Super quiet, and does wonders over the stock AMD cooler1/5/2021 8:09:33 AM

Pros: It made a giant difference between my stock AMD cooler (which is garbage). Like, it seems like a 20 degree Celsius difference just at idle between the two. I think there was something wrong with the stock cooler, but this is still clearly much better. The CPU no longer overheats when I run video converters. It's nicely made was well, solid. The fan is also super quiet.

Cons: Not a con for me because I had a big enough case, but this thing is tall. It was a lot taller than I realized. Also, either I have the lights connected to the wrong part of my motherboard, or they are just out. It doesn't matter too much to me, but it would've been nice to have the LEDs on.

Overall Review: Great choice to cool off your CPU, if you have a big case.

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It's more like... a 3 1/2 egg5/19/2020 8:43:02 PM

Pros: Much better than my 20 year old former chair. Cushions seem good, build quality ok. Love the armrests you can move out of the way. Seems to fit me just fine, and I'm not a small guy - 270 pounds don't seem to affect it at all. Finish is good, no perceivable rips, tears, or imperfections.

Cons: Assembly went great until I was putting on the back - which only attaches to the arms. One of the sockets the bolts go into stripped, because it's a PITA to get them all in even when all the bolts are loose. I fixed it by putting in a screw that was a little bigger than the original bolt. It should hold just fine (as long as it's one), but I shouldn't have to do that. Everything other than the backrest went together smoothly.

Overall Review: It's a decent chair. I wish I could've gotten it without the fortnite branding, because I don't play fortnite and I'm a 40-ish professional that needs to telework - but I'll live. Overall I'm cheap, and this was a good value on sale.

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Awesome - just remember to set your motherboard for hotswap3/25/2020 2:48:23 PM

Pros: Mostly metal construction, doesn't seem flimsy at all. Drives go all the way in with decent doors. USB works great. Power switch is a really nice touch. Looks nice.

Cons: Not a con to this - but I didn't know (until researching) that you needed to enable hotswap on the SATA inputs on your motherboard. Once I figured that out, and enabled hotswap for the SATA sockets it was connected to, it worked like a dream.

Overall Review: This, or something like this, is going to go into every build of mine for now on.

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Small, very slightly smaller than my older ATX case3/17/2020 6:58:32 PM

Pros: I didn't get to use it for very long, computer was put out of commission for other reasons a few months after purchase. But, the modular cableing was great. Delivered all the power promised, no hiccups at all.

Cons: None really. I guess, if I had to pick one, the last screw hole didn't fit because it's slightly smaller than what I expect a full size PSU to be. But, it didn't seem to matter. It wasn't rattling around or anything. So, con is I didn't get to use a screw.

Overall Review: Would recommend. Early on Rosewill was hit and miss. The quality has gone up considerably, and this is quality.

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Love WD1/9/2020 7:33:51 PM

Pros: Seems fine so far. Time will tell.

Cons: Doesn't tell me when it will fail before it fails.

Overall Review: I've always had good experiences with WD. Sure, I've had a few die, but everything dies eventually. Their competitors that start with an "S" just seem to die a lot more often, and more catastrophically.

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Love it1/9/2020 7:30:28 PM

Pros: Easy, linux loves it, runs all the games in my Steam library.

Cons: My boot got a lot slower. But I'm not 100% that it's the card's fault, so no eggs taken away for this. The driver issue is mind-blowingly stupid.

Overall Review: Beware, if you are running Windows 8.1, you need to download a specific driver from a specific date. The driver I'm using is win7-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-edition-17.12.1-dec11.exe. I had to download it from some non-official site which always worries me. They intentionally hobbled the updated drivers so they won't run on anything but Windows 10. Absolutely disappointing, and taking two eggs for that. HOWEVER, linux runs fantastic on it. The AMD opensource driver is a perfect fit, and I can run all the Steam linux games I have on it.

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The sound is great, but the build quality is meh.1/9/2020 7:25:17 PM

Pros: I personally loved the sound that came out of these. The noise cancellation handled snowblowers, plane rides, and lawn mowers with ease. The batteries on this were fantastic.

Cons: Super easy to break. My son literally pulled it away from my ear about an inch and a half to tell me something and the whole side broke apart.

Overall Review: Loved the sound from these, but don't allow kids to tell you things.

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Quiet, no issues1/9/2020 7:22:57 PM

Pros: Very quiet fit fine.

Cons: On the case I put it in, only two screws lined up. It's nice and snug though.

Overall Review: Would rather a nice modular model, but there are places to shove extra cable. I so far have no complaints on this.

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Fast, no issues1/9/2020 7:21:24 PM

Pros: Absolutely no issues, seems fast. Does what it is supposed to do.

Cons: Even low profile and without huge heat sink fins, doesn't fit very well next to my AMD stock CPU fan on the Gigabyte B450M micro ATX motherboard. That's the motherboard's fault though.

Overall Review: Doesn't seem touchy at all. Just shove it in the right slots and go. Perfect.

