Cheapest small and light8/9/2014 1:01:20 PM

Pros: It's on par with chromebook prices, while on sale. It's reasonably fast and has enough ram. Good battery life.

Cons: Spinning rust, price/marketing wise I understand it a 50-75 buck price jump to a 240GB SSD from a 550gb HD. Pretty much add 100 bucks onto the price tag to add one. 1366x768 Vertical resolution is not really keeping pace, but this is an issue across the board and the stupidity or 16x9 for PC's. It's not exactly upgrade friendly.

Overall Review: Upgrade the BIOS ASAP just throw it on a thumb drive and use the integrated bios update. With this you can ditch the UFEI stupidity and get windows 7 installed. These is no touchscreen in this version (even though newegg's description says there is) it's just a copy/paste issue from the higher end models. Same issue with the lan newegg's specs say gigabit it's a 10/100. It looks like whoever entered this one in was confused. Got this for a student, it's got enough legs on it battery wise and is light enough to lug around. Time will tell on durability.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Silas, I'm glad to know that the laptop is satisfactory. Should you need further assistance, please email me at and write down service# N140831733 on the subject line. Thank you for choosing an ASUS product. Regards, Rodel ASUS Customer Loyalty
great server with some glitches11/29/2012 8:37:26 AM

Pros: Packs a lot of CPU and ram into a 2ru. 2 Bonus fixed 3.5 bays.

Cons: Still has interesting bios issues, mostly buggy mtrr issues also had issues with the built in nics and some switches that are resolved buy setting them to 100mbs. Silly things like comes wired for 2 mini sas connectors but only has 6 onboard sata so expect to buy some sata cables or a raid card.

Overall Review: Would prefer 12 3.5 hot swaps a dvd bay on a server is a waste of space especially with the integrated ipmi. Would be even better if you could swap out sets of 3.5 hot swaps for 2.5 for greater flexibility.

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11/16/2012 5:04:02 AM

Pros: Fits in a UIO slot so it's an "extra" pcie slot on a server you could not otherwise use. Supports 63 drives via sas ex-panders, 8 ports native.

Cons: Supports 63 drives via sas ex-panders, will only will make 2 raid volumes at any time though. Will not export JBOD so you can only have 2 arrays with this card. They fail to mention the two raid set limitation till your deep in the manual.

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Solid remote8/2/2012 7:26:56 PM

Pros: Uses the Logitech database for remote codes also has learning function.

Cons: A little back heavy. Glossy finish shows ever smudge.

Overall Review: Seems fairly durable, time and a 7 year old will tell.

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Stay away backlight issues and no support1/11/2012 10:45:25 AM

Pros: Nice size and rez

Cons: The back lights fail often and quickly.

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Cisco name no site to site vpn12/15/2011 9:43:04 AM

Pros: Cisco name about the functionality of a linksys with dd-wrt

Cons: No site to site vpn. Contacted Cisco and they cross shipped me the next model up. This does not seem to be a technical but rather a marketing decision.

Overall Review: With current pricing it's price competitive with most AP's. Cisco marketing needs to more clearly state that there this box does not do site to site vpn.

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Peppy drive short replacement10/17/2011 11:35:22 AM

Pros: Got 4 for a raid 10 set for a low performance fire server (7ish mbs) power usage went down compared to the 7200rpm 1.5TB's they replaced and streaming performance went up iops obviously went down.

Cons: Only 2 year replacement, have traditionally bought 3-5 year units often replacing them once even twice under 5 year plans.

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