Quality Board9/17/2016 1:55:13 PM

Pros: - LED Lighting on the board itself (LED's are technically behind the motherboard and illuminate the right side by the SATA Ports and on the bottom left by the PCI Express slots) and the ability to control the lighting on multi-color LED Strips - BIOS software is easier to use then past Gigabyte boards, but still requires a lot of digging through the menus to get what you want - Numeric display code on the top right hand corner of the motherboard itself to see loading progress and analyze any error codes (Mine posted without incident) - Build of the motherboard feels solid and not at all flimsy - Did an air-cooled build: paired with i5-6600k, 2x GeIL EVO POTENZA 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) Desktop Memory Model GPR416GB3000C15ADC, Corsair RM750x, SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5" 500GB SATA III, Noctua NH-U14S CPU Cooler, 2 Be Quiet SilentWings 3 140mm Fans, and 3 Phanteks 140mm included case fans. - Came with latest "F2" BIOS

Cons: Mainly minor issues: - Gigabyte Software has to be downloaded individually from their website (First you have to download "App Center" then pick and choose what software you want to add to "App Center" by downloading it individually: @Bios, Ambient LED, EasyTune, PIV, VTuner, etc.) - I attached the Phanteks LED 2 meter lighting strip to this motherboard and successful controlled the lighting using the settings in the BIOS and with the "Ambient LED" software. However, the motherboard will randomly switch between the lighting themes set in the BIOS and set in the "Ambient LED" software if they differ at all. Additionally, the colors in the LED strip when connected to the motherboard were very "white-washed" and the color in the strip was very diluted. The custom color controls in the Ambient LED software were unable to effectively produce a rich color. In the end, to get richer colors through the LED strips I disconnect the LED strip from the motherboard and connected the strips to the Phanteks Evolv ATX Case controller.

Overall Review: Ultimately, it's a quality board and I'm happy with my computer build. Just disappointed in its compatibility with Phanteks 2M LED Strip.

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Just what I needed9/17/2016 1:19:14 PM

Pros: - Well rounded and great for gaming - 4 Cores / 4 Threads - No Intel CPU cooler included (used a Noctua NH-U14S)

Cons: - Processor can only run RAM at these speeds: DDR4-1866/2133, DDR3L-1333/1600 @ 1.35V (Off of Intel's website)

Overall Review: Having not built a computer in a few years, I bought RAM compatible with the motherboard (GA-Z170X-Designare) but forgot to check the RAM speeds supported by the CPU. So I bought slightly more expensive RAM "DDR4 3000", however it's running cleanly at 2133 without any tweaks needed. Just could have saved myself a few dollars.

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Easy Install9/17/2016 1:04:13 PM

Pros: - Keeps the CPU well cooled - Easy installation, with clear instructions in the included manual or the installation video off of Noctua's website has motherboard specific steps for installation - 6 copper pipes running through the heatsink

Cons: - Like others have mentioned the color of the fan isn't optional, but if you're putting LED lighting inside of your computer it reflects well off of the tan color of the CPU fan - And again like others mentioned it's really big (on my motherboard the bottom of the heatsink is about 1/2 inch above my video card in the PCI x16 slot and the top is less than a 1/4 of an inch below a 140mm exhaust fan at the top of the case. Neither of these were major issues

Overall Review: Installed on a Core i5-6600k, fits easily on a GA-Z170Z-Designare, and clears the tall heat spreader on my Geil Potenza RAM

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Definitely Quiet - Ordered 29/17/2016 12:51:18 PM

Pros: - 2 Installations options included with each fan: noise dampening plastic pegs or metal screws (I used the plastic pegs on a pull out mounting tray at the top of my case) - Can't hear them at all outside the case - Includes multiple voltage adapters for connecting directly to the power supply, if you've run out of open fan headers on the motherboard - Clean packaging and fairly clear instructions

Cons: In order to use the different mounting options you have to swap in/out the corners of the fan with the correct holes for plastic or metal screws. The instructions at first weren't really clear which snap-in corners goes with which mounting option. Had to swap out the corners the first time I assembled it, however once you have one assembled and mounted the next one is easier.

Overall Review: I have two of these as the exhaust fans hooked into the power supply at the top of a Phanteks Evolv ATX.