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Excellent board with excellent bios1/9/2020 7:15:29 PM

Pros: - bios was easy to update. No Windows needed (lol, no OS at all needed) - Looks really nice, has a RGB plug, enough connections for my needs - Seems to run well and quiet

Cons: - Well, I bought a Ryzen 3 to go on this, and I installed the stock CPU fan (this is just going to be a server, no overclocking). But, the stock fan interferes with the first memory slot, even with low-profile memory. I got the stick in there, but it's definitely slanted. No performance issues though. The slot is definitely too close to the CPU. - This is a con for me, but I couldn't find any boards with this so not specifically at this board. There is no eSATA port. But, like I said, it's not just this board so I can't drop eggs on that.

Overall Review: Love the bios, quick and easy. Linux friendly, I'm running OpenSuse 15.1 on it and everything is smooth and quiet. Would definitely buy again.

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Cheap and fast1/9/2020 7:08:11 PM

Overall Review: I'm a little behind the times, but I bought this to build a replacement my home server/mythtv. Replacing a Intel Q6600, this just screams compared to that. I'm waiting for my first post-replacement power bill, but I'm guessing it'll be a lot lower.

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Front is cheap, but it looks nice. Room for what I needed it for.1/9/2020 7:05:52 PM

Pros: - Looks nice - Room is as advertised (I don't do a lot of fancy cable management) - All the screws I needed were in there

Cons: - Plastic is a little flimsy - Metal is a little flimsy

Overall Review: It's slightly flimsy, and the front seems like a very light plastic, but it looks nice, especially from a distance. The top usb & audio ports are easy to get to. All in all, does exactly what I need it to do and looks nice doing it. Would buy again.

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Few blemishes - physically in good shape9/13/2017 8:55:35 PM

Pros: The phone I got was physically in good shape - very few very small blemishes. The phone turns on and works great. The m8 is a beautiful phone.

Cons: So, this isn't a "factory gsm unlocked" phone really... The one I got was a Verizon phone that was unlocked (maybe through HTC) and S-off'ed. Not that big of deal, because I would have done that anyway. The problem is that I use another GSM network that doesn't match up completely with the LTE networks that are available on this phone. I have LTE sometimes - just not all the time, unlike another phone I bought new that is truly factory unlocked.

Overall Review: I received a great deal on this - so I'm not complaining. The m8 is a great phone.

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Puts my LCD to shame12/2/2012 10:23:48 PM

Pros: Super bright and crisp. It's whites make my not-that-old LCD monitor look like yellowed parchment. It's shocking when you first turn them on side-by-side. I actually had to set it darker so it would more match my LCD.

Cons: I don't really like the way the cords plug in. The cords stick straight out from the monitor. Slow turn on time - but monitors don't just pop on anymore, do they?

Overall Review: Great picture, the bezel is slick looking, but I wish they made it more intuitive to switch inputs.

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Works Great with MythTV .25-fixes12/2/2012 10:16:10 PM

Pros: Easy setup with Linux (using well-worn OpenSuse 11.4). Picture looks great, super-easy setup with MythTV .25-fixes (even easier than my DVB tuners). Silent and usable by multiple computers on the network. Just plain awesome.

Cons: Not much of a con, but it would be slightly better to allow firmware upgrades through the web interface rather than having to build a interface from source. Not complaining though! I appreciate ANY company that supports Linux. Not hot, but not super-cool either.

Overall Review: It'd be nice to have on-board h264 encoding, but what this gives you is awesome. I haven't tried encrypted channels with a CableCard yet, although I anticipate having to when the cable companies switch everything to encrypted. (D*** you FCC).

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Nice cool and quick1/10/2009 11:24:55 PM

Pros: Stays cool, and it seems only a little slower than my 5000+. All in all, it works better than I thought it would in my HTC MythTV box.

Cons: none, really. The Stock fan is a little loud, but not too bad. It may just seem loud because everything else is so quiet.

Overall Review: I really hope AMD catches up soon. I don't want to only have to choose from what Intel thinks I should have.

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Great Home Theater Board1/10/2009 11:22:24 PM

Pros: Really nice video drivers, the board works great with linux. Doesn't generate a whole lot of heat, and it offers digital sound. What more could you ask?

Cons: Well, if I have to nit-pick, I don't like where they put the connections for the HD/PWR/Power Switch/etc. It's in a difficult spot when working in a very small case. The other is the fact you need to install Windows to use the "splashtop" function. See other thoughts.

Overall Review: As a linux enthusiast, I can't understand why in order to use the linux-3 second boot splashtop option you need to install Windows. It's absolutely ridiculous. Sigh, but I do like the thought and I hope they keep developing it. Other deal with the splashtop is you need to be running a SATA HD in IDE mode for you to be able to use it. You can also install it on a USB HD or flash drive too, but ASUS says that it slows it down.

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Nice, but a tight fit with the cords1/10/2009 11:08:29 PM

Pros: Very nice and small form-factor. No real issues with getting the motherboard and such in. Seems to remain cool, even without buying an extra fan for the case. Seems pretty well made, I'm not sure why some are calling it flimsy. It is surprisingly heavy for it's size.

