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I got scammed 3 times. Don't be next.11/13/2020 7:53:41 PM

Pros: None

Cons: After light use, all 3 units I have purchased are completely useless at this stage. Once their garbage batteries go out, you can't use them even if plugged in. The two refurbs lasted about 3 - 6 mos with light use. The new purchase about 1 year with light use. Use your head when I didn't - there is a reason there are so many Dyson cordless vacuum refurbs flooding the market!!!

Overall Review: Bought two refurbs and one new. All 3 are now in a recycle center somewhere. Dyson should be ashamed to scam so many people on their cordless junk.

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Cheap and good7/30/2020 4:18:11 PM

Pros: Great range. Merlin firmware capable.

Cons: 2X2

Overall Review: Bought this to replace 2 old but functioning AC68U’s. Noticed significant improvement in signal strength and range. Running latest Merlin. 2 months into it and rock solid connectivity and performance so far. Running mixed AC/N clients. I have no AX clients so can’t comment on that performance.

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Great performance/value combo1/14/2015 3:35:43 PM

Pros: Installed in ASUS Z97-Pro. ASUS 5-way optimization software oc'd it to 3.5Ghz automatically. No issues. Stock heatsink/fan was much better than anticipated.

Cons: None

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Solid1/14/2015 3:25:06 PM

Pros: Running 4 sticks in ASUS Z97 w/4460 i5...XMP'd to 1866 with ease. The G.Skill looks are always sexy. Excellent price.

Cons: None

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Amazing7/24/2014 12:48:15 PM

Pros: Amazing video processor. My Oppo BDP93 also has the Qdeo but the Onkyo dramatically improves the picture quality. XT32 makes a significant improvement in sound over the older plain-jane MultEQ. My 8 year old Jamo's have found new life with this receiver. Running in 7.1 config with front-high speakers. The Onkyo has replaced my problematic Denon AVR-3312ci. The Onkyo blows the Denon out of the water on everything but aesthetics. I still love the look of the Denon. This is a true 9.2 receiver (unlike my prior Denon) in that each subwoofer is calibrated independently. Denon claimed 7.2 but they treated both subs as 1 in the calibration process (even though it had two sub out's).

Cons: You can not reassign the output channels. I planned to run 9.2 config with F, C, Sur, FH with the 8th & 9th channels to bi-amp the F speakers. Onkyo has designated the Front High channel as the bi-amp channel for the Fronts. So I have two channels that become worthless to my particular (and common) configuration. I would need Front Wide speakers to run it 9.2 with bi-amped Fronts. The shape of my room makes that impossible. Unable to dim the lights in the font display panel completely. They get **darker** but why not offer the ability to black it out? No back-light on the remote. Why can't an OEM design a back-lit remote that lights up as soon as you touch it?

Overall Review: Would give 5 stars if they allowed the ability to reassign the speaker output channels.

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Fantastic router5/10/2014 4:02:43 PM

Pros: Blazing speed. Great at keeping connections 'connected'. Can kill all L.E.D. lights if you like. Impressive range. Very user friendly GUI.

Cons: None so far. Been using since Nov 2013.

Overall Review: Router in basement and I am still able to get a great signal all the way to the 3rd floor. I have between 13 and 18 devices connected at all times. It has been rock solid at keeping them all continuously connected.

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5 Star if Media Bridge would work5/10/2014 3:50:30 PM

Pros: Blazing Speed. Connect to RT-AC68U at 1300 Mbps in 'Repeater Mode'. Very good UI.

Cons: Internet will not throughput with RT-AC68U in 'Media Bridge'. I can connect to it but no data transmission. Can't kill the L.E.D. lights like I can with AC68U.

Overall Review: Purchased solely to be the Media Bridge for my computer in the basement to connect to RT-AC68U router upstars. No matter what I do, I can't get it to work properly in Media Bridge mode. I have successfully been able to operate under 'Repeater mode', but then I have to deal with each router now sending out a wi-fi broadcast. No fixes with recent firmware updates (

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Mediocre12/6/2013 7:25:44 PM

Pros: Size, size and size. Excellent picture uniformity. No dead pixels.

Cons: Extremely light black levels. Cheap base stand. Cheap overall feel.

Overall Review: This is sitting side-by-side with my old Dell S2409W and there is no comparison. The color accuracy and black levels of the old Dell blow the Hanns-G out of the water. To be honest if it wasn't next to the Dell I probably wouldn't notice; but it is. And yes I have properly calibrated the monitor. The base stand is not sturdy enough to support the size/weight of the monitor so it has a slight 'lean to the right' problem going on. Very annoying.

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Not compatible with Oppo BDP 936/12/2011 8:55:37 AM

Pros: Looks great

Cons: The 3TB model is not compatible with the Oppo BDP-93 blu-ray player. BDP-93 has no problem reading the WD's up to 2TB but will not register the 3TB model.

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Sweet10/28/2009 9:01:26 AM

Pros: Purchased refurb CM100 to replace my Comcast issued rental Motorola SB5101. My best download speed with Motorola (through was no better than 4.5 mbps. Immediately tested CM100 and have two dl speeds of 10.1 and 11.5 mbps. Well worth the switch. No visual blemishes.

Cons: No printed user guide included.

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