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9/17/2016 12:37:41 PM

Pros: - Ordered 2 (4 x 8GB sticks) and all worked - Fits under my CPU Heatsink (Noctua NH-U14S) - Works with GA-Z170X-Designare

Cons: None so far

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Excellent Router11/3/2011 11:16:45 AM

Pros: Signal Strength (3-4 bars on receiving equipment on other side of house, going through 4 rooms) Design (Slim profile doesn't clutter up desk area near modem) Dual Band (2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz) Clean, easy to use web interface to control router functions Hasn't had to be reset once in 5 months

Cons: None so far, other than the fact that few of the products I own actually use the 5 Ghz 802.11n frequency.

Overall Review: I bought this after using a Linksys WRT54gs for many years, so I saw a definite performance increase over that old router. If purchasing this product for its dual band, make sure you have a device that actually uses the the 5 Ghz spectrum as opposed to the 2.4 Ghz. If you have an xbox 360, playstation 3, smart tv (depending on brand), iPhone, or an iPad; these devices will only pick up the 2.4 Ghz 802.11n frequency. As a result I turned off the 5 Ghz band, so I can't speak for other reviewers in the past that said the router got 'hot' when broadcasting both. Even so, this router hasn't had to be reset once in the past 5 months and should last you until the industry starts updating more devices to operate on the 5 Ghz frequency.

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Works3/25/2010 11:16:17 AM

Pros: I wear these with my 3 monitor setup, and can definitely feel my eye strain reduced by wearing these while I work. Comes with a hard metal case with a foam lining to store them which is convenient

Cons: The only real con I took a star off for is the small, nonadjustable nose pads. I have a pretty small nose, and the nose pads force the glasses to sit higher up on my face then I'd like.

Overall Review: The product definitely works, just wish the nose pads were more forgiving.

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Similiar to ITGear's post11/2/2009 12:12:22 AM

Pros: 75% of the time, it works most of the time... Nice to see that other reviewers have experienced the same problem, as tech support didn't seem to have a clue about the problem

Cons: When going full screen on flash movies or at random times, on one of the two monitors I'm running it on, it will randomly go black on both monitors, the white mouse arrow will lag, and flash between a brief image of the desktop and back to black. Have contacted gigabyte.us's support website, but they seem to provide little incite into the matter, having already tried all troubleshooting

Overall Review: This is an update from a previous review about 3 weeks ago. I've used 3 different drivers (Windows 7 auto-found driver, driver from gigabyte cd, and latest drivers for windows 7 64-bit from ati.com, all of which made no difference), checked the seating of the card, temperature never gets any higher than 37C. The flash movie can still be heard playing when issue occurs and I can see the system running in between flashes and can get it to properly shut down, so its not a problem with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. I've already ordered the XFX 5770 to replace this, as I got the 4670 primarily to keep the initial costs of my system down. I've tried all troubleshooting, but it appears to be the card itself that's the problem.

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Great11/1/2009 11:39:51 PM

Pros: Solid and well built Quiet (Only hear it when disc is getting up to speed) Fast and accurate burns

Cons: Drive is ID'd as "TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S222A", not Samsung

Overall Review: Installed on my Windows 7 Pro 64-bit machine, as previously indicated it did give a blue BSOD screen during boot and restarted. After the restart it loaded just fine and haven't seen a BSOD since. Burned several DVD-Rs and CD-Rs and all burned quickly and accurately.

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Quality10/17/2009 1:16:58 AM

Pros: -Very durable, made from good materials -recognized everything immediately -i7 860 cpu install was easy -M.I.T. interface definitely has most everything you need for overclocking, and also has 2 preset settings for performance even if you don't plan on overclocking like me -Also includes 5 or 6 programs by gigabyte for various performance tasks and power management -comes with a cd that has antivirus from Norton and Kaspersky

Cons: None really, I didn't plan on overclocking, I just wanted a motherboard that was quality and was going to last a long time.

Overall Review: I was considering crossfiring to get 3 monitors and a little boost in performance, but now that the 5770 and 5870s are out I'll probably just get one of them and then maybe try and crossfire it to my current 4670 in the PCI Express x16 slot.

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Good10/17/2009 1:00:22 AM

Pros: -Small and quiet, the zalman cooler seems to work silently -Will be running 2 monitors off of it once Windows 7 comes out next week, and I'll have to wipe my HD -WEI rank in Vista is 5.7 -Runs Windows Aero very well so far -Has an HDMI connector

Cons: -On the blue VGA connector the max resolution is 1280 by 1024

Overall Review: So far a good card, I'll have to see how it performs in windows 7 with two monitors. Also, like previous viewers I too have been a nvidia customer for a long time and decided to go back to ATI because of the price and better performance at this tier. ATI's catalyst drivers are also more user friendly then way back when I had an ATI card last, although I'd recommend going to Gigabyte.us and downloading the catalyst drivers from there than going to ATI's webpage as Gigabyte's are slightly newer and specifically for the card.