Cons: The cords from the PSU go right into where the extra fan spot should be. Not a big deal to me, but if you plan on putting in a board and processor that generate a lot of heat - it might be something you think about. Also, When the hard drive/cd drive drawer is put back in, well, there isn't much room for anything.

Overall Review: It's a nice looking case that passed the wife test for the living room. I'm using it as a MythTV HPC, and it works dandy.

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Huge, quiet12/20/2008 9:58:50 PM

Pros: Very quiet. I don't measure voltages, so I'll assume it takes less juice. Runs pretty cool. I use it in a MythTV box, and I haven't had a problem yet, even with creating and deleting very large (3 gig plus) files.

Cons: None, really. I mean, it's a hard drive - as long as it stores data and doesn't catch on fire, what could go wrong?

Overall Review: It's not 7200 rpm, so it's not going to go in a gaming rig - just keep that in mind. Works great for MythTV though, and I have had two HD recordings and one analog recording all going at the same time.

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Great, as long as you aren't counting on speed12/20/2008 9:55:14 PM

Pros: Let's you run in a sort of RAID0, where the disks are seen as one big one. Works perfectly fine in linux, no issues with it being ext3 or xfs (I tried both). Really sweet looking design, it's much smaller than it looks in the pictures. Really well built. Fan is dead quiet.

Cons: I haven't tried it in JBOD mode, but when you have them act in RAID0 mode it's slow. Just creating a file system takes 10 minutes. Any large data dumps, you'll get the same issue.

Overall Review: I use this primarily for a emergency backup, so I''m not too concerned about speed. Still, it was a little unnerving when I was creating the file system - it really shouldn't take that long. No other issues though, it's a trooper.

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Fast, smooth11/29/2008 2:47:50 PM

Pros: Runs great in Linux with newest Nvidia drivers. No issues with 3d gaming at teh same time as running Compiz (my 8600GT you had to turn off compiz to get 3d games to work properly). No issues in either Vista or Debian.

Cons: Card is enormous. And, needs a secondary plug - luckily if you don't have a PSU with the PCI-E plug, it comes with an adapter. My 500W OCZ PSU doesn't seem to have any issues powering my rig. First one was DOA. Second card was fine, except for the part that your monitor plugs into was bent way out of shape. Who's doing QA over at EVGA?

Overall Review: I really like my EVGA motherboard and this card. Just little things irritate me. When they work though, they are fantastic. EVGA 780i SLI motherboard EVGA 9800 GT Intel Q6600 (not yet overclocked) 4 x 1GB Dual Channel G-Skill DDR2-800 RAM 500W OCZ PSU 3 hard drives

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Decent cooler11/21/2008 10:22:56 PM

Pros: Works pretty well, not super cool but better than stock.

Cons: None, other than it's a little unwieldy. I couldn't install it the way they wanted (with the fan on the RAM side) because I wouldn't be able to get it to fit nice.

Overall Review: Comes with some nice looking stickers!

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Debian and Arch Linux run great!11/21/2008 10:20:47 PM

Pros: Two ethernet connections, heck - all the connections you will ever need. Stays relatively cool, looks cool. Has three PCI-E x 16 ports. Works very well with Linux, I didn't have to mess with it at all using 2.6.26 or 2.6.27 kernels (running Debian and Arch Linux). Fast, fast chipset on the motherboard, almost don't need a new video card to play all the new fancy games!

Cons: No e-sata connection. Chipset fan for northbridge (?) is awful close to my heatsink and heatsink fan. Aw well, it does fit. Only will run 8 gig RAM - which is fine for now. I guess I shouldn't think it lasts forever.

Overall Review: I haven't owned a motherboard yet that has the right amount of USB headers. Most cases come with two connections on the front, and most motherboards come with a faux-card for the back that have 4 connections. That means you have to connect two USB headers for teh back, but you need one for the front. That leaves you with either not connecting the front, or leaving 2 faux-card USB's dead - and I always forget which ones.

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Nice and quiet - but no air flow11/9/2008 11:57:16 PM

Pros: Easy to work with, especially for this size of a box. Motherboard tray comes out, but it's a little flimsy. Can use normal PSU's. Case has a very nice look to it, and it is mostly well thought out.

Cons: Really built for water cooling, even has the holes for it. Not a whole lot of airflow, and the fan that comes with it is quiet but really weak. It isn't impossible to air cool it, but you'll need a fan with higher RPMs, and higher noise.

Overall Review: Don't expect to get a large CPU cooler in this thing, the PSU will interfere with it. It's a really good looking box, and I'd buy it again - I'm just a little disappointed in the air flow.

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Works as intended11/9/2008 10:50:11 PM

Pros: It does what it's supposed to. Connected to a Cisco switch just fine from a Linux box.

Cons: None, really.

Overall Review: Cord is kind of short, for as loud as that Cisco switch is I'd like to have it in another county!

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