Quiet11/5/2020 5:52:48 AM

Pros: -quiet pwm style fan -moves a ton of air -simple non obnoxious frame color -seriously, it’s super quiet

Cons: -it’s so flipping quiet

Overall Review: If you want a fan that is going to ramp up like a mini jet turbine in your PC about to take flight around the world, this is not the fan for you my friend! Not only does this fan move a ton of air in my case, I can’t get over how amazingly quiet it is. Won’t be buying any other brands from now on.

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Great support mount!11/5/2020 5:46:34 AM

Pros: -simple and easy to install -strong and lots of support options -easy to adjust for just about any card -clean mounting that blends into architecture -does it’s job

Cons: -not really anything

Overall Review: This is a pretty sturdy support mount for a gpu card in your case. There’s not much to it. I had a small issue mounting the card and stopping the main gpu fan. This was my fault and not the support mount. Took me a few minutes to install, few minutes to adjust, and after all this time no issues at all. If you want a really strong mount that will blend into the atheistic of the case, I’d recommend this one. Not sure how big of a card it will support but my 1070 is held perfectly. I’d imagine that larger cards would be just fine as well.

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Amazing small case factor!8/20/2020 8:29:26 AM

Pros: -Fits a full ATX board without issues and still had some space to work around a small interior -Clean tempered glass -Easy to manage interior -Easy assembly- my kid said so

Cons: -Comes with two loud fans and very few accessory parts -Front Panel I/O was not easy to work around and the front panel was difficult to pry off

Overall Review: Overall this is an amazing case for a small build. Case is listed as mid level, and was considerably smaller than my previous CoolerMaster Pro 5 case, which is what I was looking for. The I/O panel was my only complaint on this case but that is minor, only really need to install fans once than I never need to mess with that again.

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Excellent product!8/7/2017 6:21:32 PM

Pros: Keeps my temps nice and chilly for an air cooled set up. At least 5 more degrees lower on average compared to stock AMD Wraith cooler on the Ryzen 1600 platform. Much more thermal capacity than stock for sure.

Cons: Exhaust goes only up and intake is uncomfortably close to the GPU, have not noticed any issues however.

Overall Review: Be Quiet! was quick in sending the free bracket to me, about 12 days total from Germany. My only reason, and my own fault, for dropping the egg down was how this exhausts the heat. I did it read reviews close enough. Since I'll be modding to a vertical GPU I'm not really concerned much and temps have been excellent. Follow the directions on this closely! Only took me five minutes to install because I had to chase my kids around the house, very simple to install. I mean, seriously Linus Tech, it's super simple.

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