Awesome!!!5/21/2020 3:14:49 PM

Pros: Quiet! Had no idea how quiet this thing is. When my i9-9900 is loaded at 80% it turns on its fans but even at max rpm, it makes the noise is not even close to what I used to have. For the ones that likes RGB, you can control the pump and the fans lights, colors and patterns.

Cons: Too new and too in love to make an unbiased review.

Overall Review: To change the RGB pattern, there is a physical switch that you need to press. I am not sure how to put this accessible to the outside of the case. Honestly, I don't care. I leave it with a very low shade of red and don't think about it. Love this thing! And by the way, it was VERY easy to put together. But this is my first one so again, biased.

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Too soon to give any type of trusted feedback. BUT...5/21/2020 3:06:42 PM

Pros: - Fast - Fast! - Fast as "my windows boots in 12 seconds" fast. - Fast as "I had a SATA and moved directly to this one so I am still in love" fast

Cons: No cons so far. Again, too soon and too in love with this thing for an unbiased review!

Overall Review: I don't need the "ultra-power-ninja-gaiden-torpedo-monster" speed from some of the gazillion reviews you see online. For example, one of the reviews, states that for 30% of an "additional speed", there is one M.2 for double the price... and this 30% is when you use a specific benchmark or whatever. Don't need that. Everything works! It is fast and that is what I needed. Freaking 5 eggs for this one!!!

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Avoid this one. Pay more and get quality.9/12/2012 4:09:21 PM

Pros: good looking

Cons: Mother Asus P8Z77 did not fit correctly. The spu cooler slots on the MB ends on the chassi not allowing you to correctly fit the MB. I bought a GTX670 that did not fit also.

Overall Review: it sucks. Frustraded because I now will stay another 3-4 days without a computer until the other tower comes along. Will request a refund on this one.

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