not happy12/14/2018 12:19:16 AM

Pros: Trusted brand... Not too expensive..

Cons: Constant issues with regular DVDs

Overall Review: I installed this drive and I have had trouble from the start when trying to watch standard DVDs. I kept sending DVDs back to the rental service because I thought it was the DVDs. Finally realized it was the drive. Replaced with a Lite–On drive and every DVD works just fine.

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Good PSU, but less than expected.6/24/2018 7:56:40 AM

Pros: Consistent stable power… Fully modular PSU at a low price… Silent!!! The fan turns off after initial startup and rarely ever comes on… Good quality stranded cables.

Cons: Not really any*

Overall Review: This really is a nice PSU for the price. I was surprised to find normal heavy gauge stranded cables instead of the ribbon cables my previous Corsair PSU's came with. As mentioned earlier this thing is completely silent after startup, the fan is temperature controlled and has never came on except under extreme loads. *My only issue with this PSU is the location of the cable ports. I didn't pay close enough attention when looking at the photos because all the connectors are located along the bottom edge… This prevented me from installing it with the fan up like I prefer. I usually use the PSU as a extra exhaust, but since this one doesn't have Corsair LINK it really doesn't matter. In hindsight, I wish I had purchased a different PSU but this one is working great so it's a keeper.

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A really good fan6/24/2018 6:52:13 AM

Pros: Very quiet… Descent price… Really good red color LED's.

Cons: None really.

Overall Review: Corsair must have made some improvements to this model because they are much quieter than the ones I purchased previously. No, they are not as quiet as Noctua fans but they are pretty close. Corsair is my "go to brand" for LED fans. I have never had one that was DOA or that failed. I installed 4 AF series fans in my new Corsair Obsidian 450-D, 2 x 140mm (front) and 2 x 120mm (bottom intake and rear exhaust). Most system temperatures run only a few degrees above room temperature. (A Corsair H110i /w ML-140 on intake is mounted in the top and the PSU is mounted fan down)

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Very Impressed6/20/2018 2:32:57 AM

Pros: Great performance Great looking Extremely QUIET

Cons: Not many options on LED control

Overall Review: I chose this GPU because it has a metal back plate, the price, and the colors to go in my all black and red build. This card has more power than I will ever need but the advantage is the fans rarely ever come on which makes it totally silent most of the time. I used a Cooler Master vertical GPU mount to help show it off.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI product! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Get the Best, Forget the Rest5/26/2018 2:48:32 AM

Pros: Very fast for a conventional hard drives it is a Western Digital, what else is there to say?

Cons: Premium price for a premium hard drive.

Overall Review: This is the first Western Digital Black drive I have purchased. Normally I purchase the Green or Blue series hard drives but this was for my personal computer so I dropped the extra cash for better performance and I am very glad I did. I have only used it for a short time but I can tell a noticeable difference in performance over the other Western Digital drives I have.

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Blazing Fast5/23/2018 6:21:17 AM

Pros: Super fast read times… Extremely fast write times….

Cons: Not applicable

Overall Review: Western Digital has always been my brand of choice. I have never had one fail and I have had drives that were in use for over 15 years. Although this is my first WD SSD, the most expensive drive I have ever purchased, and my first M2 drive. It is, of course the fastest I have ever used… When installing new program on this drive the initial part goes a normal speed when opening and extracting the items but when the actual installation starts to write the files to the drive it is over in a flash. On startup Windows 10 and Dragon Professional 15 load in 15 seconds and most applications open almost instantly.

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Works great!5/22/2018 8:02:10 AM

Pros: Descent price... Excellent transfer speed, can't tell any difference after switching from network cable on 100 Mbps service...

