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Works with USB adapter - simple10/23/2015 3:09:24 PM

Pros: Converts 1.8-inch hard drive from (very) old iPods to 2.5-inch IDE connector.

Cons: Item description title is misleading; it is not "for iPod."

Overall Review: This adapter works with the 1.8-inch Toshiba hard drives found in iPods up to 4th gen (before the 5th gen "video" iPod). It converts them to a 2.5-inch IDE connection, which is typically used in older laptops (and portable external drives) before SATA. I use it with a USB adapter that directly connects 2.5-inch IDE drives to the USB port on computer. Just connect this adapter to USB adapter and connect the 1.8-inch drive. I have a few of those old 1.8-inch drives from iPods, and I needed a way to test them without putting each one in an iPod. I can now quickly connect them to USB on my Mac and test them like any hard drive.

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Great for INTENDED purpose1/7/2015 5:11:39 PM

Pros: I have one of these (or perhaps the previous version). I use it in the bedroom (near a corner away from bed). I mostly turn ON the Dyson heater when going to sleep, and turn down the heat setting for the the overall home. The bedroom and connected bathroom stay toasty. I like NOT using the gas-powered home furnace while sleeping. This heater works by warming the AIR as its fan circulates the room's air. It is NOT the type of portable heater that works through infra-red radiation (which is also how a fireplace and campfire provide heat). So, it will not be effective in a "drafty garage" (or any place that is open), because the Dyson heater warms the air, which is quickly being lost. It also does not heat an entire multi-room home, because its fan cannot blow the heated air through an entire home. I might get a second one at the current sale price. During the warm months, it works very nicely as a room fan, to just circulate the air without heating it.

Cons: It is somewhat noisy at higher fan settings. It does not bother me, because I usually use a mid to low fan setting. The grill area around the base gathers a lot of dust. I guess it's doubling as an air filter. :)

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Working superbly in Mac mini (2011)12/29/2014 1:41:04 PM

Pros: The 2011 (and later) Mac mini can hold a second 2.5-inch drive internally. Mine came with a 500GB hard drive, and I added this 120GB SSD. I set up the two drives in a configuration Apple calls "Fusion Drive," a single logical volume. The total storage capacity of the merged volume is about 613GB. The Mac's OS intelligently "manages" the volume (as one unit) to store the most frequency accessed data on the SSD (and the rest on the hard drive). To me, it appears as one regular "disk." After about one month in this setup, everything is working quite well. The SSD is obviously much faster in real-world use compared to the stock hard drive. I initially tested the SSD as a separate (internal drive) volume for a few weeks. After setting up the Fusion Drive config, it's been like having that same ultra-fast (but relatively small) SSD, with MUCH higher storage capacity. This SSD "kit" comes with an adapter bracket for mounting a 2.5-inch drive in the space used by a larger 3.5-inch drive. Although I did not need one for a Mac mini, this was a nice surprise. I used it to mount a 2.5-inch hard drive in a 3.5-inch external drive enclosure. The final "pro" is the very affordable price.

Cons: None. No problems to report.

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Working fine...10/13/2014 4:04:50 PM

Pros: It seems to be working quite well in a Mac mini, along with an SSD. Since the SSD has the OS and apps, this Toshiba is for data. Therefore, capacity is the key feature, not pure speed. And 1TB is a lot of storage for a 2.5-inch "laptop" drive. Thankfully, it seems to run cool. When I was testing it in an open external drive case (before taking apart the Mac mini), it barely got warm to the touch. And it is also very quiet. Price is excellent. Going forward, I may buy 2.5-inch hard drives, even if there is space for a 3.5-inch drive. Less noise, heat, weight, power; now quite affordable.

Cons: None.

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Saved me money...10/13/2014 3:16:59 PM

Pros: I have an old external hard drive that I want to keep using, because it has some special features (it connects with FireWire, serves as a USB hub, and fits precisely below my Mac mini). Its 3.5-inch IDE hard drive failed. Replacing the whole external drive with the newer SATA-based version would be costly. Replacing an IDE hard drive is also not cost-effecting these days. This affordable product is the solution. I used a spare 2.5-inch (laptop-sized) SATA hard drive connected to this adapter. I also had a metal adapter bracket that came with an SSD, which secured the 2.5-inch drive plus adapter in the space used by a 3.5-inch drive, with room to spare. Although not shown in the online product image, it comes with a power cable (already attached to adapter) that plugs into the common 4-pin "Molex" power connector used by 3.5-inch IDE drives. It is "pass-through," allowing another power connection, if needed. The external drive sees it as an IDE hard drive. It's seamless. Because I used a 2.5-inch drive, it now runs much cooler (the whiny fan does not come on), with less noise from the hard drive.

Cons: None.

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Working great in iMac for over 6 months8/22/2011 4:32:23 AM

Pros: VERY quiet. I could hear is faintly when I had it connected externally using a SATA to USB adapter, but once mounted internally, I don't hear anything. With my old drive, I could hear it during data access. Seems to run cool. When I had it connected externally, it barely got warm to the touch. Since installing it internally, I have not heard the temperature controlled fans go to a faster speed. With my old drive, the fans did occasionally ramp up. Noticeably faster, but nothing dramatic.

Cons: More expensive per GB, compared to slower hard drives.

Overall Review: I bought this when it was on sale previously. I have an older Intel iMac that came with a 160GB (7200 RPM) internal drive. It started giving me error warnings. I prefer having a faster smaller (storage size) hard drive internal, put mostly the OS and application files on it, and store most of my data on external drives. A flash-based drive would have been even better, but this hard drive was an attractive and much more affordable replacement for this aging iMac. The hardest part was opening up the iMac for "surgery," but it was doable thanks to's online tutorial. Although this drive mechanism is actually 2.5-inch size, it is attached to a massive heat sink that makes it a direct "same size" replacement for a 3.5-inch drive. I don't know why such a large heat sink is needed, because from my experience, this drive seems to run quite cool. It is also very quiet. It ran fine with Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6), and now with Mac OS X Lion (10.7).

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