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Great Case4/25/2012 7:03:02 PM

Pros: Case is a great material and I love how you have options on the way it stands. It doesn't get in the way of the cameras or speakers. When closed, it almost looks like a paper notebook, so its not super flashy which I like. I like the material and it doesn't feel cheap at all.

Cons: The biggest con is that with the keyboard dock you have to take the case out to dock the keyboard. I guess you could cut holes for the docking part but then that might weaken the structural integrity of the case.

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Great drive, blinding blue light10/15/2009 7:42:28 AM

Pros: Great drive for the price. I love that it came with Esata slot, which is good. It was quick and easy to format. I am pleased with this drive so far, mainly using it to store movies for my HTPC.

Cons: looking directly at the blue light can cause blindness. Also no esata cable.

Overall Review: If you need another lamp in the house, this drive will illuminate your whole house in a blue glow.

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Remote rocks, tv tuner sucks8/18/2009 10:39:06 AM

Pros: The remote is great, works with my xbmc setup amazingly with eventghost. IT's a very simple remote, and not overly complicated. I love it.

Cons: THe TV tuner is awful. The digital input doesn't pick up anything when I do a channel scan. IT does pick up analog though, however since I don't use cable, and only tv is through a digital antenna, the tv tuner is pretty much worthless.

Overall Review: I hope that I can get this TV tuner working alot better in the future because I want to like this product!

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Great speed!8/8/2009 9:05:56 AM

Pros: I installed this in my HTPC build, using the windows xp OS, and it runs circles around my quad core 2.2 Ghz AM2+ 9600 processor. I am very pleased with this processor for it's speed and durability.

Cons: Runs incredibly hot. Make sure that that you have circulation and that you have more than just the stock processor fan cooling down the processor.

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Great DVD drive8/8/2009 9:03:09 AM

Pros: Love this drive! It looks great, and works like a pro! Very simple, yet very effective.

Cons: Runs Hot.

Overall Review: Using this in my HTPC build as my dvd player, and it plays the DVD's great!

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Amazing Case! So so power supply8/8/2009 9:01:03 AM

Pros: The case has a great smooth finish, and is easy to maneuver around. I love how it came with a power supply.

Cons: The power supply has some fickly molex pins, that when you plug them into the fans in the back sometimes one of the molex pins will fall out and the fan will lose power. When this occurs, my processor fan will go to high screeching because it gets really hot in the case. Could be better quality power supply.

Overall Review: Another thing, it could also have more air circulation (like more vents) but other than that, it's a great case.

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Amazing!8/8/2009 8:55:26 AM

Pros: Great drive, and great price. After formatting it it works like a pro! No problems whatsoever!

Cons: Could be cheaper.

Overall Review: Make sure you update your bios, because I couldn't install windows until I did. Old bios won't recognize a drive at this size, and you'll get an error when you go to the windows installation section of installing an OS.

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Great!8/8/2009 8:53:03 AM

Pros: This cord is great! Sends out both audio and video and it's not that thick! Love it, and no problems whatsoever. Amazing price.

Cons: n/a

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Best MOBO Ever!8/1/2009 3:50:45 PM

Pros: So far I love this motherboard. It passes both audio and video through the HDMI! The graphics on this thing are just amazing. Perfect for my HTPC that I built!. I love the bios of this thing. The best part about this bios is how easy it was to flash the bios from within the bios. All you need to do is have the image of the new flash somewhere on your hard drive or a cd drive and then find it and it will do the rest for you! I do not regret this purchase at all!!!

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: To get HDMI enabled you may first install the driver in windows for it, but from there it will work. A little tricky to get audio working but just a few steps and I got it working in Windows XP.

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Amazing!!!8/1/2009 3:46:20 PM

Pros: This Keyboard and Mouse set is amazing!!! THe easiest I have ever seen a wireless device set up. I didn't need to even install drivers, for it to be detected by the computer. It was recognized from the bios from the getgo. I loved it.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: Just loved the device. THe battery placement on both devices, are a little different but still great, nonetheless.

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Amazing!3/30/2009 8:46:13 AM

Pros: I got the monitor, and things look amazing on it. I have my old gateway 17fp monitor, next to it and it pales in comparison to how crisp and clear this monitor looks. The 1080p resolution is just incredible. I love this monitor and it is definately worth the price!

Cons: Make sure your display drivers are up to date.

Overall Review: None, great monitor. Movies and Games both look amazing on it.

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