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The New Hotness10/17/2009 12:33:15 AM

Pros: Fast, and easy to install, (skipped the stock cooler and used the arctic freezer pro 7 rev. 2, temps between 25C and 33C) I had about a dozen programs running and used about 10% of the cpu.

Cons: The stock cooler is cheap and better used as a hockey puck. I don't ever plan on overclocking, but after reading the average temps of other cpu heatsinks out there compared to the stock intel cooler, I couldn't bring myself to use it.

Overall Review: Definitely glad I spent the bulk of my budget on this processor.

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Works10/17/2009 12:18:36 AM

Pros: Used this in a new build (i7 860 and gigabyte p55-ud3r) and it tests fine. Got it primarily because gigabyte's memory support list for the board said it was compatible and it was cheap

Cons: None

Overall Review: When trying to install the OS with an old Windows XP SP1 cd I had I was unable to install the OS as I got a BSOD with the error message IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x0000000 after loading the setup files onto the system. From a search on the internet most people concluded that there was a problem with the memory when this error happens. However, the actual problem was that Windows XP SP1 is too old for newer technology, and you apparently need the newer XP SP2 or SP3, or Vista to circumvent the error. Fortunately, I was able to get my hands on a Vista disc and it installed just fine. Just FYI in case other people out there encounter the same error and spend a few frustrating hours hoping you don't have to RMA your RAM.

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cheap and works10/17/2009 12:05:33 AM

Pros: -Packaged well, arrived in a sealed anti-static bag with silica gel inside. And that was in a small white box. -Average boot time is about 2 minutes with Vista SP1 32-bit after loading the start up services -Quiet and no noticeable delay yet when it winds up after being idle

Cons: None yet

Overall Review: Western Digital in my experience has always been a good brand, I still have a WD IDE drive (250GB) from 2003 that is still going strong, while other brands I've had tended to last about 2 years and then die. Got this primarily because I was on a budget, I plan on pairing the WD6401AALS with this drive.

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Nice cooling10/16/2009 10:26:31 PM

Pros: -Keeps temperature between 25C-33C on a i7 860 on a Gigabyte p55-ud3r -Install wasn't too bad once you decipher the picture only instructions -Quiet -Is large but is not even close to touching the door on the other side of an antec p183 case once installed -Comes with an Arctic Cooling sticker?

Cons: -Poor Instructions, fortunately its not that complicated once you do it

Overall Review: As previous reviewers have mention on a lga 1156 board the pegs go into the middle of the three slots, which is rather difficult as it tend to slip into the other two holes. The pegs are composed of 2 pieces: the "arrow-head" splitter (that ultimately grips the board from the back) and the push down peg (that goes into the "arrow-head" and spreads it apart so it grips the mother board. The trick is to just barely put the peg into the back of the "arrow-head," aim it through the center holes of the black frame without pressing down on the tabs, (just so the arrow-head is sitting in the black frame), then once the 4 are in, line it up over the cpu socket and push each one through until the top of the black tab is even with the top of the lower 4 corners of the frame. It definitely wont seem like it will work, until you look behind the board and see that they are, in fact, securely hooked. Then just screw on the heat sink to the frame. Hope the description helps.

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Nice10/16/2009 10:06:23 PM

Pros: -Looks great as the 2 front fans in a p183 Antec case -The plastic in the fan and fan frame is much more solid and high grade than in cheaper 120mm fans I've had in the past -The white LEDs on the orange blades results in 4 C-shaped light curves within the fan (look for the XLF-F1253 on youtube to see what I'm talking about)

Cons: Includes the typical 4 short machine screws that just dig into one side of the frame, would have liked to see longer screws to make installation a little easier.

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Works10/16/2009 9:53:26 PM

Pros: Bought this along with new equipment for a new build. -Assembled everything while wearing this clipped to the case and everything is working fine. -I'm 6'4" and have large hands and this fits my wrist just fine, which was a bit of a concern after reading a few other reviewers comments claiming to struggle with it. -Was only $3.49 for the sense of security. -Cord is long enough to move around (6 ft of cord) without the clip coming off the case.

Cons: Packaging is cheap?

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