So far so good.2/10/2013 12:01:35 AM

Pros: It works and its fast. Installing programs from a download is really fast compared to my SATA 3G drive. I don't RAID or anything, it is just not in my budget. The test of time will see how good this drive is.

Cons: When I was file transferring from HDD to HDD and did something else to make it seak, it was a bit loud. I haven't heard it like that since.

Overall Review: Make sure you have the correct cables, and extra ones. I have had SATA cables go bad just by moving stuff around. Specs: Antec 1200 ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Gigabyte GTX 660 i5 3330 Ivy Bridge

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Nice board.2/9/2013 11:39:50 PM

Pros: Runs my i5 Ivy Bridge out of the box. Haven't gotten to flashing the BIOS yet but everything is stable so far. My first BIOS menu where I could use a mouse! (so exciting!) The biggest pro is the LGA 775 cooler mounting holes. I had a Zalman laying around and was able to use it with a quick modification to the back plate. It is offset a little bit. ASRock had an endless list of supported memory. The memory I got wasn't quite on their list, probably just a newer revision. But it still worked great.

Cons: Not a fan of Realtek audo. My last board I had it died, and this one, with the EQ on, seems to wash in and out depending on the intensity of the music. Really noticeable with headphones but sounds bad with no EQ on. My Zalman 7500 (the flatter looking one) covers the first memory slot. I think I can just get a stick in there (with a heatsink) before I install the Zalman but I didn't want to trap it just in case. The board is just short of the third row of mounting studs. If you can, Plug in the power before installing it, or just support it underneath when plugging it in. I understand having a smaller board, but this is an SLI/Crossfire board. Why have everything crammed close to the CPU just to save an inch when your video card may go past it anyway? Just nitpicking, not really worth an egg.

Overall Review: I will probably buy a sound card (A PCIE so it can go above the video cards). I don't OC so I can't review that aspect. I just need a board that will last me for several years and CPU/video card upgrades. Specs: Antec 1200 Gigabyte GTX 660 i5 3330 Ivy Bridge G.SKILL 8GB DDR3 1600

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Budget i52/9/2013 10:44:35 PM

Pros: Very fast little quad core. I mainly play games so I can't justify an i7 (And my budget can't either) since HT isn't used well there. I have played Minecraft and Skyrim on it so far and they run great. I only mention Minecraft because of it being Java and using a lot of CPU (on one core of course). I have a Zaman 7500 (AC5 paste) on it running 27C idle and around 30C while gaming with 100% fan speed and probably around 50% CPU usage. I got this over the i5 3350P (no GPU) because of the safety net. If I need to RMA my video card I have at least something to run on.

Cons: Might be a little pricey for the slowest i5 Ivy Bridge.

Overall Review: I went on for months debating over AMD and Intel. I wanted to give AMD a shot for my main computer but they seem to have fallen off the market this past year. I ultimately chose Intel because the upgrade path is much better right now. Specs: Antec 1200 ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Gigabyte GTX 660 8GB DDR3 1600

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Very nice.2/9/2013 9:54:08 PM

Pros: Very nice card for my needs. I bought Skyrim after this card and everything is maxed out and a steady frame rate. (Not a great test since it is an older game, but one that doesn't make me sick as quickly) Temps: 28C idle 37-39C load. (20C room temp or 68F) 2 fans on it but still seems quite. Stays cool so it will hopefully last me a few years.

Cons: Card could have been 2 inches shorter without the overhang of cooler. Not sure if it needs the extra flow for that one heat pipe. Not a con for me, just something to mention.

Overall Review: Loving this card. I don't overclock so I figured getting one overclocked already and with 2 fans was my best bet. I like my stuff to last when I put money into it, not to bun it up quicker by trying to overclock. But for those of you that do OC, it seems to have plenty of head room with the stock cooler. Specs: Antec 1200 ASRock Z77 Extreme4 i5 3330 8GB DDR3 1600

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780i saver!6/22/2009 9:27:33 PM

Pros: This is a great fan for replacing the stock fan on a evga/xfx 780i as some people have mentioned. I love how thin it is. Blows a lot of air for its size. Seems to have a good balance between motor size and fan blade size.

Cons: A little loud. I hooked it up to an external 12v power source, and just holding it in the air it has a little more sound to it than I would have liked. Just take extra measures like rubber washers or something to stop vibrations. After I mounted it better, the sound wasn't out of place.

Overall Review: I bought this one because it had the most CFM's in the slim size. I bought 2 right away just in case one was bad (or maybe because I love fans =P ). If you want quiet, then get the one with lower the lower CFM, or if you have a fan controller turn it down to about 80%. Seems to be a good balance between sound and performance for my application.

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Review this now!6/22/2009 9:10:09 PM

Pros: I have 2 of these now, the only difference is the neck part. This one has a better neck than my older one. I am using this to cool the south bridge chip (the awkward one between the video cards) on my 780i. Dropped my MCP temps from 63C to 58C load. (I also replaced the stock fan on the NB with a 60mm thin fan)

Cons: Placement was tricky. On my Antec 1200 I have it mounted on the extra fan housing, and around the plug for my 9800gt. Just use some creativity.

Overall Review: This fan is good for a quick fix. I have used an older one for a computer with bad air flow to a 7900gt, kept it from crashing. This is a great fan, and if you have one review it. Help this sucker get the attention it needs!

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Great case5/21/2009 4:44:25 PM

Pros: Great size, can fit an ATX board. The PSU is raised, without that it would have been very difficult to plug in some stuff. I did add a 120mm fan to the top (I have mine standing up), sits right over processor. Tight fit, but still has room for air flow to the critical areas.

Cons: If you look at the picture with the box, it shows the PSU with an led fan. This is not the case with mine. I was a little disappointed because it was a reason why I liked the case.

Overall Review: I bought a mini cathode and put it inside the front panel. gives a very similar result. I used this case for the computer I have on my new TV. No thermal problems so far, but it is older hardware. P4 3.2 GHZ Prescott (the hot ones) 7600GT Nvidia XFX

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