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sweet2/27/2006 3:58:41 PM

Pros: lots of copper, great performance silent looks pretty cool

Cons: weighs in at around 940 grams, which they tell you in the instruction guide is more than twice the recomended weight of a heatsink on a socket 775 motherboard. i had some issues getting it into my case cause of the size, but it fits fine now.

Overall Review: its awesome. pentium 4 630 not-yet-overclocked, and my idle's around 30c, with load in the 40's. it comes with a tiney thing of thermal glop, but you might as well just get arctic silver 5.

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nice board2/27/2006 3:53:09 PM

Pros: i love the board, great features, and nice price.

Cons: i had a lot of trouble figuring out how to get IDE channels 1&2 to go non-raid for me. this may have been because i didn't update the bios yet. i also haven't figured out why i can't get the two 1394b firewire ports working. haven't tried the one in the back cause i don't have the right kind of cable.

Overall Review: awesome board. the only real hiccup was when i was trying to get the board to recognize 2 IDE optical drives and 2 IDE harddrives. for a while i could get it to either see the 2 harddrives, or the 2 cd drives, which didn't really work well for installing windows. doing the "f6" thing for installing windows didn't work, cause it would never install the driver properly. not sure what happened. i'm still trying to figure out why my firewire won't work, but its probably my fault. i'm a little uneasy with the ammount of pressure it takes to push down the socket lever for the processor. i don't really like putting so much force on my new proc, but whatever. the box weighs like 10 pounds because it has enough cables for 14 (8 s-ata and 6 IDE) drives to be connected at once...

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pretty solid2/27/2006 3:45:39 PM

Pros: pretty fast, 64-bit support

Cons: meh.

Overall Review: i decided to go with this one instead of the 3.2ghz 640 because this one was cheaper. i'm not disapointed, upgrading from a 2.5ghz celeron. i have a zalman copper heatsink on it and my temps are 32 idle, low 40's under load w/ arctic silver5. the proc is pretty much what i was expecting.

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Seems Stable2/27/2006 3:41:27 PM

Pros: Lots of power, good 12v rails cool finish blue looks good lots of connectors

Cons: heavey, not really quiet, fans seem lack-luster kinda wished the cable sleeving was black, not blue

Overall Review: i have a thermaltake tsunami dream case, and i was a little worried that the weight would be a problem with the case's thin aluminum construction, but it seems to be holding out ok. the 3 fans on it don't seem to move much air, and it does have a noticable noise when the fans are all the way on. the air comming out the back seems rather warm, but i do like the PSU.

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