Cons: Problems with initial set up but not caused by this device...* None otherwise

Overall Review: * When I first started using this device I experienced problems after turning my computer back on. It would not connect to my network without completely configuring the network settings, or removing the device and plugging it back in, (a quick fix unless you're a quadriplegic like me). I thought this was defective or something and was going to return it. I realized the issue was because the USB ports on my motherboard stay on when the computer is turned off. After making the necessary changes in the BIOS everything began working perfectly. One less cable running across the baseboards. The transfer speed is almost exactly the same as the hard wired connection… Previous speed tests reported speeds between 106 to 110 Mbps. Using the same test site with this device reported a speed of 104 Mbps. BTW… This item does come with a driver disk, (REALLY? In this day and age?), and you definitely have to use it before you plug this device in. :) UPDATE: I purchased another one of these for my new system and was unable to get it to connect to the Internet after several tries… I would not recommend this device for newer motherboards.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Works Great!5/22/2018 7:32:30 AM

Pros: Good price… Easy to use... Relatively quiet… Compact size.

Cons: Sometimes has to be disconnected and reconnected to get it to work, just a minor issue like with almost any USB device.

Overall Review: This is a perfect solution for any computer without a optical drive and with more and more cases not having external drive slots this DVD drive is a really good option.

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Really COOL! Literally… Just5/22/2018 6:37:32 AM

Pros: Temperatures are great and noise levels are pretty good. Installation on a AMD motherboard is really easy but takes a little while, a lot of screws. New version of Corsair Link software gives accurate temperature readings.

Cons: stock fans are a little loud.

Overall Review: I am amazed and really happy with this couloir. This is my 2nd H110i, and my 3rd Corsair AIO. Temperatures on my Ryzen 1600X are only 3 to 4° above ambient temperature. Idle is at 80°F and I have not seen the temperature go higher than 86°F under load. I installed Corsair ML140 red fans on this couloir and they are significantly quieter than the stock ones… In hindsight, I wish I had purchased some Noctua fans because they are much quieter. I would have purchased a newer version cooler but this one was on sale for $40 cheaper when I bought it.

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works.4/19/2018 1:25:29 PM

Pros: works as intended.

Cons: none

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The only brand I buy4/19/2018 1:14:21 PM

Pros: Thick sturdy cable, comparable to a good quality extension cord.

Cons: not unless you have something a cable that is built to take some abuse

Overall Review: Coboc is the only brand I use for any data cables. They never disappoint.

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Corsair? Not a problem3/5/2018 11:49:51 AM

Pros: Looks amazing once it's in… Relatively quick and simple instillation even in a Corsair Obsidian 450-D…

Cons: Overpriced for the amount of material that it's made of.

Overall Review: When you spend $300+ on a video card it's nice to be able to show it off. My Corsair had the bars that needed to be cut out but I had tin snips on hand so that wasn't an issue for me. The only problem that I can see is the clearance between the backplate on the video card and the RAM is really close if you have tall ones. I have a MSI Radeon RX and Corsair Vengeance LED RAM and I have less than 1/4" between them. Obviously, even though I think the price is too high, I bought one anyway and I don't regret it one bit. Using this in a case with more than 7 slots would allow it to be placed lower so the video card would not interfere with the memory.

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Weak and unreliable connection8/13/2017 7:57:04 AM

Pros: Works, almost all the time.*

Cons: * Week inconsistent connection, somewhere between slow to nothing transfer rate.

Overall Review: If you're looking for an internal Wi-Fi card, this ain't it… I get a better connection with a USB device I bought for half the price. This card gets 0-1 bars almost all the time and the USB gets 3 bars consistently. Don't buy this.

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Decent LITTLE GPU8/13/2017 7:04:47 AM

Pros: Good performance… Compact size for small cases… Acceptable noise level.

Cons: no complaints

Overall Review: I don't regret getting this card. It works great and it's fairly quiet, although it is in a compact case with only two fans. I rarely hear it over the intake fan, (a Cougar Vortex). I am not a big fan of the Nvidia drivers but it's a small compromise for a video card that will fit easily into almost any case and still perform well under most conditions. I don't use this card for gaming so I can't comment on that type of use. It does handle complex graphic design and engineering software without issues. I have not experienced any problems with video streaming or watching stored content.

