Works great9/17/2012 8:59:17 AM

Pros: This 20-pin connector does great at sending maximum data transfer rates of 8.64 Gbps plus 1 Mbps for its AUX channel which can carry additional data. Purchased two of these beauties for my Quadro 6000 and they display well on my dual ViewSonic 24" LCD monitors.

Cons: For the price, can't complain too much. Maybe a bit longer ... (I have a unique set up where my equipment is on the other side of a closet wall. Makes for a clean and orderly office setup.)

Overall Review: I find it humorous that some of these other reviewers say their tech level is super high, and then they rate the product with only 1 egg stating the cable doesn't work because they got the wrong one for their application.

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Good Card12/5/2007 11:25:46 AM

Pros: Installation was pretty quick and painless following proper instructions. And it works well with my vista-32, intel 965OT mobo, 4 gigs 866 ram, 550W powersupply, 2.66 core 2 duo, and the rest of the rig. Plenty of cables and adapters come with the card, too. My card has only caused the case to peak at about 80 degrees, which is hot, but not as hot as I had anticipated. Make sure adequate cooling is provided, cause hot air from one will blow onto the second PCI-E in case you double up, and this could cause some overheating in other components of your computer.

Cons: My first card came DOA. Customer support was as fast as turtles in penut butter, but after 3 weeks of fighting, I got one that works. Make sure you check the size of your tower too. I know everyone says it's big, but even when I knew how big it was, my first impression when I pulled it out of the box was "WO, that's BIG." It’s pretty power hungry, too which could be a con if your card draws power from the same rail on your power supply as the rest of your computer. Make sure you meet power specs.

Overall Review: If you’re considering this card to upgrade for Crysis, it works. Don't expect exceptional frame rates for Crysis set on very high graphics unless you SLI, but I don’t believe $1000 is worth it. It is still a wee bit choppy @ 12-15 FPS, but with this card I can get 30. Actually, Crysis will bring any $5000 computer to its knees. It’s just the nature of the game. There is a way to get very high dx9 graphics which is just about the same as very high dx10 graphics, but with better FPS. This card (with proper drivers) chews up all other games. One more note: I don’t do too many games, my brother does and uses my machine cause I do a lot of engineering rendering and photo/video editing which requires a lot of computer power. This card is right about at the peak price for the performance. It isn’t perfect, but to get that, one must spend 1000 for a card. This one does a good job rendering colors properly, darks vs lights.

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