Decent speakers, cheap power adapter5/10/2011 7:01:20 AM

Pros: Decent sound for what they are, front inputs are very nice

Cons: power adapter shorted out and died after about 4 months of use. One day I heard this strange buzzing noise from the speakers, followed by a pop, and that was the end of the power block.

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I'll still recomend it, sorta...12/28/2010 9:08:47 PM

Pros: I've always liked Buffalo. I still feel that they have some of the best web interfaces in the business, and I do still love the hardware. Range and signal penetration is very good with this router, and speeds were on the high side. But....

Cons: the whole dual band/single SSID and the inability to force the router to a single band (say...5ghz only, or 2.4 only with N speeds) is a deal breaker. There are a number of mobile devices which have connectivity issues with dualband/single SSID solutions, and a few of the vendors (Apple, for one) have confirmed that this causes issues. That's a deal breaker for routers that will see high traffic from devices that fall into the category. Good luck getting any kind of assistance or troubleshooting this issue with Buffalo (Is it bad when Apple of all companies has full documentation on an issue that Buffalo doesn't even acknowlege?)

Overall Review: I loved my old WHR-HP-G54 Buffalo. Best router I'd ever owned. I was really looking forward to this upgrade, and after a month of fighting with it constantly I sold it to someone who will be using it in a strictly PC laptop/wired environment. If your looking for a great Mac/Mobile device wireless router, look elsewhere (Like some of the newer dual band/dual SSID Dlink boxes)

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Great router12/28/2010 9:00:41 PM

Pros: After having significant issues with other dual band/single SSID routers and Apple hardware I switched over to the DIR-825. Dedicated channels for the 2.4 and 5ghz bands solved any issues I had, and the signal strength and penetration is easily as good as the router I replaced. While the web interface is a bit cluttered, all the necessary features are there, you just have to dig a bit to find them.

Cons: Can we please be done with the "super bright blue LED's mean it's high tech" phase of design? My 825 is rocking electrical tape over the indicators so it doesn't fry my retinas after an inadvertent glance. In a dark room this router will project basketball size blue circles on a wall 10ft away.

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12/6/2010 5:58:22 PM

Pros: Great drive, quite a bit of bang for your buck, I've had very good luck with WD drives as of late, and I'm hoping this will be no exception.

Cons: none, really

Overall Review: Noisy little bugger, but as a WD black drive that I suppose is expected. I built a VERY quiet system using this drive, and it's actually louder than the rest of the PC.

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Great drive!3/17/2006 6:33:05 AM

Pros: My job as site based IT at a major hospital puts my flash drives through a myriad of torture tests. Within months, every one I have owned looks like it's been through a war. The lanyard clips snap off, the finish gets scratched, the caps get lost, etc.....but not this drive. Months after I purchased it, it still looks brand new. The finish is like armor, even in my pocket with keys, etc, it looks like day one. the Metal attachment point for the lanyard is rock solid, and there are no caps to lose!

Cons: The only downside is that the drive isn't the fastest I've owned. but I'd rather have one slightly sluggish drive that lasts than have to replace them every 6-8 months.

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12/15/2005 9:16:04 AM

Pros: As USB drives go, the PNY is reasonably fast, and it's size makes it ideal compared to some of the other options available. I work in an environment where I deal with litterally a few thousand user PCs, and have diagnostic and repair utilities loaded on my drive. I've never yet had a situation where this drive wouldn't fit into a USB slot, whereas co-workers with thicker/wider drives have. In that respect, the drive is great.

Cons: Here is where we see some of the drives flaws. I've heavily used this model (the no-lock switch one) for a little over a year now. After a few months, the plastic area where the lanyard connects has broken, and the adhesive that held the grey plastic shell to the core no-longer keeps the drive in one piece (I see PNY is marketing this as interchangable sleeves now though). The green plastic around the USB connector has almost completely cracked away, leaving the port itself and the PCB rattling around loose inside the shell.

Overall Review: Overall, it's not a bad drive, but if you in a situation where excessive use will happen, the durability of this drive ends up lacking.

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