Cons: No replacement antennas available, would love to pick up a corner or directional antenna. A little slow on reconnecting after resuming from standby. Though it is not fair to compare it vs. my old ethernet setup. Might also be downside of Vista, on my laptop with XP reconnect after hibernate is almost instant.

Overall Review: -1 egg due to the slow reconnect, otherwise it has kept my system connection stable. Connection stays Good-Excellent, 130-260Mbps (though actual TRF speed was not tested). Was matched with Linksys WRT160N N router.

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Lowered rating due to misrepresentation and poor cust serv by gigabyte6/20/2007 3:38:05 PM

Pros: This is just an addition to the previous reviews, change by recent chats with gigabyte customer service.

Cons: Misrepresentation by Gigabyte. As it turns out DTS Connect was advertised for this board on Gigabyte's product website. However, if you look at it now it seems they have removed it. If you google the product you will notice that gigabyte's link still has the residual information stating the board has DTS Connect. Anyways lowered rating due to poor and terrible customer service that cannot answer a simple question.

Overall Review: Here's a chat log of support: Answer : the application will need to be written for it in order to use the feature. Such as the DVD software which the application is actually written for it. Windows Media player is not written to support DTS Question : Yes the SPDIF output does work and it is enabled. But the board does not have the advertised DTS Connect Feature. This requires driver/software to be installed and it came with none. Like I said, it output DTS when playing DVD via SPDIF output and receiver shows DTS. However all other audio is coming out PCM Stereo. DTS connect is supposed to output 7.1 audio via one digital cable outputting DTS to the receiver for all audio/media not just DVD's. Answer : If you are using the SPID connection you will need to enable the SPDIF under the audio property manager. From there it is configure through your receiver.

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It's a DVD burner6/9/2007 8:18:53 AM

Pros: It's a DVD burner supports alot of modes and 8x DVDDL and 12xDVD-RAM.

Cons: It's not black, its more like dark gray, sticks out like an eye sore in my all black computer.

Overall Review: I've used NEC DVD burners for the last 6 years or so. I trust them and they have never failed me.

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Good drive that reads alot of discs6/6/2007 7:06:56 AM

Pros: Fast, reads alot of different media (including Wii) Tray opens cleanly without vibration/noise.

Cons: It's loud when it is running. I am not sure if it's because I now have a near silent PC. But dang I hear this thing take off.

Overall Review: As for the person that said they had no documentation for the pins. It is etched in the metal right above the drive. I didn't see it at first because I usually look for a sticker, but it's there.

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One more thing6/6/2007 7:03:01 AM

Pros: Oh yeah forgot to mention: Many reviews for this board says it does not come with DVI cable. The HDMI cable shown in Newegg's picture / specs page is actually a HDMI to DVI adapter cable. So thats nice. And the SATA cables are click lock cables, keeps the cable from sliding off the connector, much better than the SATA cables that I've gotten from other MB manufacturers.

Cons: Floppy connector is not in a desirable place. Floppy for the most part is almost obsolete anyways, but I like having one for DOS boot/firmware flashing, and its a PITA to keep using CD's for each flash. Anyways my floppy connector (rounded cable) keeps me from using the last PCI slot, as I don't want the cable putting pressure on my PCI card. I'm sure it would be fine if you used the thin flat cable. More rear panel connectors provided would be nice, e.g. USB brackets, SPDIF module instead of making it optional accessories that you have to spend more on. I guess it's a great way to keep costs of the MB down though.

Overall Review: The very little cons are far outweighed by the pros and so many features this board offers. 5 eggs for sure!

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Beautiful Board6/6/2007 6:54:28 AM

Pros: Great MB, I was looking for MB with alot of features and this provides at such a great price. It even has Xfire, though at 4x only but still! I love having an all AMD setup. Got X2, AMD chipset for both NB/SB, ATI x1950pro. I just have to install ATI Software Suite and its good to go for the most part (sound/lan realtek). This MB runs very stable, ran prime95 for 6 hours no problem, haven't tried OC'ing but I wasn't planning to. Has Front HD Audio / 2 Firewire / 3 USB connectors, its especially hard to find firewire on MB's around this price.

Cons: Unknown device - cannot find drivers in Windows MCE. I am thinking its AMD Alive / Away Mode. I cannot get it enabled in PWM, supposedly the driver needs to be preinstalled in new revisions of the OS, but was later introduced in update rollup 2 for all MCE. I updated all updates and nothing yet. I am not sure but windows cannot find driver for it, everything else is functioning fine. It's probably Microsofts fault :D

Overall Review: Fits the Scythe Ninja fine, though the HS touches and pushes 2 capacitors a little. The HS sits easily above the RAM slots, doesn't touch the memory. Great MB for all the features it has. Not really a con because I bought this board based on little knowledge of the audio chip. I've seen other boards with the same ALC889A audio chip that has DTS Connect. I was hoping for on this board, but it's just standard Analog w/ digital SPDIF. Like I said its a not a con becaues its not advertised as having DTS connect, was just hoping :). It is still HD Audio though!

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Great Product6/6/2007 6:43:59 AM

Pros: Great cooling. The install was SO easy for AM2, I'm not sure why some people had problems. It is very light also, that was my main concern was it being big and too heavy for MB, but everything fits fine. My CPU runs at 35 idle/45 load. I didn't even bother testing the AMD Stock fan but given its size and fan, I could have imaged the stock would run hot and loud.

Cons: Pushed 2 of my capacitors around the CPU slot out a little and touches the heatsink, but due to the fact that the capacitor probably runs hotter than the heatsink I doubt its a problem. Just becareful when installing on MB that you don't rush it and break off any capacitors it might touch. Not really a con, but I can't hear my system running except for the DVD and HD click which I never heard before, DOH!

Overall Review: Great product, don't rush the install. Very little thermal paste supplied, I ended up just using Artic Silver.

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