Fast and quiet1/18/2018 7:13:34 AM

Pros: I bought this for my media center (TV tuner card can record 4 high def shows at once). Data transfer to replace my old drive (I needed more room) was fast and the drive is quiet. This seems like a great fit for my needs.

Cons: None so far. Only had it for a day, but it's not DOA. If I don't write a review now, I'll forget later.

Overall Review: Seems like a great drive for the price.

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Works great5/3/2008 8:21:00 PM

Pros: Good Product and Service from New Egg. Working as expected. Barring hardware issues, I'd definitely recommend the drive.

Cons: None yet. Some reviewers have had failure issues. I've been lucky so far. I'd expect newegg or WD to cover it should hardware issues arise.

Overall Review: Reformat or "convert" to NTFS via command prompt as FAT supports 4GB max file sizes. Works fine with Vista32 (I have ultimate). If you're having speed issues, make sure you're using a USB2 port and not USB1. I'm able to transfer roughly 1GB per minute...can't expect much more without purhcasing server-class drives. I've seen many negative reviews, but have had no issues whatsoever. I'm using it for Video editing, (doesn't drop any frames!), DVR and backup storage.

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Great Little Drive6/25/2007 8:23:55 PM

Pros: Powered off USB port. Tiny. Quiet. Great bang for the buck.

Cons: Not a screaming fast drive...not meant to be for the money.

Overall Review: I've created a very simple server backup routine using NTBACKUP and these little drives. Makes a great solution for their basic IT needs.

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Work OK quiet too3/22/2007 7:53:02 PM

Pros: Bought 6 drives for 2 RAID 5 PCs. None DOA. All working great.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: They seem to run a bit warm, but as long as the keep running it's all good.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Good Stuff3/22/2007 7:49:16 PM

Pros: Running from 2nd floor to 1st...on seperate AC circuits. Have always-connected networking that's fairly fast and extremely reliable.

Cons: Per others, no surge protector...risk of power surges. Per the config utility, I'm only getting 32MB/sec with optimal configs per manual. Buyer beware.

Overall Review: I've got an older house. It's better results than I've received with various wireless attempts. Still not what I was hoping for.

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Cheap Memory not compatible3/22/2007 7:31:11 PM

Pros: cheap.

Cons: didn't match the HCL for my system board (P5B-E). PC wouldn't post or give error beeps with memory in. Needed to RMA back to newegg.

Overall Review: As always, I received "eggcellent" customer service. Their price point keeps them close to the top of my vendor list. The service I receive locks them in at #1. :)

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Good Board -- Tricky config3/22/2007 7:26:27 PM

Pros: Does everything I want at a good price. It's my vista ultimate media center box. Digital Audio works well. Raid 5 SATA config 1TB total space. 2 GB RAM to start with room to grow.

Cons: Bought shortly after vista came out. Included CD had no vista drivers...needed to download.

Overall Review: Need to use non-raid (PATA) windows drivers for the chipset that controls my raid config...even though I have raid HDDs (for DVD burner to function properly). Need to use approved RAM models for system to boot. Couldn't find approved RAM specs until I read included ASUS manual. 2nd time that's happened to me with ASUS MB.

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"Mid Tower"3/22/2007 7:16:27 PM

Pros: Sturdily built. Room for lots of stuff. Easy to work with. Overall I'm happy with the purchase.

Cons: It's taller than what I'd expect for a mid-tower. Check your dimensions closely. Front panel cracked. Hinge is flimsy but nothing was broken. I replaced the 120MM fan after a few weeks due to excessive noise...similar to bad bearings. I still like the case though.

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Nice Monitor3/26/2006 8:55:27 PM

Pros: Crisp picture. Bright, good colors, no shadows. No Dead Pixels. Great Price. Outstanding value for the money. As always... quality service by NewEgg.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Haven't tried the speakers. I read poor speaker reviews before purchasing this monitor. I wouldn't expect good quality from speakers that are so small. I have no doubt an audiophile would be disappointed.

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