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it works8/13/2017 6:11:20 AM

Pros: Fast… Looks sharp… The top fits on both ends so it won't get lost.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: It's a flash drive, not much to say. I bought this one and a 16 GB of the same model because I don't have any other USB 3.0 devices so I have plenty of spots to plug them in. I also like the way they look.

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Good performance at a great price4/3/2017 3:06:37 AM

Pros: Price… Performance… Price…

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: I needed to replace the hardware in my second computer. I considered giving Intel based parts but since I am on a fixed income I "settled" for building another AMD system… Let's see… I got this processor, a motherboard, and 8 gigabytes of memory for the same price or less than a comparable Intel processor by itself. I installed this processor with the stock cooler from a FX-8350. Currently running at defaults it keeps a steady temperature of 32°C in a small case with only two fans.

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Tried and true4/3/2017 2:16:50 AM

Pros: Good price… Good brand… Lots of USB ports…

Cons: n/a (for me)

Overall Review: This motherboard may be outdated, (and out of production?), but it still gets the job done for a really decent price. I know for a few dollars more I could have bought a new model with all kinds of extra stuff that I will never need or use. But why? I have a M5A99 R2.0 in my primary computer that works great so I stuck with something I trust.

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Quite surprised4/3/2017 1:26:36 AM

Pros: Good price, good brand, very quiet operation

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: I admit that I am biased because the few Asus padlocks that I own I am extremely happy with, and this item kept the string going. I bought this drive to install as a second DVD drive for my main computer after a disk shattered and destroyed one of my Lite–On drives. I have not installed it in the main computer yet but used it to install drivers on my second computer which doesn't have a external drive bay, so the drive was sitting out in the open on a shelf while in use. I was very surprised that I could barely hear the drive when running. This is by far the quietest optical drive I have owned since DVDs came out. It also has very good read speed. I will definitely buy more of these when I need DVD drives in the future.

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Good inexpensive little monitor12/27/2016 2:56:06 AM

Pros: Clean design. Excellent picture quality. Large sturdy base. Decent speakers. "Frameless design*". HDMI, DVI, and VGA cables included.

Cons: *The frameless description is deceptive, although the screen is technically frameless, having only a very thin strip of plastic around the outside edge, the actual display area does not go all the way to the edge… (See other thoughts). Extremely little documentation included in the box or on the ASUS website.

Overall Review: This monitor delivers the quality you expect from ASUS. The picture quality is fantastic and the built-in speakers provide good but not stellar audio. Now the real dirt: 1. The documentation is absolutely pathetic. Basically a piece of paper that tells you what the cables are and that the monitor has a power button and menu buttons "."..… No description, explanation, or instructions regarding the menu functions. 2. The Asus website has even less information than what comes with the monitor. Hence the four star rating. This is a good monitor for the price. The cables that are included are very high quality. *(Continued…) When you see a monitor described as frameless you automatically assume that it means the displayed image goes to the edge of the physical screen. This monitor is almost physically frameless in literal terms but not by today's definition as applied to video displays.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Love it!!9/21/2016 9:42:38 AM

Pros: Works great… Looks great... Nice stand… Real good cable.… Plug-And-Play in Windows 10.

Cons: The first one I bought died after 20 minutes… Otherwise, none..

Overall Review: This is the second Snowball I have purchased and except for the defective one, which was quickly replaced with a quick and easy RMA, I am very happy with both of them.

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So happy8/25/2016 11:55:29 AM

Pros: Extremely quiet sleeved cable nice color

Cons: cable length is less than most other brands

Overall Review: This the first time I ever bought Noctua, I guarantee it will not be the last. I replaced all the Corsair fans I had my Obsidian 450D, (1xAF-120/2xAF-140 LED & 2 stock 140), with Noctua fans. These fans are amazing"." You have to literally put your ear within an inch or two to hear anything besides the rush of air.

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Good stuff8/25/2016 11:13:01 AM

Pros: decent price very quiet

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: Moved an old motherboard to the smallest ATX I could find but the rear exhaust is only 80/92mm so I bought this fan to match the six year old Fractal Design 120mm I put in the front. It is now the quietest computer I have ever owned. When on a limited budget and LED's are not required Fractal Design is my go to brand for low cost builds.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Best fans you'll never hear...8/13/2016 12:21:41 PM

Pros: Virtually silent - at full speed CFm to noise ratio is superior to every other fan I have extension cable, y-cable, and low noise adapter included

Cons: The cable is a little short but with a 300mm extension in the box, who cares? The color is less than desired but... I didn't try Noctua sooner... ;-b

Overall Review: This was the first time I bought Noctua fans, I can guarantee it WON'T be the last. I saw a lot of people mention these in reviews as replacements for loud stock fans on liquid CPU coolers, I mothballed a H110i of my own because of the noise, time for that beast to come out of storage. I have two of these in the top of my Corsair Obsidian 450D along with two NF P14 redux900 and a NF P12 redux700. These are so quiet you have to put your ear within an inch or two to hear them hum. Otherwise all you hear is my Zalman cooler. (my PSU & GPU fans are set to run at the max inaudible speed) These are well out of sight so I don't mind the color, the P series are two tone gray so they fit right in with my black/blue scheme. If you just have to have lighted fans, uh... If not, get Noctua'd up. You and your ears will not regret it.

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My new brand of choice8/12/2016 12:22:15 PM

Pros: Extremely QUIET, Moves a lot of air for a low-medium RPM fan Colors are good, subtle

Cons: I didn't start buying Noctua fans sooner. ;-b

Overall Review: This is my first time buying Noctua fans.... It definitely will not be the last. I bought three models for my Corsair Obsidian 450D to replace the two stock 140mm, which were moved to the top, and the Corsair AF-120/140(x2) white LED fans I installed when I first built this system. I don't like loud fans, not they were really loud, but I knew it could be quieter. I am amazed at the difference it has made. The only sound coming from my computer now is from my Zalman CPU cooler, which I thought was quieter than it is. I am planning to switch back to my H110i now and use the Noctua PWM fans I also bought. I took it out because the stock fans were very loud. Anyway.... Noctua packaging is the best I have seen, almost overkill. The fans themselves are simply the best I have seen. I also got these at a better price than Newegg through another seller, Newegg is the best.

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Absolutely fantastic!!!8/8/2016 1:22:47 PM

Pros: Great sound quality, Good quality cable, thick wires like high end speaker cables, Looks darn good! Nice glossy finish with chrome emblem, Really nice stand, it is plastic but it high grade molding, Screws on to standard mounts, Plug and Play installation with Win 10

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: i purchased this microphone to use with Dragon voice software. I am a quadriplegic with impaired speech. My brother mounted it for me and plugged it in, I adjusted the device settings, and it was ready to go. I am running Dragon 12.5 under Windows 10 on an older AMD based system but it has a MSI 790FX-GD70 which has better audio than my newer ASUS 990FX system. Even with my "less than natural" voice it only took about 30 hours to work my old computer entirely with my voice. I use the microphone positioned about 3" from my mouth. The performance is consistent regardless of the ambient noise. My computer sits less than 3' to my side and there is a fan on the floor right in front of me, neither one affects my use of the microphone. (the computer has 4 device fans and 4 case fans including 2 Cougar Vortex fans- it ain't quiet, the fan on the floor is set to high when it's on) This microphone is 103mm dia. and 480g, to you peeps not up to speed yet, that is about 4" and a touch over 1lb.. I am thrilled with how well this microphone works and love the way it looks, I hope the additional info I provided helps give some real world context to good this thing really is. If this microphone works for me, it will work for anyone.

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